How Much Does a Samsung 65 inch TV Weigh? I Asked Them

How Much Does a Samsung 65 inch TV Weigh? I Asked Them

While I was pretty excited about getting a Samsung 65″ Frame QLED TV, I wondered if I could use a pull-down TV mount to place it above the fireplace. A quick Google search revealed that the TV weight is required to find a compatible wall mount for the TV. 

I visited the official Samsung website to find the weight of some selected 65″ Samsung TV models. I also spent some more time on research to read about the weight capacity ratings of different wall mounts and TV stands. 

I figured out how much a 65″ Samsung TV weighs and also found the best way to choose an ideal cabinet based on the TV’s weight. Here’s what I found: 

Most 65 inch Samsung Smart TVs weigh between 40-70 pounds. The weight depends on the TV model and whether the TV is with or without a stand. 

What is the Weight of a 65 inch Samsung Smart TV?  

The weight of a 65 inch Samsung Smart TV highly varies based on the TV model. Usually, all TVs with a 65″ screen size weigh about 40-70 pounds. Note that there are two parameters based on which the weight of Samsung TVs is measured- if the TV is with stand or without stand. 

You may need to consider the weight of the TV based on your mode of installation. In case you’re planning on wall mounting the TV, then check only the product weight. However, if your TV would be attached to a stand, consider checking its weight with the stand. 

Here’s a list of the weights of some popular 65-inch Samsung TV models with and without a stand: 

Samsung TV Model(65-inch variants)Weight Without Stand (lbs)Weight With Stand (lbs) 
Class QN900C Samsung Neo QLED 8K 49.471.7 
Class QN800C Samsung Neo QLED 8K 49.671.9
Class QN90C Samsung Neo QLED 4K 53.460.6
Class QN85C Samsung Neo QLED 4K 52.260.2
Class S95B OLED 4K Smart TV (2022)47.857.3
Class Q60A QLED 4K Smart TV (2021)46.148.1
Class TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (2020)45.446.1
Class TU8300 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV55.156

If your preferred TV model isn’t available in the list, you can get the exact weight of your Smart TV by checking the specs section for the preferred TV model on the official Samsung website. If you’ve already got the TV, you can also read the user manual for weight-related information. For some models, you can also find the individual stand weight that is shipped with your TV model. 

Is the Samsung 65 Inch TV Suitable for Wall Mount? 

In case you consider wall mounting your 65″ Samsung Smart TV, determining its weight becomes crucial. This is because if your standard wall mount is unable to support the weight of the TV, there’s a high risk of the TV falling down and leading to damage or an accident. 

Fortunately, most Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with wall mounting, including the 65-inch variants. The best way to check the precise weight capacity rating of the wall mount required by your TV is by going through the user manual. On average, a high-quallity wall mount supports up to 150 pounds which is well in the range of the weight of a 65” Samsung TV. 

Choose the Right TV Cabinet  

If you choose to attach your Samsung TV to the stand, you can place it over a compatible TV cabinet. TV cabinets are specially designed to provide ample space for modern Smart TVs including other accessories such as sound bars, gaming consoles, etc. Additionally, there are extra shelves provided for placing set-top boxes, streaming devices, and device remotes. 

Your TV weight is a deciding factor when it comes to selecting a TV cabinet. Except for the weight, there are several factors to consider while choosing the right TV cabinet for your model.

Follow these tips:

  • Always check the maximum weight capacity of the TV cabinet to ensure it can withstand your TV weight. For a 65″ Samsung TV, consider going for a TV cabinet with a maximum weight capacity of over 100 lbs. Based on your TV weight with stand, the extra capacity offers scope for placing other accessories such as a gaming console or sound bars without exceeding the load limit of the cabinet. 
  • Choose a cabinet that is at least 20% longer in length than your TV to ensure that it fits in safely. There should always be some extra space on both sides of the cabinet to avoid knocking over the TV during regular use. 
  • The height of the cabinet is another crucial factor to ensure the best viewing experience. The height of the cabinet should be such that the center of the TV screen is slightly lower or exactly at eye level while sitting in the viewing position. 

Does the Weight of TV Affect Its Performance?  

The weight of a TV doesn’t necessarily affect its performance. However, the weight of a TV is considered a deciding factor when it comes to the installation of the TV. As most modern Smart TVs have a slim design and are light in weight, they utilize much lesser space and are very easy to install as compared to older TVs. As older TVs used to be a lot heavier, they required special stands or TV cabinets to sustain their weight. 

Even if you choose not to wall mount your Samsung TV, each set is usually shipped with a compatible stand and required hardware. You can easily attach your TV to the stand without having to worry about it falling down or any damage to the TV during regular use. 

Find the Precise Weight of Your Samsung TV 

Samsung Smart TV models with 65 inch screen size usually weigh between 40-70 pounds. The main factor considered while measuring this weight is if the product is considered with or without the stand. 

The weight of the TV itself is important if you want to mount it on the wall. In case you decide to attach it to the stand, TV weight with stand can be considered. 

The best way to find the precise weight of your Samsung TV is to go through the user manual available with the TV. You can also visit the official Samsung website and navigate to the Specs section of your TV model to find the weight. 

If your TV is attached to a stand, prefer getting a TV cabinet with a weight capacity rating of at least 20-30 pounds extra than your TV weight. This eliminates any risk of the TV falling down due to extra load on the cabinet and also allows you to place other devices on the top surface of the cabinet such as a gaming console. 

Though the weight of the TV doesn’t affect its performance, most Smart TVs these days are designed to be slim and light in weight. This provides ease of installation, saves a lot of space, and offers a better viewing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a 65 inch Samsung TV weigh?

The weight of a 65 inch Samsung TV varies depending on the model. However, on average, a 65 inch Samsung TV weighs between 40 and 70 pounds. This weight is usually measured based on two parameters including if the TV is with or without a stand. Most Samsung TVs are shipped with a compatible stand and the other required accessories to attach the TV to the stand. 

How do I find out the weight of my specific Samsung TV model?

To find out the weight of your specific Samsung TV model, you can check your TV’s user manual or visit the official Samsung website and search for the product specifications. 

Can I mount a 65 inch Samsung TV on the wall?

Most Samsung TVs can be mounted on the wall including all the 65″ models. However, you need to make sure that the wall mount you use is compatible with the weight and size of your TV. In case you use an incompatible wall mount, there’s a high risk that your TV may fall down and lead to damage or an accident. 

How much weight can a wall mount support for a 65 inch Samsung TV?

The weight capacity of a wall mount for a 65 inch Samsung TV varies depending on the model of the wall mount. Generally, a wall mount with a weight capacity of 100 pounds or more is recommended for a 65-inch TV. 

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