HBO Max Audio Out Of Sync: I Fixed It After Hours Of Trying

Yesterday, after a tiring and long day at work, I prepared a bowl of ramen and lay on the couch to catch the latest episode of Doom Patrol.

I turned on my TV, switched on the Amazon Fire TV cube, and launched the HBO Max app.

However, within just a few minutes of the show, I realized that the audio was out of sync with the video.

I closed the app and reopened it, but nothing changed.

Annoyed and not wanting to miss the HBO exclusive, I decided to fix the issue and watch the show come what may before going to bed.

I spent about six hours, Googling and browsing through help guides and community forums, trying various fixes to sort the audio sync issue.

After fixing the audio and watching the latest episode, I was extremely satisfied before ending the day with a good sleep.

Here’s the most effective solution to fix HBO Max’s audio problems:

The HBO Max audio out of sync problem can be fixed by power cycling the streaming device and Wi-Fi router. To do so, unplug them from their power source and plug them back in after sixty seconds. 

Why is HBO Max’s Audio Out of Sync?

The audio sync problem on HBO Max can be caused by various factors ranging from your TV settings to bugs in the app.

While the actual cause can vary for different users, the key reasons resulting in HBO Max audio being out of sync can be narrowed down to the following: 

  • Bad Internet connection
  • Problems with Wi-Fi router
  • HBO Max app glitches
  • Buggy or outdated streaming device
  • Airing problem with a particular show 

Check Your Internet Connection Before Doing Anything Else

Your first step in resolving the audio sync problem on HBO Max should be to check your Wi-Fi network for potential Internet issues. 

A bad or slow Internet connection can cause the streaming app to behave erratically and sour your viewing experience.

Visit Speed Test and check if you have the optimal Internet speed, and also make sure your ping is reasonable.

A reasonable ping latency should be less than 200 milliseconds.

Your Internet speed must be greater than the values given in the table for you to watch HBO content without hiccups. 

Content TypeMinimum Internet Speed
1080p (HD)8 Mbps
4K20 Mbps

If your Internet connection is slower than expected and below the minimum recommended value, you should soft reset your Wi-Fi router.

To do so, unplug the router from the power socket and plug it back in after a few minutes.

Wait until all the lights turn green and check if your Internet speed is any better.

If you continue getting slow Internet, connect your streaming device to the router via an Ethernet cable to restore the optimal speed. 

Power Cycle Your TV and Streaming Device

If your Internet works fine, power cycling your streaming device should be your next step.

Power cycling a device clears its memory and drains any residual power from it, making it run smoothly.

To power cycle your TV or streaming device: 

  1. Turn off your device, preferably by long-pressing the Power button on its remote.
  2. Disconnect the device from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for at least 60 seconds plugging it back in and powering it on. 

Clear Cache and Data

Over time your apps accumulate a lot of cache and temporary data, which, if not cleared periodically, can cause them to malfunction. 

This is true for the HBO Max app too, causing it to not work properly on your smart TV.

Go to App Settings on your TV by opening Apps or App Manager, tap and hold the HBO Max app, and click on Clear Cache

If you are on a computer or watching HBO Max via a browser, you should clear the browser’s cache.

Google Chrome 

  • Use the key combination Control + H (Command + H on a Mac) to bring up the browsing history menu.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Choose All time from the time range dropdown menu.
  • Make sure to check the box for Cached images and Files.
  • Click on Clear data

Microsoft Edge

  • Use the key combination Control + H to bring the history popup.
  • Click on the small Bin icon on the top left.
  • Select All time from the time range dropdown menu.
  • Choose Cached images and files.
  • Click on Clear data


  1. On the Home screen, select SettingsSafari.
  2. At the bottom of Safari’s settings screen, click on Clear cookies and data or Clear cookies and cache

Install Any Pending Updates

An outdated HBO Max app or TV can be a significant reason for the audio sync problem while trying to watch the latest content.

Installing any pending updates for the app as well as your TV will get you the latest patches and fixes, potentially solving all existing issues.

Go to App Settings on your TV and locate the HBO Max app to check if it has any new updates.

To update your TV or streaming device, head to System Settings in the Settings menu and look for the Update option. 

Change the DNS Settings of Your Wi-Fi Router

Domain Name System (DNS) is like a phonebook of the Internet.

It provides a human-readable domain name to a machine-readable IP address for all devices connected to the Internet.

Your Internet service provider will default assign you a DNS server, but sometimes this server can cause streaming issues (like the audio being out of sync).

You can manually set your primary and secondary DNS to that of Cloudflare’s by using and, respectively, or Google’s DNS by using and, respectively.

To change the DNS settings of your router, log in to your router’s web console by typing “” or “” in your browser’s address bar.

You will need to input your username and password.

Here are the usernames and passwords for various router brands (if you have not modified yours).

Once logged in, click Advanced, navigate to Internet Settings, change the Primary and Secondary DNS to your desired values, and click on Save.

Reboot your router by navigating to the System Settings section and clicking on Reboot or Restart

Turn Off the Bluetooth if You Face Audio Issues With Other Apps Too

If you have recently paired a Bluetooth soundbar or a headset to your TV and face the audio sync problem, chances are the paired device or Bluetooth is faulty. 

Turn off the Bluetooth to rule out issues with the wireless protocol and the Bluetooth device. 

To turn off Bluetooth on your Android TV, go to Device Settings, search for Bluetooth, and disable it.

You can also try connecting a different Bluetooth device to your TV and check if the audio sync problem is resolved. 

What Should I Do if None of the Above Fixes Work For Me?

If you face the audio sync issue on HBO Max after trying all the fixes covered in this article, you can manually adjust the audio and video and get them to sync.

You can find the option to do so in the Settings menu.

Fire TV

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Display and Sounds.
  • Click on Audio.
  • Choose AV Sync tuning and make adjustments as per your requirement. 


  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, click on System.
  3. Under the Home theater section, select TV dialogue sync.
  4. Move and adjust the Slider until the audio and video are synced. 

Troubleshooting Can Be Daunting, But the Results are Worth It

While troubleshooting and trying to fix streaming problems after a long tiring day is frustrating, to say the least, successfully fixing them and watching your favorite content is a treat to relish.

The HBO Max audio out of sync issue can be resolved by power cycling the TV, streaming device, and Wi-Fi router.

Updating the app and your streaming device to the latest version are also effective solutions.

If nothing seems to work, you can manually adjust audio and video in your TV’s Settings menu. 

Once the audio out-of-sync issue is fixed, you can also easily change the language on HBO Max if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access HBO Max for free?

HBO Max is a paid subscription service.

While you can sample the first episodes of a few original shows for free, a subscription is required to access the full content. 

What subscription plans does HBO Max offer?

HBO Max has two subscription plans.

  • With the $9.99 plan, you can watch HBO Max with ads in 1080p HD.
  • With the $14.99 plan, you can watch HBO Max without ads in HD and 4K (select titles). You can also download the shows to watch offline. 

What devices support HBO Max?

HBO Max is compatible with most modern-generation streaming devices. Here is a list of all HBO Max-supported devices

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