How to Change Screensaver on Samsung TV: Use This Feature

How to Change Screensaver on Samsung TV: Use This Feature

My new Samsung QLED TV kept showing a blank screen when I wasn’t watching it. 

To avoid the TV looking like a black box, I wanted to select a screensaver that would blend seamlessly with the back wall surface of the room. 

However, I couldn’t find a direct option to change the screensaver in the TV settings. 

To find out how to change the screensaver on a Samsung TV, I referred to several solution articles on the Samsung website. 

I learned that the Samsung TVs launched after 2021 have several additional features to create customized screensavers on the TV. 

I found a way to change the screensaver on a Samsung Smart TV and also learned how to use my own photos from the phone gallery to create personalized screensavers.  

To change the screensaver on your Samsung TV, press the Home button on the TV remote. Navigate using the directional buttons and select “Ambient Mode”. Choose your preferred screensaver from the available options. 

Use Ambient Mode To Change The Screensaver On Your Samsung TV  

The ambient mode on Samsung Smart TVs allows you to change the screensaver and add decor, weather information, artwork, or trending pictures on the screen while you’re not watching the TV. 

The Ambient Mode on Samsung Smart TVs launched after 2021 offers a lot more customizable themes, photos, and color options to choose from. 

The ambient mode is specially designed to enhance your TV screen while not in use via relaxing landscape images, artwork, and unique scenery. 

Additionally, the revised ambient mode allows you to convert your own photos into backgrounds through the My Album feature. 

There are two ways to access the ambient mode on your TV- Via remote control and with the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Change the screensaver via the remote control 

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote control 
  • Navigate to the Ambient icon available on the Home menu bar 
  • From the list of available options, select your desired screensaver
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to change the screensaver

Note: Select Samsung TV remotes that have an Ambient button that allows you to switch directly to the Ambient Mode. While the TV is turned off, if the Ambient button is pressed, the TV will turn on in Ambient Mode. 

Change the screensaver via the SmartThings app 

  • Download & install the SmartThings app available on iOS and Android devices
  • Launch the SmartThings app and tap on the Add icon (the plus sign) 
  • Tap on Device, go to the By Brand tab, and select Samsung
  • Tap TV and select your TV from the available list 
  • Tap Start and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the connection on your TV 
  • Now tap on Menu (three horizontal lines) and go to the Location drop-down menu to find the location of your TV
  • Now select your TV’s card to view the available options 
  • Select Ambient Mode and swipe through the introduction 
  • Finally, tap Start now 
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and choose your favorite screensaver

Ambient Mode Features Offer Various Types of Screensavers  

Samsung Smart TV models launched in and after 2021 offer a wide range of options to select the best background that makes your TV screen look visually appealing even when it’s not in use.  

These options include: 

  • Cinemagraph: Allows you to select a moving image as the background such as Cozy Room, Fireplace, or Rainy Day. 
  • Artwork: Decorates your screen through art, via still life or nature photos.  
  • Background Theme: This lets you select a clean, simplistic background such as solid colors including Lavender or Ivory. You can also choose textured themes such as Polished Marble or White Stripes. 
  • My Album: Create a customized screensaver through your own photos and present templates including Dynamic Filter and Auto Gallery. (You need to add your photos to the TV via the SmartThings app on your smartphone and laptop) 

Note: Based on your selected theme, you can also edit options like Shadow Effects and Background color by pressing the Down arrow button on the remote. 

Use The My Album Feature To Create Personalized Backgrounds 

Using the My Album feature in Ambient Mode, you can use your own photos to create a personalized background for your TV. 

For instance, you can add a family portrait or a photo from a recent family trip and use it as a screensaver on your Samsung TV. 

The My Album also includes special templates that can be used individually or with your photos for a different effect like a slideshow or filter. 

To get the best out of the My Album, ensure that your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Follow these instructions to use My Album on your TV:

Use My Album Via TV Menu

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control
  • Navigate to the Ambient Mode and select it 
  • Go to My Album 
  • Choose any template from the available options to apply such as Dynamic Filter, Auto Gallery, Monthly Calendar, Screen Photo, and others 
  • Select the View Help section if you want to learn how to add your own photos using the SmartThings app 

Use My Album Via Phone Or Tablet  

  • Launch the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet 
  • Go to Menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines 
  • Tap the Location drop-down menu to find the location of your TV and select your TV card 
  • Open Ambient Mode and then select My Album at the top of your screen 
  • Choose your favorite template from the available options such as Dynamic Filter, Auto Gallery, Monthly Calendar, Screen Photo, and others 
  • Once selected, tap View on TV to display the template on the screen 
  • Tap on Select Photos to choose one or more photos from your Gallery 
  • Tap Next after you’re done selecting the photo and crop or adjust it if required 
  • Finally, tap View on TV to add your selected photo to the template 
  • You can also adjust more settings such as the type of filter or slideshow duration 
  • You can also remove the current photo by tapping the Reset photo button
  • If you want to use it again, navigate back to the template and select Style & Settings to adjust the available options 

Note: In the Select Photos menu, you can also choose photos available on OneDrive by tapping on the OneDrive icon available at the top of the screen. 

Ambient Mode Settings To Customize Your Screensaver 

You can also customize your selected background via Ambient Mode Settings.

To access the Ambient Mode Settings:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control 
  • Open Ambient Mode and select Ambient Settings 

These settings include: 

  • Auto Brightness: Adjusts Auto Brightness levels for Ambient Mode 
  • Ambient Off Timer/ Sleep After: Sets the time when the screen turns off automatically. If there’s no remote control input for the defined time, the TV screen will go off. 
  • Reset All Photos: Deletes all photos imported from your phone for My Album 

Note: You can also adjust Ambient Mode settings via the SmartThings app installed on your smartphone or tablet. 

Change The Screensaver To Avoid Screen Burn-In On Your Samsung OLED TV 

Screen burn-in typically means a visible mark appearing on your screen caused by leaving a fixed or static image on the screen for a long time. 

This issue is specifically noticeable on OLED TVs. There are several causes of burn-in on an OLED TV. 

The two most common reasons include fixed channel logos of sports, news, or weather channels and fixed images from icons, maps, or banners on video games. 

One of the best ways to protect your Samsung OLED TV from burn-in is by setting a moving screensaver on it. 

This prevents your TV screen from getting exposed to a stationary image for a long period of time while you’re not watching it. 

Use the Ambient Mode to select animations or changing backgrounds as the screensaver to help avoid this issue. 

Replace Blank Background With Your Favorite Screensaver On Samsung TV  

There’s a range of additional Ambient Mode features available on select Samsung Smart TVs and QLED TVs. 

The Routine feature allows you to enable specially designed routines or create your custom routine using the SmartThings app on your smartphone. 

You can also enjoy listening to music in your living space while the Music Wall feature creates visualizations of the screensaver based on the frequency of your music. 

The Info feature displays useful information with the screensaver such as time, weather, and a world map. 

Note that the Info function may or may not be available on your TV depending on the location. 

You can also capture the wall surface and select a theme based on it using the SmartThings app. 

Launch the SmartThings app and select your TV. Open Ambient Mode and tap on the Camera icon in the bottom right area. 

Click a picture of your TV and the background following the on-screen instructions. 

Go to the Background Theme Menu and select My Background to view the same pattern themes as the wall behind your TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to change the screensaver on my Samsung Frame TV? 

The Samsung Frame TV has an Art Mode that allows the TV screen to transform into a unique work of art. The Frame TV comes with several types of pre-installed art from popular artists. To enable Art Mode on your TV, press the power button on your OneRemote. Once enabled, the Art Mode adjusts the brightness and color tone of the display based on the ambient lighting of the room. 

What are the different types of screensavers available on my Samsung TV? 

The different types of screensaver categories available in the Ambient Mode include Special Edition, Cinemagraph, Mood, Relaxation, Decor, and My Album. The special edition features different types of artwork and interior designs while mood allows you to create the right ambience for your home. The decor section consists of beautifully designed content for your TV. Moreover, you can use your own photos as backgrounds using the My Album feature.   

What is the difference between Ambient Mode and Art Mode? 

Ambient Mode is slightly different from Art Mode as it consists of moving backgrounds and other details such as animation, graphics art, weather information, time, etc. The Art Mode only consists of ultra-high quality art making your Samsung Frame TV look like a painting. It only includes static art without any extra information like weather or time. 

How to avoid burn-in on my Samsung OLED TV? 

To prevent burn-in on your Samsung OLED TV, avoid playing games that usually display fixed images for a long time, avoid watching movies in 21:9 format, and try using the auto refresher feature that shifts the entire image on the TV frequently by a few pixels to prevent burn-in. To avoid your TV from getting affected by issues like burn-in and afterglow, go for a Samsung QLED TV instead. 

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