Crunchyroll Reset Progress: You Need To Do This

Crunchyroll Reset Progress: You Need To Do This

I’m a huge fan of Demon Slayer and wanted to rewatch Season 1 of the series on my Crunchyroll premium account before catching up on its latest episodes. 

However, every time I opened an episode from the series, it resumed from where I left off when I watched it last time. 

I had to manually adjust every episode to start from the beginning. 

It was annoying as I didn’t want to directly come across a random scene from an episode after playing it. 

To find out if there’s a way to reset my saved watch progress on Crunchyroll, I visited their website’s FAQ section and also read through several relevant Reddit threads. 

Most folks suggested clearing the watch history to re-watch a series and prevent each episode from resuming at a random position. 

I found the best way to clear my Crunchyroll to watch history and learned how to clear the watch progress for a specific show/series as well. 

To reset your Crunchyroll watch progress, visit the Crunchyroll website and log into your account. Click on the My Account tab on the top right corner and select History. Click on the Clear History button to reset your entire watch progress. 

Reset Your Watch Progress From The Crunchyroll Website    

You may be rewatching a show you’ve already watched on Crunchyroll. 

However, when you start streaming an episode, it directly resumes from where you left off watching it last time. 

This can be annoying if you’re trying to watch a show from the beginning as you need to manually adjust each episode to start over. 

The best way to get rid of your watch progress is by clearing the history on your Crunchyroll account.

This completely deletes your watch progress and allows you to re-watch your favorite shows or movies without having to worry about them resuming in the middle. 

You can either choose to clear your entire Crunchyroll to watch history or clear it for a specific show based on your requirements. 

Follow these steps to clear the watch history completely on your Crunchyroll account: 

  • Launch any browser on your laptop or PC and visit the official Crunchyroll website 
  • On the Crunchyroll Home page, click on the Account menu and log in to your Crunchyroll account 
  • After you’ve successfully logged in, click on your profile menu on the top right corner and select History 
  • A page with your Most Recent history should appear 
  • Click on the CLEAR HISTORY option to delete your entire watch progress 

Here’s how to clear the history for a specific series or movie that you want to re-watch: 

  • Log in to your Crunchyroll account and click on the account menu as mentioned above 
  • Click on History 
  • Scroll through the Most Recent menu to find your preferred show title 
  • Click on the Delete button located beside the show title to clear your watch progress for it 
  • You can now start watching it from the beginning without any issues 

Note: The Clear History option is currently limited to the Crunchyroll website. You may not be able to clear the watch history directly on the Crunchyroll Android or iOS app.

Use Your Mobile Device To Reset Crunchyroll Watch Progress 

While you can’t directly use the Crunchyroll mobile app to clear the watch progress, you can still use a browser app to do it. 

Follow these instructions: 

  • Launch any browser app on your Android or iOS device 
  • Open the Crunchyroll website and switch it to a desktop site from the browser options 
  • Now log into your Crunchyroll account from the account menu 
  • Click on your profile and go to History
  • Choose your preferred option to clear watch history completely or for a specific series 
  • Once you’re done, close the Crunchyroll mobile app if it’s running in the background
  • Relaunch the app and your watch progress should be cleared 

Enjoy Rewatching Your Favorite Anime On Crunchyroll

If you had a VRV premium account, it should’ve already been transitioned to a Crunchyroll account as a part of the VRV shutdown process. 

In case you had a Crunchyroll account linked to VRV membership, all your Watch History and Queue should automatically appear on Crunchyroll. 

However, if you don’t have a Crunchyroll account, you can log into Crunchyroll using your VRV account credentials. This will automatically create your new Crunchyroll account via VRV. 

Once the new account is created, you’ll be notified to transfer your data. Note that this option is only available after 4th May. 

In case you’re unable to access your watch history or have any other issues related to your Crunchyroll account, get in touch with the Crunchyroll Support Team for further assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my VRV account watch progress not showing on Crunchyroll?   

If you have your Crunchyroll account linked with VRV, the watch history, and queue should be automatically transferred and available in the History menu. Try logging out and logging back into your Crunchyroll account. However, if you used two different email accounts for Crunchyroll and VRV, you may need to get in touch with the Crunchyroll Support Team to merge your account and transfer your account data to Crunchyroll.

Will I be able to access VRV content via Crunchyroll after its shutdown? 

All Crunchyroll Channel content will be available at the same time on Crunchyroll. Even after VRV shuts down, you’ll still be able to access all anime content on Crunchyroll. Moreover, all new series from Spring 2023 will also stream exclusively on Crunchyroll. However, content from VRV Select and Mondi channels will no longer be available after the VRV service ends. 

Is there any way to clear the watch history for a specific anime series from the Crunchyroll mobile app? 

As of now, the clear watch history option is only limited to the official website. However, this option may be rolled out to the mobile app as well. If you need to clear your watch history through your smartphone, launch any browser and visit the official Crunchyroll website. Switch it to the desktop site and go to the History section to view or clear your watch progress for a specific series. 

How to use offline viewing on my Crunchyroll account?  

You need an active Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan membership of Crunchyroll to use offline viewing. Click on the down arrow button on the episodes you want to sync to your device. Crunchyroll recommends syncing 1 episode at a time to ensure space requirements. Once the episode is downloaded, go to My Lists > Offline to view all Anime series that you’ve synced. Note that not all Anime titles are available for Offline Viewing and the synced episodes expire after 7 days of they are left unplayed. 

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