How Many Years of Warranty Coverage Does Hisense Offer? I Asked

How Many Years of Warranty Coverage Does Hisense Offer? I Asked

Last week, after using it for almost a year, my Hisense U7H 65″ Smart TV wasn’t turning on at all. I tried using the physical power button and even unplugged it for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. 

When nothing seemed to help get the TV back on, I wondered if my Hisense TV was still under warranty. I wasn’t sure about the warranty period of my TV and couldn’t even recall the date of purchase. 

After visiting the Hisense official website, I could only find information about the extended warranty. I spent some time scrolling through several discussion threads and figured out that the warranty period depends on the region where the Hisense TV was purchased. Moreover, I also got in touch with Hisense Customer Support to verify the warranty period of my TV. 

Here’s what I found about the warranty period offered by Hisense and their warranty claim procedure for different regions: 

Hisense offers a warranty period of up to 2 years for all LCD and LED TVs and three months for TV accessories including TV stands, remote control, etc. This warranty covers both parts and labor costs for TVs and other accessories. 

Warranty Information: Hisense USA 

The warranty period, conditions, and process to apply vary based on the region your Hisense TV was purchased. The following warranty information is only limited to Hisense TVs bought in the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Warranty Period

All Hisense LCD and LED TVs come with a warranty period of up to 2 years for parts and labor. The warranty period is calculated from the date of the original purchase of the TV. This warranty doesn’t cover the TV accessories as they come under a separate warranty period of 90 days from the date of original purchase. 

The TV accessories include a TV stand, 3D Glasses, TV Remote Control, etc. The warranty covers the cost for both parts and labor for the TV accessories as well. 

Note: This warranty period and conditions are only valid in the United States and Puerto Rico. Moreover, this warranty only applies to the products sold, distributed, and services in the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Warranty Claim Procedure 

To claim the warranty for your TV, you need to get in touch with Hisense USA Support. Make sure that you have the original bill or invoice with the date of purchase mentioned on it. These documents are required as proof that your product is within the defined warranty period to obtain the warranty service. 

Use any of these methods to get in touch with Hisense regarding your issue and obtain warranty service for the product:



Warranty Information: Hisense Australia & New Zealand 

Hisense provides common warranty guidelines and conditions for products in Australia and New Zealand.                                 

Warranty Period  

For Hisense TVs purchased in Australia or New Zealand, the standard warranty period is 3 years. The accessories or audio products are also covered under a 12-month warranty period for parts and labor. 

This warranty is automatically applicable for a Hisense TV starting from the date of purchase. Based on your reported issue while the TV is under the warranty period, Hisense will either repair or replace the product or any part of the product if the Hisense experts determine it to be defective. 

Warranty Claim Procedure  

To make a warranty claim for your TV, you need to provide proof of purchase (original invoice) and your TV’s serial number. Once you’ve got all the necessary documents and information ready, call the Hisense Warranty Centre to get the details of your nearest Hisense Authorised Repairer. 

Additionally, you’re required to email a copy of the original proof of purchase before your warranty claim can be processed. 


Warranty Information: Hisense South Africa 

Warranty Period

Hisense TVs purchased in South Africa carry a 3-year standard warranty against manufacturing defects or other issues starting from the date of purchase. You can also register for a 12-month extended warranty for your TV. 

The warranty on every Hisense product is provided with a condition that only Hisense authorized service professionals have repaired the product at all times. Also, note that every depIr conducted on your TV by Hisense authorized service agents carries a 3-month repair warranty on labor and parts calculated from the date of completion. 

Warranty Claim Procedure  

To claim the warranty for your TV, get in touch with the Hisense Support Team via call or email. 


Warranty Information: Hisense India  

Warranty Period 

All TVs purchased in India come with a standard warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. Similar to the warranty conditions of other regions, Hisense India offers a repair or replacement policy that covers the parts and labor costs of the TV under a standard warranty. 

Warranty Claim Procedure 

To claim the standard warranty of your Hisense TV in India, you must submit the TV invoice or bill with the date of purchase as proof that your TV is still under warranty. 

In case of any queries, reach out to Hisense support via:


Warranty Information: Hisense UK 

Warranty Period  

The standard warranty period for Hisense TVs purchased in the UK is 24 months (2 years) starting from the date of purchase. The warranty conditions are almost similar to those offered in the United States including repair or replacement policy.

Warranty Claims Procedure 

Call or email Hisense UK Customer Support and follow the provided instructions to claim the warranty for your TV. Ensure that you keep the TV’s serial number and proof of purchase ready. 

To get in touch with Hisense UK:


For more information, visit the Hisense UK official website 

Warranty Information: Hisense Canada 

Warranty Period  

Hisense Canada offers a one-year warranty on all televisions for parts and labor from the date of purchase. If your TV is under 45″ screen size, it’s under a carry-in warranty. 

This implies that you’ll need to visit the nearest authorized service center with your TV. In case your TV screen size is over 45″, your unit will be serviced in-home. Note that this standard warranty doesn’t cover any type of physical damage. 

Warranty Claims Procedure

To claim the warranty services for your TV, visit the official Hisense Canada Service Request- Book Repair page and fill out the registration form. Enter the correct serial number of your TV and briefly describe your issue with relevant images if available. 

Hisense Warranty: Terms & Conditions

Go through the terms and conditions specific to your region on the official Hisense websites before claiming the warranty services of your TV. 

In general, the standard warranty shall not apply to: 

  • Defects caused due to abusive operation, accident, shipment damages, improper delivery, and installation. 
  • Damages caused if the product has been tampered with, modified, adjusted, or repaired by any person other than an authorized Hisense repair person or service provider. 
  • Replacement of accessories, glassware, or other items required through normal use of the product including earphones, remote control, batteries, etc. 
  • Cosmetic damage to the product surface or exterior due to normal wear and tear, improper shipping, or use of chemicals while cleaning. 
  • Defects caused by external or environmental factors such as incorrect voltage, liquid spillage, or acts of God. 
  • Warranty claims for products with illegible or missing models and serial numbers.
  • Products used for rental, commercial, or business purposes.


The standard warranty period highly varies based on the region where your Hisense TV was purchased. Usually, your product is automatically considered under warranty from the day it was purchased. Keep the invoice or product bill with the exact date of purchase as proof while claiming the warranty. 

Hisense TVs purchased in both Canada & India come with a one-year warranty calculated from the date of purchase. Hisense USA and UK offer up to 2 years of warranty on all televisions.  The highest warranty period is up to 3 years offered by Hisense South Africa starting from January 2021. 

Hisense also comes with seasonal offers related to extended warranties available on their official websites. While the average lifespan of Hisense TVs can be considered between 5-10 years depending on the usage, I’d recommend going for an extended warranty to avoid extra charges on repairing or parts replacement in the future. 

Go through the specific terms and conditions before claiming your warranty. This helps ensure that your issue doesn’t come under the “excluded” category of the warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Hisense’s warranty policy?

Hisense offers a standard limited warranty on its products. The length of the warranty varies depending on the product, but it typically covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period of time. A standard warranty typically covers the cost of both parts and labor required during the repair service of defects caused by the normal domestic usage of a TV or any other product. All Hisense customers must provide the invoice or receipt while claiming the warranty as proof of purchase with the date of purchase mentioned on it. 

How many years of warranty is offered by Hisense for TVs?

The length of the warranty on Hisense TVs varies depending on the model and region, but it typically ranges from one to three years. For India & Canada, the standard or manufacturer warranty period is only 1 year while it goes up to 2 years for the United States and the UK. Hisense Australia & New Zealand offers 3 years of standard warranty services on TVs. 

How do I find out if my Hisense product is still under warranty?

You can find out if your Hisense product is still under warranty by checking the invoice, bill, or receipt of the TV. These documents usually have the date of purchase mentioned on them. Verify the warranty period offered by Hisense in your region before checking the date of purchase. You can also find the warranty information on the product’s label or by contacting Hisense customer service.

What is not covered by Hisense’s warranty?

Hisense’s warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized repairs. It also does not cover cosmetic damage, such as scratches or dents, that do not affect the performance of the product. Additionally, any damage caused by environmental factors including incorrect voltage, liquid spillage, or due to acts of God is not covered. Even the damage caused to the TV screen due to the use of harmful chemicals while cleaning the TV is not covered under the warranty. 

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