Do TCL TVs Have Bluetooth? I Asked Them

Do TCL TVs Have Bluetooth? I Asked Them

As a regular binge-watcher, I was looking for some best Smart TVs for streaming on Google. After shortlisting some of the best streaming-friendly TV models of different brands, I thought of going for TCL 6- Series 4K Smart TV. I’m used to watching late-night shows on my smartphone paired with Bluetooth headphones to get the best entertainment without disturbing anyone else.      

I started going through online forums and the official TCL website to confirm if I’ll be able to connect my wireless headphones to the new Smart TV via Bluetooth. I even read some articles on the official Roku website about how to connect Bluetooth devices on a TCL Roku TV. 

Here’s what I learned about Bluetooth support on TCL TVs and how to connect wireless audio devices on a TCL Roku TV: 

TCL Android and Google TV models are Bluetooth enabled. However, TCL Roku TVs only support Bluetooth when connected to Roku Wireless Speakers or Roku TV Wireless Soundbars.  

TCL TVs: Bluetooth Support Guide

TCL Google and Android TVs

Almost all TCL Android and Google TV models are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to wirelessly connect Bluetooth headphones to Roku TV, as well as speakers, keyboard and mouse, etc. 

Follow these instructions to connect any Bluetooth device to your TCL TV: 

  • Press the Home button on your TCL TV Remote to open the Home screen. 
  • Use the navigational buttons to go to Settings (gear icon)  and press OK.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and select the Remote and Accessories option. Press OK to enter the highlighted menu.
  • Now select Add Accessory and your TV will show the list of available Bluetooth devices 
  • To allow your TV to discover the preferred device, make sure that your Bluetooth is set to pairing mode 
  • Once the device name appears on the screen, tap on it to connect 

TCL Roku TVs 

Unlike Android and Google TV based TCL TVs, TCL Roku TVs only support Bluetooth connection for Roku Wireless Speakers or Roku TV Wireless Soundbars. One of these devices must be paired to add Bluetooth capability to your TCL Roku TV. Even in that case, you can’t connect other Bluetooth headphones or speakers to the TV. 

Use Private Listening Feature on TCL Roku TVs 

Though TCL Roku TVs can’t directly connect to Bluetooth devices, you can still use the Private Listening feature to transfer the TV audio over wireless headphones or speakers. 

There are two different ways to use the private listening feature on your Roku TV- Using the Roku mobile app and using the Roku Remote

Use the Roku Mobile App 

To use the private listening feature and connect Bluetooth audio devices on your TV, download the Roku app on your smartphone and connect the device to your preferred wireless headphone or speaker. 

Follow this guide to connect Bluetooth devices to your Roku TV via Roku mobile app:

  • Pair the Bluetooth audio device to your Android device or iPhone  
  • Download and install the Roku app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Launch the Roku app and tap on Devices
  • Ensure that your phone and Roku TV are connected to the same WiFi network 
  • Search and select your TCL Roku TV from the available device list 
  • Once the connection is established, press the Remote option available in the Device section 
  • Select the Private Listening option (headphones icon) located on the lower right side of the Remote menu
  • Check if the headphones icon appears on the right-hand corner of your TV screen
  • Try playing a movie or any audio on your Roku TV to check if the Bluetooth audio device (headphone/speaker) is working properly
  • You can tap on the headphones icon again to turn off Private Listening and switch back to your TCL Roku TV speakers 

Via Roku TV Remote 

If you’ve got wired headphones or your Bluetooth speakers have AUX cable support, you can use the Private Listening feature through your Roku TV Remote if it has a headphone jack available. 

Here’s how:

  • Find the  headphone jack on the opposite side of your remote’s volume buttons
  • Plug your headphones/speakers into the jack securely
  • Check if the headphones icon is visible on your TCL Roku TV Screen as it confirms that the Private Listening mode is activated 
  • If the connection is successful, the TV’s audio should be transferred to your connected headphones or speakers

It’s most likely that your Roku TV remote may not have a headphone jack. This is because the Private Listening feature is available only on premium Roku remotes that come with selected Roku devices. These include high-end Roku devices such as  Roku Ultra, Roku Streambar, and Roku Streambar Pro. If you’ve got a standard Roku remote available, consider getting a Roku Voice Remote Pro online at an affordable price. 

Bonus Tip: Alternative Way to Enable Bluetooth Connectivity On Your TCL TV 

If your TCL TV doesn’t have Bluetooth compatibility or you’re facing connectivity issues while pairing your Bluetooth device with the TV, the best alternative is to buy a Bluetooth Transmitter. This device enables Bluetooth on your TCL Roku TV even if your TV doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth support. 

A Bluetooth transmitter offers multiple options to connect to your TCL TV including via optical audio input, AUX, or RCA audio jacks. Most TCL Roku TVs come with optical audio as well as AUX ports. 

Consider getting a Swiitech Bluetooth Transmitter that allows long-range connectivity using Bluetooth 5.0 chip. Once you’ve connected the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV, simply pair it with any wireless device including a keyboard, mouse, headphones, speakers, etc. to start using it with your TCL TV. 

Enjoy Wireless Connectivity on Your TCL TV  

Most TCL Android and Google TV models are Bluetooth enabled. However, TCL Roku TVs must be connected to Roku Roku Wireless Speakers or Roku TV Wireless Soundbars for Bluetooth capability. This is a point against them when you compare them against other brands, like say, Hisense TVs vs TCL TVs.

TCL Roku TVs don’t allow Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphones or speakers to connect directly. As an alternative way, you need to connect the preferred wireless device to your Smartphone and enable the Private Listening feature via Roku mobile app. 

If you have a Roku Voice Remote Pro available, you can also connect any audio device by inserting an AUX cable into the headphone jack of the remote. 

For the best long-range Bluetooth connectivity on your TCL TV, consider getting a high-quality Bluetooth transmitter. This device enables Bluetooth on devices that aren’t equipped with standard Bluetooth support. Simply plug in the Bluetooth transmitter in your TV and connect your desired wireless device. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my TCL TV?  

The procedure to turn on Bluetooth on TCL TVs varies based on their operating systems. For TCL Android and Google TV models, press the Home button on TCL TV remote and select  Settings (gear icon). In Settings, scroll down and navigate to Remote & Accessories. In the Remote & Accessories menu, select Add Accessory to connect to a new Bluetooth device. 

Roku TVs have Bluetooth capability only if they’re connected to Roku Wireless Speakers or Roku TV Wireless Soundbars. To turn on Bluetooth on your TCL Roku TV, press the Home button on the Roku remote. Scroll down from the options menu and select Settings. Now go to Remote and Devices and select Pair Bluetooth Device. The Roku TV should start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. 

Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to the TCL Roku TV?  

You can’t directly pair your Bluetooth headphones with the TCL Roku TV. However, you can connect the Bluetooth headphones to your Smartphone and enable the Private Listening feature using the Roku mobile app. The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are two ways to enable Private Listening- Using the Roku mobile app and using the Roku premium remote. 

The Roku remote has a 3.5 mm jack to insert wired headphones and enable Private Listening. Always ensure that the headphones icon is visible on the lower right corner of your Roku TV to confirm if Private Listening is enabled or not, 

What devices can I connect to my TCL TV via Bluetooth? 

TCL Android and Google TV based models allow you to connect several wireless devices via Bluetooth. These include wireless keyboards and mice, gaming controllers, headphones, speakers, etc. Alternatively, TCL Roku TVs only support Roku Wireless Speakers and Roku TV Wireless Soundbars. Additionally, you can connect your phone or laptop to the Roku TV to play music on the TV. 

Why can’t I connect a Bluetooth device to my TCL Android TV? 

If you’re unable to find your Bluetooth device in the available device list of your TCL Android TV, ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your device or it is set in pairing mode. Try rebooting your Bluetooth device and try pairing it again. 

You can also perform a soft reset on your TCL TV by unplugging it for at least 10 seconds and plugging it back in. If nothing works, prefer getting in touch with TCL support for professional assistance. 

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