AT&T TV Remote Volume Not Working: The One Fix That Worked For Me

AT&T TV Remote Volume Not Working: The One Fix That Worked For Me

I’ve been using a cable box from AT&T for a couple of years and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

But last night, I noticed I wasn’t able to control the volume through the remote for my cable box.

I tried clicking the mute button to make sure I hadn’t accidentally pressed it, but that wasn’t the case.

Eventually, after a bit of digging around on forums and reading through various troubleshooting methods, I found a fix that worked immediately.

Turns out the issue is with your DVR or cable box volume being too low, and it’s a really simple fix.

If the volume controls on your AT&T TV aren’t working, hold down the AT&T button for a few seconds and then press and release the OK and AT&T buttons together. Type 955 on your remote and press enter and you’ll be able to change the volume on your cable box or DVR.

Increase The Volume on Your Cable Box

The most common issue for low volume on your AT&T cable box is your cable box volume is too low.

This means that even if you turn up your TV volume, you won’t be able to hear much audio.

You can fix this by following the steps below:

  • With your TV turned on, hold down the AT&T button on your remote.
  • While holding down the AT&T button, click the ‘OK’ button and release both together. This will cause the mode lights on your remote to light up.
  • Now press 955 on your remote and the AT&T button will blink twice.
  • Press ‘Enter’ and you’ll now have control over your cable box inputs.

Increase the volume on your cable box and then press the TV button on your remote to go back to controlling your TV.

Reset Your AT&T TV Remote

If the issue mentioned above isn’t the issue you’re facing, then you might need to reset your remote.

You can reset your remote by following the steps below:

For S10 model remotes

  • Press and hold the AT&T button & ‘OK’ button simultaneously.
  • Once all the mode buttons light up, type in 900. The AT&T button should give a long flash to indicate the remote has been reset.

For S20 and S30 model remotes

  • Press and hold the ‘Menu’ and ‘OK’ button simultaneously.
  • After releasing the buttons, the remote should blink twice indicating it is in programming mode.
  • Type in 981 and wait for the ‘Power’ button to flash four times, indicating that the remote has been reset.

You should now be able to control the volume for your AT&T TV cable box without any issues.

Contact AT&T Support

If the fixes above didn’t work for you, then you’ll need to get in touch with AT&T customer support and let them know your issue.

But before doing that, you could try and troubleshoot your device using the inbuilt troubleshooter on your AT&T cable box.

Navigate to ‘Settings’>>’Information’>>’Troubleshoot and Resolve’>Remote.

Select your remote model from the list provided and follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot it.

If it doesn’t give you a satisfactory solution, contact customer support.

Preventing Volume Issues In The Future

It can be frustrating when you can’t adjust the volume from your remote and you’re forced to get up and adjust it manually.

Fortunately, a few simple tips can help you alleviate this issue.

Always keep your TV within a decent range from the remote. If you’re too far away, a lot of inputs may not get registered.

Since a lot of channels can vary in how loud or soft the volume is, I’d suggest setting your AT&T cable box’s volume to a decent range and fine tuning it with your TV’s volume.

And finally, always make sure you have good batteries. If your remote is low on battery, there are chances that some inputs might not get recognized all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to resync the AT&T TV remote? 

To resync, the remote, press the rewind and fast forward buttons simultaneously until the pairing process starts, then follow your TV on-screen guidelines.

How can I use my Phone as a substitute for the AT&T remote?

Phone can be used as a substitute for the AT&T remote by connecting it to the TV with the U-verse Remote app.

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