Blink Camera Battery Replacement: It Was Easier Than Expected

I was out of town last week and when I arrived home, I wanted to check the recordings on my security camera.

When I connected it to my laptop, I wasn’t able to view any footage for the last two days I was away, and I realized that the batteries on my Blink cameras were dead.

After checking on Blink’s website and a few reddit posts, I found out the cameras should use Lithium batteries from Energizer as replacements.

However, there were a lot of users who complained about their new batteries dying after just a couple of days of usage.

Eventually, after digging around a little more, I found some good replacement batteries that work without any issues, including Energizer.

Here’s how you get it done.

You can replace your Blink camera batteries by unscrewing or popping off the back panel. You’ll also need to note the serial number on the back panel since this is needed to reconfigure your camera with the app after a battery replacement.

What To Look For In Replacement Batteries For Your Blink Camera

First is to always buy AA 1.5V lithium (not lithium-ion) batteries over alkaline batteries as they offer far better battery life and enough power to run your cameras.

While you can use alkaline batteries in a pinch, don’t expect more than a few days of battery life from them.

As I mentioned earlier, Blink suggests Energizer batteries which they also provide a link to on their website.

However, you can purchase batteries from Duracell and other reputed battery manufacturers as long as the specifications match.

And it’s also important to note that Blink does not suggest using rechargeable batteries.

Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras (Gen1)

Once you’ve got your replacement batteries, you can go ahead and change them out.

To replace your Blink camera battery, Find the latch in the bottom of the Camera, which holds the back cover, and remove it by popping it off.  

Now simply replace the batteries and make sure your device shows up in your app.

Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras (Gen2)

Before proceeding, write down the serial numbers from the inner side of the battery cover.

This is not required for older cameras.

You will need them later while connecting the device to your Blink camera as an activation key.

To replace the battery, detach the camera from the mounts so you can see the back cover.

Now, from the bottom of the camera, turn the silicon protective screw cover in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen it, with the help of the opening tool you got along with your Blink cameras.

Keep the silicon screw safe so that you can use it after replacing the battery.

Once the batteries are replaced, you can close the battery panel, mount the camera, and make sure it works with your app.

Blink XT and XT2 Cameras 

These models have gray switches on their back covers.

Slide it according to the directional arrow, and pop open the battery cover. 

If you have a 2nd generation model, make sure you note the serial number on the inside of the battery panel to reactivate the camera.

Blink Mini 

If you are using Blink Mini, you can not replace batteries, as it runs on a Micro USB connection. 

So you’ll have to replace it if it stops working. 

For optimal performance, use the included cable If not, don’t use anything over 5V/1A to power the camera.

Tips To Extend Battery Life

A battery drain can be a serious issue, as it creates hurdles in the smooth functioning of your Smart devices, whether it’s a Blink Camera or Roku remote.

The following tips will help you utilize your Blink Camera efficiently and reliably for security monitoring, and you don’t have to replace its batteries over and over.

Reduce the motion sensitivity of the camera device.

This will prevent it from reacting to unnecessary motion and using power.

You can do this by opening the Blink app and navigating to Camera Settings>>Motion Detection.

Now adjust the slider and keep it at 1 or 2 to reduce power consumption.

Avoid using ‘Live View’ while you’re at home. While it’s nice to have, it drains way more power than you think.

You can turn this off by opening the Blink app and clicking on the ‘Live View’ icon for the camera you want.

Now, click on the ‘More’ button and select ‘Extended Live View Off.’

This is only necessary if you have a Blink subscription.

For users without a subscription, you’ll be limited to 5 minutes of ‘Live View’ recordings, and you’ll need to tap ‘Continue’ on the app to keep recording after every 60 seconds.

Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, many users were complaining about their Energizer batteries dying within a few days of use.

This is mostly because they didn’t purchase the right battery as specified above or they received a defective item.

So, always make sure to check the specifications and check the manufacturing date of your batteries.

While lithium batteries should last 10 years or so in storage, it’s better to get ones that are within 2-4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset the Blink camera after changing the batteries? 

To reset the camera, press the small hole in the sync module for 30 seconds with the help of a pin until the LED blinks a red light.

Now, wait till the blinking light turns green or blue depending on your model.

Why is my Blink camera blinking red? 

The camera blinks red when the battery needs to be replaced.

However, if you’re referring to red lights inside the lens of the camera, those are infrared cameras for night vision.

Can you use Blink without batteries? 

Some models allow you to hardwire your cameras, providing them with constant power, but this is at the cost of mobility.

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