HBO Max Not Working On Samsung TV: I Finally Fixed It

Too caught up with client meetings and excess work, I wasn’t able to make time to catch up with my watch list recently.

It was only last weekend that I finally decided to binge-watch House of the Dragons on HBO Max. 

All excited with popcorn and snacks ready on the table, I turned on my Samsung TV and clicked on the HBO Max app icon.

Just when I was about to start with the first episode, the app crashed and returned to the Home screen.

I tried to reopen it but couldn’t get it to work again. 

Having no idea about how to fix the issue, I tried searching for solutions across websites, videos, and discussion threads on the internet.

It was after about an hour of browsing that I was finally able to get the HBO Max app running again on my TV. 

Here’s what helped me get back to streaming the show in no time: 

If HBO Max is not working on Samsung TV, perform a power cycle on your TV. Unplug it from the power outlet for at least 60 seconds. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. Plug the TV back in. 

Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

A power cycle (also known as a soft reset) can help fix several issues with applications on the Samsung TV.

The process closes all applications and processes and safely reboots the TV.

This helps fix issues such as black screens, unresponsive apps, crashes, minor bugs, etc.

A soft reset also removes corrupt cache files that may cause functioning issues in apps like HBO Max. 

Here’s how to Power Cycle your Samsung Smart TV: 

  • Unplug your TV from the power outlet
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds (don’t rush on it)
  • Press and hold the TV’s power button for 30 seconds (skip this step if the power button is not available). 
  • Plug the TV back in and try running the HBO Max app again.

If the power cycle didn’t work, try out the next solution 

Clear HBO Max App Cache

As you use apps on your Samsung Smart TV, cache files keep building up.

The older an app gets, the bigger its cache files are.

Sometimes, these cache files get corrupted and cause issues that may prevent apps from working smoothly. 

Here’s how you can clear HBO Max App Cache: 

  • Click on the Settings icon on the Home Screen of your TV or press the Settings button on the remote
  • Scroll down and click on the Support tab 
  • Go to the Self-Diagnosis tab and click on the TV Device Manager
  • Now click on Clean Now under Memory Boost and Clear Running Apps 
  • Once done, click on Show App List under Manage Storage 
  • Scroll through the app list and find the HBO Max app 
  • Select View Details under the app 
  • Now click on Clear Cache and try running the app again

Note that on some Samsung TV models, you can find this page through

Settings > Support > Device Care > Manage Storage

Update HBO Max App

Official app updates are most likely to fix any minor bugs or technical glitches causing HBO Max to not work on your Samsung TV. 

There are two ways to update the HBO Max app – Manual Update and Automatic Update

Manual Update 

  • Go to the Samsung Home Screen
  • Find and click on the Apps section
  • Click on Settings in the top right corner 
  • Navigate to the Updates tab
  • Finally, click on the  Update button if the update is available
  • Once the update is complete, try opening the app again

Automatic Update

  • Once on the TV Home screen, Open the Apps menu 
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Find and select the Auto Update option
  • Slide the toggle switch to turn auto-update on

Turning on automatic updates ensures that all your apps stay up-to-date and free from any issues caused due to being outdated. 

Reinstall the HBO Max App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app can help fix the crashing or black screen issues by clearing corrupt app files. 

Follow the below steps to reinstall the HBO Max app on the Samsung TV:

  • Open the Samsung Home Screen via remote
  • Navigate to the button menu to find and click on Apps
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click on the Settings icon 
  • Scroll down or search for the HBO Max app icon
  • Click on the Reinstall option on the app
  • If the Reinstall option is not available, click on Delete and install the app again 
  • Once the reinstall is complete, restart your TV
  • After the TV turns back on, go to apps and open the HBO Max app again
  • Sign in to your account and the app should be working normally now 

Check for Samsung Smart TV Software Update 

Ensure that your Samsung TV is up to date and running on the latest software version. 

Update Samsung TV software: 

  • Go to Settings and select the Support Tab
  • Select the Software Update option 
  • If the TV software update is available, click on Update Now

Reset Samsung Smart Hub 

The Samsung Smart Hub is a personalized app store for your TV.

Resetting Smart Hub removes all applications and signs you out of them. This feature will restore the settings to factory defaults. 

Using Reset Smart Hub can fix issues with the HBO Max app.

However, I’d recommend going with this solution only if nothing has worked for you till now. 

Follow these steps to Reset Samsung Smart Hub:

  • On the Samsung Home Screen, select Settings
  • Scroll down to the Support option in the Settings
  • Navigate to the Device Care option and click on Self Diagnosis 
  • Now click on the Reset Smart Hub option
  • When prompted for a PIN, enter 0000 as the default value
  • Confirm and Smart Hub will start resetting

Check if HBO Max is Down

Though less likely, it is possible that the HBO Max servers are down while you’re trying to stream any content on the app.

To confirm if that is the case, check out the HBO Max official social media accounts to see if they have posted any updates about unavailable servers. 

Another way to check if HBO Max servers are down is by visiting a third-party website called Downdetector which provides real-time updates about server availability of platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix, etc.   

Check Your Network Connection

An unstable internet connection may cause the HBO Max app to not work properly. Restarting your WI-Fi Router can fix the issue. 

Here’s a simple guide to restarting your Wi-Fi Router: 

  • Unplug your router from the power outlet 
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in
  • Once done, try connecting your Samsung TV to the router
  • Open HBO Max again 
  • This should fix any existing connection issues and the HBO Max app should be up and running

If network issue is the potential cause of the HBO Max app not working, here are some alternative things to try:

  • Switch to hardwire connections (ethernet cables, if available)
  • In case you’ve got a wired connection, check ethernet cables for any defects
  • Use another device or application to verify if your internet is working properly
  • If available, switch to a dual-band router and connect with the 5.0GHz Frequency

An important point to note is that if there are issues with your network connection, other apps such as YouTube or Netflix won’t run properly.

If they’re working, then internet issues are not likely to be the potential cause of HBO Max not working. In this case, move on to the next step.

Fixing your internet can also help fix HBO Max’s Audio sync issues.

Connect with HBO Max or Samsung Support Team

As a final solution, you can get in touch with the HBO Max support team for the best possible fix based on your issue.

For instant response, you can chat with an HBO Max Digital Assistant regarding your issue.

If not resolved, it will directly connect you with an authorized customer advocate as well. 

Additionally, you can visit the Official Samsung Support Page for professional help related to apps not working on your TV.

Samsung care pros can diagnose your TV for any problem and provide you with the best possible solutions to get the HBO Max app running back again.

You can opt to chat with their experts or speak directly with a Samsung care pro via call as well. 

SMART Suggestions: Alternative Ways to Use HBO Max on Samsung TV (100% Working)

I can imagine the frustration if no solutions have proven to be helpful for you till now.

In case you’re about to give up, I’d recommend you to read on as I’m sharing two alternatives that will help you stream your favorite show or movie on your Samsung TV right away!

Connect your Phone/PC to Samsung TV

A traditional yet easy way to stream HBO Max on your Samsung TV is by pairing your phone or PC with it. 

Based on the smartphone you’re using, all you got to do is share the screen of your phone or PC with Samsung TV and open the HBO Max app on the same device. 

This can be done in two simple ways, either use an HDMI cable to connect the device to your TV or use the screen-sharing option for a wireless connection.

Connect A Compatible Streaming Device

I’d recommend using a compatible streaming device to get the best possible streaming experience on your Samsung TV.

Streaming device software and processors are specially designed to support almost all streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.

Some leading streaming devices available include Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV. etc. 

You’re in luck if you’ve already got any one of these devices available at your home.

If not, you can always choose to buy one based on your preferences. 

Here’s a simple guide to using USB stick streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Chromecast on your Samsung TV: 

  • Plug the device into the HDMI port of the Samsung TV
  • Select the source of your TV as the HDMI port where the device is plugged in
  • Once the streaming device Home screen appears, search and add HBO Max under the Apps/Channels section
  • Open the HBO Max app and start streaming 

It’s Not TV, It’s HBO

The HBO Max app can crash or stop responding with a black screen on your Samsung TV.

There are several ways to fix the issue based on if the problem is related to the app, network connection, or your TV.

The most effective way to fix the HBO Max app not working on Samsung TV is by power cycling the TV.

A power cycle reboots the TV safely by closing all background processes and running applications to fix bugs or technical glitches causing any app to crash. 

Clearing HBO Max app cache, updating, or re-installing the app can also help fix issues related to the app such as black screen, crashing, slow streaming or buffering, etc. 

Ensure that both the HBO Max app and Samsung TV software are up to date to avoid any issues with the app functionality. 

Verify if you’re facing any issues with the internet connection or if the HBO Max servers are unavailable through the Downdetector website or the official social media handles of HBO.

As an alternative, streaming devices such as Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick offer the best streaming experience as they’re equipped with the latest software and excellent processors. 

Additional highlights of these devices include several streaming platform options, a user-friendly interface, and easy integration with smartphones.

Hence, as a one-stop solution for all your streaming services, investing some extra bucks on streaming devices is surely worth it. 

I hope that one of the above-mentioned solutions or using an alternative streaming method has got the HBO Max app up and running perfectly on your Samsung TV.

Enjoy streaming!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset HBO Max app on my Samsung TV? 

  • On your Samsung TV Home Screen, select Apps
  • Go to Support > Self Diagnosis > TV Device Manager
  • Click on Show App List under Manage Storage
  • Find and view details for the HBO Max App
  • Click on clear cache and clear data
  • Open the app and sign back into your HBO Max account  

Why is HBO Max not working on my Samsung TV?

There might be several reasons why HBO is not working on your Samsung TV such as technical glitches, minor bugs, server unavailable, or app crashing issues.

Try power cycling your Samsung TV to fix the problem.

Unplug it from the power socket and wait at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Try opening the HBO Max app again.

How to reset Samsung Smart Hub on Samsung TV? 

On the Home screen of your Samsung TV, select Settings. Now search and select the Support option.

Click on the Device care option and select Self Diagnosis. On the Self Diagnosis menu, click Reset Smart Hub.

When prompted for a pin, enter 0000 as the default value. Finally, confirm resetting Samsung Smart Hub

How to check if HBO servers are down? 

Go through the official social media handles of HBO Max to check if they have posted anything related to server unavailability.

If they did, all you can do is wait till they fix their servers to start streaming again.

As an alternative, you can also visit Downdetector to verify the real-time status of HBO Max servers or even any issue reported based on your specific location. 

Why can’t I install HBO Max app in my region?

The HBO Max streaming service is currently available only in certain countries.

Have a look at their current service locations to confirm if it is available in your region.

If the streaming service is unavailable but you still want to stream your favorite content on the HBO Max app, consider using a VPN. 

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