Do Sony TVs Have Bluetooth? These Ones Do

Do Sony TVs Have Bluetooth? These Ones Do

Last weekend, I had planned on enjoying a solo movie night on my Sony Bravia KD-65X750H. 

I thought of connecting my Bluetooth headphones to the TV to enjoy the movie without disturbing anyone. 

However, when I put my headphones into pairing mode and tried to add the device, the TV was stuck on “searching for accessories.”

I even tried pairing a different pair of headphones to the TV but nothing changed. 

Annoyed by the issue, I instantly did a Google search and clicked on the first few websites and community forums related to the issue. 

I learned that not all Sony TV models support Bluetooth audio devices even if they are Bluetooth compatible. 

Here’s what I learned about which Sony TV models have Bluetooth and also found the best way to connect Bluetooth audio devices to any Sony TV model: 

Most Sony TV models launched after 2019 support an A2DP Bluetooth profile that allows them to connect to Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and soundbars. To confirm if your TV supports Bluetooth, check whether A/V sync is available in the settings. Go to Settings > Display & Sound > Audio Output.  

Check If Your Sony TV Model Supports Bluetooth and A2DP

Most Sony TVs launched after 2019 support Bluetooth connectivity. However, not all models allow connecting to Bluetooth audio devices. 

To connect Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or soundbars to your Sony TV, it must support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). 

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a transfer standard that allows the wireless transfer of audio signals via Bluetooth. 

All Bluetooth audio products including headphones, speakers, and soundbars support A2DP as the basic standard of wireless connection.  

Moreover, most smartphones, Smart TVs, and laptops also support A2DP which allows them to pair with all Bluetooth audio devices.  

There are 3 different ways to verify if your Sony TV model supports A2DP- Checking TV settings, device specifications, and the compatible model list. 

Check the TV Settings 

The easiest way to confirm if your TV supports Bluetooth audio devices is to check whether the A/V sync option is available in the settings menu.

To do this: 

  • Press the Quick Settings button on your TV remote
  • Now go to Settings 
  • Go to Display & Sound option and choose Audio Output 
  • Check  if the A/V sync is available 

Note: Depending on your TV model, the Audio Output menu location may vary. Refer to the TV manual for precise guidance. 

Refer To The Device Specifications  

Alternatively, you can go through your TV specifications by visiting the Model Support Page on the Sony official website. 

Simply select your TV model and go through the specifications to confirm if your TV model supports A2DP or Bluetooth audio devices. 

Check the Compatible TV Model List With A2DP Support 

You can also view the Official Model List of Sony TVs that are compatible with Bluetooth connections for audio devices. 

You can find your TV in the list based on the model year and series. If your TV is not listed, it means that your model does not support A2DP. 

Points To Note While Connecting a Bluetooth Audio Device To Sony TV  

  • Ensure that both your Sony TV and Bluetooth device are running on the latest software version. 
  • Only one Bluetooth audio device can be connected to the TV at a time. 
  • You can still connect any other Bluetooth device such as a wireless keyboard, mouse, or wireless controller to the TV.
  • You may face certain limitations while trying to use some app operations through the Bluetooth audio device on the TV. In that case, use the TV remote to control the app. 

Connect A Bluetooth Device To An A2DP-Supported Sony TV 

Once you’ve confirmed that your Sony TV supports A2DP, you can easily connect wireless headphones, speakers, or soundbars to it. 

Follow these instructions:

  • Turn on your Bluetooth device (speakers, headphones, or other devices) and ensure that it is in pairing mode
  • Press the Quick Settings button on your TV remote and go to Settings 
  • Choose Remotes and Accessories and click on Pair Accessory to put your TV in pairing mode 
  • Wait for your Bluetooth device name to appear on the TV screen
  • Select your preferred device and follow the on-screen instructions to connect 
  • You may need to enter a passcode depending on your Bluetooth device to confirm the pairing 
  • Once the connection is successful, your device should connect to the TV

Connect Bluetooth Audio Devices to Sony TVs Without A2DP Support Via Bluetooth Scanner App

Based on the above checks, you may have confirmed that your Sony TV model does not support A2DP. 

In that case, you may be having trouble connecting your Bluetooth audio device to the TV. 

Most Sony TV models with Bluetooth that do not support A2DP won’t be able to search for a wireless audio device. 

However, there’s an effective alternative that allows you to connect your Bluetooth audio devices to the Sony TVs that don’t support A2DP. 

You can connect any Bluetooth audio device to your Sony TV by installing a third party app on the TV. 

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Sony TV and search for the Bluetooth Scanner for Android app
  • Download and install the application 
  • Launch the app and make sure that your Bluetooth audio device is put into pairing mode
  • Now, click on Search for Bluetooth devices and wait for your device name to appear on the TV screen 
  • Select your desired device and click on Pair 
  • Once the connection is successful, go to Settings > Remotes and accessories > Pair accessory
  • Your device should now appear in the available device list or connected devices list
  • Once the connection is successful, you should hear the TV audio on the connected device 

Use a Bluetooth Transmitter To Connect Wireless Devices To The Sony TV 

Some older Sony TV models may not be compatible with the Bluetooth Scanner for Android app. 

Moreover, even after connecting, you may be facing frequent lags or getting choppy audio on your Bluetooth audio devices. 

To avoid any connection issues and ensure stable connectivity, I’d highly recommend getting the Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter

The device enables Bluetooth on Smart TVs, laptops, or any other devices with no built-in Bluetooth support. 

Follow these steps to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your Sony TV:

  • Connect the transmitter to your Sony TV via a 3.55 mm AUX cable
  • Flip the Switch to ON to enable the pairing mode on the transmitter
  • A flashing blue & red light indicates that the device is in pairing mode
  • Now, put your Bluetooth audio device (headphones or speakers) into pairing mode 
  • Keep both the audio device and transmitter close to each other and wait for a few seconds
  • The Bluetooth icon on the transmitter will turn solid blue, indicating that the device is connected 

Note: You may need to change the audio output settings based on your TV model in case you’re not getting any sound on your Bluetooth audio device. 

Use Your Bluetooth Device On Any  Sony TV  Model 

Only A2DP-supported Sony TV models can connect to Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones, speakers, or soundbars. 

An SBC (Sub-Band Codec) is used when transmitting the Bluetooth audio device for Sony TVs. 

A Bluetooth codec determines how the data would be transmitted from your Smart TV to the wireless headphones or speakers via Bluetooth. 

The Sub-Band codec is the most common codec used in most wireless headphones. 

However,  other codecs such as Advanced Audio Codec (AAC), Lossless Digital to Analog Converter (LDAC), and Audio Processing Technology (AptX) are not supported by Sony TVs. 

Make sure to check your wireless device specifications and verify the audio codec for the best compatibility with Sony TVs. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity issues on my Sony TV? 

If you’re experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues on your Sony TV, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is compatible with your TV. Move your Bluetooth device closer to your TV since Bluetooth has a limited range. Make sure your TV and Bluetooth device are on the same network. Moreover, try restarting your TV and keeping the software up to date. Following these steps should help you to identify and fix any Bluetooth connectivity issues with your Sony TV.

How do I update the firmware on my Sony TV? 

The software update process varies based on the TV model and its operating system. For Google TV models, go to Settings > System > About > System software update. For Android TV models, press the Help button on the remote. Go to Status & Diagnostics > System software update. Ensure that the Automatically Software Update option is enabled. 

How to connect to a paired Bluetooth device on my Sony TV? 

Make sure that the device you want to connect is put into pairing mode. Now press the Quick Settings button on your remote. Select Settings and go to Remote and Accessories. From the list of devices, choose a paired but disconnected device. Select it and wait for the successful connection. 

Which devices mostly use the Advanced Audio Codec (AAC)? 

The AAC codec is usually found in iPhones and iPads. However, it is compatible with Android devices as well. This codec supports up to 320 kbps bit-rate at 24-bit depth. iOS owners are recommended to prefer AAC-supported headphones for the highest audio quality. For example, Apple AirPods use the AAC codec for the best sound quality. 

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