How to Change the Language on HBO Max: I Found an Easy Way

Just recently, I was binge-watching Westworld on HBO Max on my Smart TV.

All set for an epic plot twist in the season one finale, I clicked on “The Bicameral Mind”. 

To my surprise, the episode started in Spanish audio.

Though I had previously changed the audio language for certain shows, none of them got stuck in a specific language. 

I checked the language settings for the episode but it was set to English.

Even switching back and forth from Spanish to English didn’t help fix the issue. 

I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next in the show’s finale.

Desperate to find a solution, I spent over an hour reading through online articles and forums for a way to change the episode language back to English again.  

I changed the language on my HBO Max and also fixed the audio stuck in a different language issue on it. Here’s how: 

To change the language, start watching something on HBO Max. Tap on the “Audio and Subtitles” icon and choose your preferred language for audio and subtitles

Change Audio and Subtitle Language on HBO Max 

Not all shows available on HBO Max have multiple audio options.

However, some exclusive shows and movie titles have multiple audio and subtitle languages available. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to change audio and subtitle language on HBO Max:

  • Open the HBO Max app
  • Play your favorite show or movie on the app or website
  • Now, tap on the Audio and Subtitles icon. It’s a small speech bubble on the top left corner of the screen
  •  Under the Audio section, choose your preferred language 
  • You can also choose to change the Subtitles language from the Subtitles section available besides the Audio options 
  • Tap on the cross “X” icon available in the top right corner after you’ve selected the language 
  • Your show/movie should start playing in your preferred language

As mentioned above, only specific movies and shows are available in other languages.

In case you want to find titles available in other languages on HBO Max, follow these instructions:

  • Open the HBO Max Home Screen
  • Choose the Menu icon and go to Genres on your phone/laptop/tablet
  • If you’re using HBO Max on your Smart TV, directly click on the Browse icon 
  • From the available list of genres, select Latino (Spanish/Portuguese) or International category
  • Note that international HBO shows and movies will play in their original languages with English subtitles as available as they’re not available in multiple audios

Change Interface Language on HBO Max  

Except for audio or subtitle languages, you may need to change the interface language on your HBO Max app.

Changing the interface language on the HBO Max app includes category names, shows and movie titles, buttons, labels, etc. 

Though HBO Max doesn’t allow you to change the app language directly, you can still change it via your Android device settings. 

Before changing the language of your device, ensure that the Display Language on the app is set to the Same as device language

  • Launch the HBO Max app
  • Tap on the Profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now, tap on the Settings gear icon on the top left corner
  • Go to Display Language
  • From the language list that appears, select Same as device language and you’re all set

Now, all you need to do is change your device language to revert those changes back into the HBO Max app

For Android Devices:

  • Go to your android device Settings
  • Navigate to the System option
  • Now, select Language and Input option
  • From the list of available languages, select your preferred one
  • Once your phone language is changed, the HBO Max app language will change as well

For iOS Devices:

  • Tap on the Settings icon 
  • Navigate to General 
  • Select Language & Region
  • Now tap on iPhone Language 
  • Choose your preferred language from the list
  • Select the language by tapping on Done
  • A pop-up message will appear asking for confirmation of the language change
  • Select the language name to confirm and wait for a few seconds
  • Once your Apple device is done applying the language settings, check the HBO Max app to confirm if the app language has changed

For Desktop Browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox):

  • Open the browser you want to stream HBO Max on
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen
  • Select Settings from the bunch of options 
  • Go to the Advanced section and click on Languages
  • Click on Language on the page that appears 
  • Click on Add languages and select your preferred language from the options menu
  • Now, click Add after choosing your language 
  • Ensure that the toggle switch for the option “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read” is turned on (for Google Chrome)
  • Visit the HBO Max Website and the interface language should be set to your preferred one

For Mac:

  • Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences 
  • Go to Language and Region
  • Click on the + (plus) sign available in the left corner of the menu
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Confirm your language change through the pop-up message that appears next
  • Another pop-up message would ask you to add your preferred language’s keyboard to the Mac
  • The HBO Max interface language should be changed to the selected one on your Mac

SMART Suggestion: Best Ways To Fix HBO Max Audio Stuck in Spanish on TV

It’s possible that you’re watching a show on HBO Max on your Smart TV but the audio keeps switching or is stuck on a different language such as Spanish even when the default language is set to English. 

I’ve got 2 ways  to help fix the audio language stuck or switching issue on HBO Max:

  • Turn off Surround Sound 
  • Cast HBO Max Via Smartphone 

Turn Off Surround Sound for Your Smart TV

The most effective way to fix HBO Max audio stuck in Spanish is to turn off the surround sound on your Smart TV’s sound settings.

Here’s how to disable the surround sound on your Smart TV: 

  • Go to the Settings of your TV
  • Search for the Sound Settings for your TV model
  • Go to Advanced Sound or Sound Adjustment menu
  • Search for the Surround Sound option and disable it

Cast HBO Max Via Smartphone: 

Another effective way to fix the language issue is to pair your smartphone with the Smart TV.

If your Smart TV has built-in Chromecast, you can directly cast HBO Max content on it. 

Simply tap on the cast icon in the top right corner while streaming your favorite show/movie and select your Smart TV from the list of available devices. 

Based on the smartphone you’re using, you can also use the screen-sharing option to stream HBO Max such as Smart View for Samsung phones and Apple AirPlay for iPhones.

This is most likely to help fix the audio stuck in Spanish issue. 

Where HBO Meets Your Language 

HBO Max offers exclusive shows/movie titles in different languages.

To find them in the app or website, browse through the International or Latino category. 

To change the audio language during streaming, simply select the Audio and Subtitles icon and select from the languages available. 

You can’t directly change the interface language in the app or website of HBO Max.

However, if you change the language settings of your device (Android, iOS, or Desktop) it can change the interface language of the app and website as well. 

In case you’re facing audio stuck in different language issues while streaming a show, disabling the surround sound can help fix it.

You can also try casting the HBO Max content via the smartphone to your Smart TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I change the language on HBO Max on my TV?

The best way to change the audio language on your TV is to select and play your favorite TV show or movie.

While the TV is playing, search for the Audio and Subtitles option on the top left corner of the screen.

Click on it and check the list of available languages for audio as well as subtitles. Select your preferred audio and start streaming again.

Note that not all movies and TV shows on HBO Max are available in multiple languages.

However, some exclusive titles from the International and Latino category offer Spanish and Portuguese language options. 

How do I know if a show or movie is available in my preferred language on HBO Max?

You can check if a show or movie is available in your preferred language by checking the description page of that specific title.

The main menu has a language option that allows you to select in which language you want to play the movie or TV show. 

Another way to figure out if a movie/show is available in your preferred language is through the Audio and Subtitles option available during playback.

Tap on the small speech bubble and go through the audio options available for a specific movie or TV show.

You can also choose the subtitle language from the list. 

Why is my HBO Max stuck in a different language and how to fix it? 

 Your HBO Max might be stuck in a different language like Spanish even when the audio language is set to English for some shows/movies.

This is mostly due to a technical glitch with the HBO Max app.

There are mainly two ways to fix the audio stuck in a different language issue.

Try turning off the surround sound feature on your TV.

If it doesn’t fix the issue, you can cast the HBO Max content through your smartphone.

Use Chromecast or a default screen-sharing feature on your smartphone to pair it with the Smart TV. 

Why can’t I change the language on HBO Max on my TV?

If you’re not able to change the language on your HBO Max, it’s most likely that the show/ movie may not be available in a different language.

It’s important to note that only International and Latino category shows and movies are available in different languages. 

HBO Max is currently available only in limited countries and hence the language choice isn’t available on every show or movie on the platform.

As of now, except for English, HBO Max has shows available in Portuguese and Spanish language. 

Why can’t I install the HBO Max app in my region?

The HBO Max streaming service is currently available only in certain countries.

Have a look at their current service locations to confirm if it is available in your region. 

If the streaming service is unavailable but you still want to stream your favorite content on the HBO Max app, consider using a VPN.

The streaming platform is looking to expand its network in more countries and you may get to stream HBO Max in your country soon in the future. 

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