How to Clean an LG TV Screen: It’s Simpler Than You Think

How to Clean an LG TV Screen: It’s Simpler Than You Think

I’d just gotten myself a nice LG OLED TV, and was getting used to the improved dynamic range and inky blacks. What I didn’t realize was the new baseline image quality I was getting used to would be massively affected by dust buildup.

Things were getting smudgy, and it was time for a cleanup.

I had recently upgraded from an older TV and didn’t know how to go about cleaning an OLED screen. I hopped online to look for a safe way to clean an LG TV screen without damaging it. While the discussion threads had mixed opinions on what works best for cleaning OLED screens, I decided to go through the official LG website. 

I spent over an hour reading through the solution articles on their websites and watching official tutorial videos to be absolutely sure before trying to clean the screen myself. 

I finally found the best way to clean my LG TV screen without damaging it and also figured out how to get rid of the dust accumulated at the back of the TV. Here’s how: 

To clean your LG TV screen, wet a microfiber cloth in lukewarm water and wring it out till it’s almost dry. Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to cover every corner. Allow the TV screen to air dry before plugging back in. 

Safest Way To Clean Your LG TV Screen 

With regular usage, dust, fingerprints, and even various smudges can build up on your LG TV screen over time. Slight dust or fingerprints are easy to clean, however, cleaning different smudges on your TV screen might seem a bit complicated. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean your LG TV screen without damaging it:

  • Before you start cleaning the TV screen, unplug it from the wall outlet. This is to ensure that even a minimal risk of electric shock is eliminated during cleaning. 
  • Once the TV is unplugged, take a microfiber cloth and soak it in lukewarm water as it helps remove any stubborn smudge or fingerprints from the screen.
  • Now wring out the cloth till it’s almost dry before you start to clean the TV screen. Ensure that the cloth only has enough moisture to clean the dirt and debris without damaging the screen.  
  • Now start wiping gently on the screen in a circular motion. Avoid applying extra pressure as it may damage the screen. Make sure that you continue the circular motion as it allows cleaning each corner from several angles with a single swipe. 
  • Flip your cloth and use a different corner every so often, so you don’t wind up rubbing the TV screen over and over with the same grimey, dirt-stained portion of the cleaning cloth. 
  • Once you’ve cleaned the entire screen, allow it to air-dry completely for some time. Verify if the screen is completely dry before plugging it back in and turning the power on 

Avoid Damaging The LG TV Screen While Cleaning  

Most Smart TV users are skeptical about cleaning their TV screens due to the risk of damaging them. Cleaning your TV screen is important to enjoy the best viewing experience and avoid any dirt or debris build-up. 

However, to ensure that you don’t damage the LG TV screen while cleaning it, note these simple tips:

  • Make sure that you don’t use chemical-based household products to clean the LG TV. Avoid the use of Windex or any other glass cleaner. Most LED and LCD TV screens have a thin protective film installed. However, the chemicals present in the glass or hard surface cleaners such as Windex can damage the protective film leaving discolored stains on the TV screen after cleaning. 
  • Never use ragged clothing, paper towels, or abrasive sponges to clean the TV screen as it may lead to scratches on the screen. Always prefer using a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean the TV screen. 
  • Avoid using any other chemicals that contain alcohol or ammonia as they can remove the anti-glare coating from your TV screen. This can cause the image to look cloudy or distorted. 
  • Avoid applying excessive pressure while cleaning as TV screens are sensitive to extra pressure and prone to scratches as well.
  • Don’t spray water or any other liquid directly on your TV screen as it increases the risk of electric shock. 

Keep Your LG TV Screen Clean  

Though regular cleaning of your LG TV screen is vital, there are several other ways in which you can keep your TV screen clean and avoid smudge or dirt build-up on it. 

Here’s how:

  • Try to install your TV in a location that’s out of the reach of kids to avoid any chance of them touching the screen 
  • If possible, keep your TV away from doors, windows, or areas that are prone to dust or dirt accumulation 
  • Don’t allow dogs or any other pets to play around your TV screen or touch it 
  • If your TV is installed in a place where there’s a high chance of dirt build-up, prefer using a cover to protect your TV screen when it’s turned off
  • Most LG TVs come with a thin screen protection film to protect screens from any scratches or damage. I’d highly recommend not removing this protection film if your TV is installed in a location where there’s a high chance of dirt build-up
  • Make sure that your TV isn’t installed in a crowded space of your home where people may touch or brush against the screen  

Except for these tips, I’d highly recommend cleaning your LG TV screen using the above discussed method regularly. If there are only a few fingerprints or dirt marks visible that are easy to remove, prefer using a dry microfiber cloth instead of soaking it in warm water. 

Avoid waiting for too long before cleaning your TV screen as it allows other smudges or stubborn stains to build up. The best way to figure out if you’d TV screen is clean or not is by inspecting it when the screen is turned off. Most fingerprints or other stains aren’t visible while you’re watching the TV. 

Bonus Tip: Clean the Back Side of Your LG TV 

While you’re bound to notice if your TV screen gets dirty, dust bunnies and cobwebs that accumulate at the back of the TV tend to go unnoticed for far too long.

If the back side isn’t cleaned for a long time, the dirt build-up can block air ventilation and cause the TV’s internal components to overheat. 

Here’s a simple and effective method to help you safely clean the back of your LG TV:

  • Unplug your LG TV and change its position in a way that the back side is easily accessible and visible to you 
  • If your TV is wall mounted, gently tilt and remove it from the wall-mount stand carefully. You may need someone’s help with this based on the TV size 
  • If you’ve got a vacuum cleaner, turn it on and set it to low. Carefully start cleaning the spider webs, dust, and dirt from the back of the TV
  • Now use a cleaning cloth (microfiber cloth if available) and soak it in some warm water. Wring out the cloth to get it almost dry 
  • Gently start cleaning the back side of your TV to get rid of all the dust particles, dirt, and other smudges build-up
  • If required, clean the TV installation area as well using a vacuum cleaner 
  • Now reposition or wall-mount your TV again but wait for the TV’s back side to air dry for about 10-15 minutes 
  • You can now plug the TV back in and turn it on 

Cleaning the back side of the TV can also help fix any muffled sound coming from the TV speakers due to accumulated dust or dirt over time. 

Clean TV Screen, Best Picture Quality  

Cleaning the LG TV screen is easier than you think and doesn’t involve the use of any cleaning chemical or liquid. Simply wet a microfiber cloth in lukewarm water and wring out till It’s almost dry but the moisture remains. Start wiping your TV screen in a circular motion only when it’s unplugged from the power outlet. 

Ensure that you don’t use any chemical based household products that contain alcohol or ammonia as it can damage your TV screen. Don’t use any ragged clothes or abrasive sponges as they can lead to scratches on the screen when wiped with extra pressure. 

Keep your TV away from the reach of kids and places where dust develops the most. Additionally, don’t allow your pets to play around or come in contact with the TV screen.

Except for the screen, there might be a lot of dirt and dust accumulated on the back side of your TV. Though regular cleaning isn’t possible in that area, it’s necessary to clean the back side of your TV once in a while. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Windex to clean my LG TV screen?

It’s not recommended to use Windex or any other household cleaners on your LG TV screen. These products can contain harsh chemicals that can damage the screen’s surface. Windex is a glass and hard surface cleaner that contains alcohol and ammonia which can damage the protective layer of your TV screen. 

After Windex is settled on your TV screen, it can leave discolored stains or blotches and it can even fully damage your screen. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with lukewarm water as the most effective and safe solution to clean your LG TV screen. 

How often should I clean my LG TV screen?

It’s a good idea to clean your LG TV screen at least once a month to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. However, if you have kids or pets, or if you frequently use your TV, you may want to clean it more often. Make sure that you don’t wait for too long before cleaning the TV screen as it allows the accumulation of smudges and dirt over the TV which might be difficult to remove later. If you notice even slight fingerprints or marks on the TV, simply wipe the TV screen with a dry microfiber cloth. 

How do I remove smudges from my LG TV screen?

To remove smudges from your LG TV screen, use a microfiber cloth and wet it in lukewarm or distilled water. Wring the microfiber cloth until it’s almost dry as this ensures that the extra water doesn’t stay on the screen. Make sure that you don’t use any other chemical or liquid that contains alcohol or ammonia as it can severely damage the protective layer on your TV screen. Be sure to use light pressure and avoid using any abrasive materials that could scratch the screen. 

What should I do if my LG TV screen looks still dirty after cleaning?

If your LG TV screen is still dirty after cleaning, try using a different microfiber cloth and wet the cloth properly in lukewarm water. If the screen has dust or smudge on it even after cleaning once, you may need to clean it multiple times. If there are marks visible on the screen it’s possible that there your TV screen might be damaged and you may need to contact a professional for assistance. 

I’d highly recommend getting in touch with LG Support with a detailed problem description related to your TV screen and related images. If your TV is under warranty, you can opt for a repair service as suggested by the customer support team. 

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