Technology is changing, for the better

Zeebox: Reimagining Modern Day TV and Technology

One thing Eddy and I agreed upon when we first met to discuss starting a technology brand was that it was not going to be yet another tech site. We wanted to be more, do more.

Zeebox was not going to be about publishing a bunch of product reviews and making money from clueless readers. Instead, it would be a platform where we nerd out on technology. In the process, we wanted to bridge the information asymmetry and disrupt the TV-content industry.

Once we figured out what we wanted to do, it was just a matter of execution. Finally, after a gruelling few months, we built the most talented team to provide the most value for every second of your time spent on Zeebox.

We hope you stick with us and continue to love us.



Matthew Garcia


Born in Fort Lauderdale, Matt is jokingly referred to as the “Florida man” in the team. Perhaps, it is not so much a joke considering he always has the whackiest ideas, which sometimes turn out really good. Case in point, Zeebox.

If he is not obsessing over the tiniest of details in pursuit of perfection, it just wouldn’t be the Matthew we know. Maybe it is the reminiscence of whatever Lawyer is left in him after all these years. Outside Zeebox, he is just the silliest guy you will meet with his techno-optimistic theories and never ending love for wings.

Edward Miller


Eddy is the nerdiest of nerds who would rather look at a spreadsheet all day than go out and get some sun. He has read, watched, and listened to everything consumer tech that sometimes it worries us that he doesn’t have a life. Errm, we mean hobbies and stuff.

Jokes apart, the truth is that his contribution to our content creation is unparalleled. His passion for technology and absurd work ethic drives the entire team to exceed his expectations.

Maria Chan

Editor-in Chief

MC, as we call her, is the genius girl-boss who gave up on her cushy silicon-valley job to grind it out with us. Her undying pursuit of wanting Zeebox to the best makes it very clear that she has no interest in running a generic tech-site.

Step into her office and you would have discovered the most adept multitasker in the world who can coordinate with brands, schedule meetings, provide feedback, all while editing copies. None of us really mess with her.

Cecilia Robinson

Testing engineer

Cecy is the heart and soul of Zeebox. We call her that because she spends hours testing different products to come up with insights that make our content worth your time.

We sometimes wonder what we would have done without her, considering we completely chanced upon her. As for her, there is nothing she loves more than nerding out with products while listening to her favorite podcast.

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