How to Connect Vizio TV To WiFi Without Remote [This Works]

“Not another troubleshooting guide that doesn’t give me a solution that actually works.”

This is exactly how I felt when my Vizio TV remote went bust, and I searched online to see if there were any ways to connect my TV to my WiFi.

If you want to connect your Vizio TV to WiFi without a remote, you should connect a USB keyboard or USB mouse to the TV. Once connected, navigate to Menu > Network > Set up WiFi connection. This is a tried and tested method to get your Vizio TV to connect to WiFi without a remote.

In this article, I go beyond the impractical solutions I found on the internet and cover the four methods that I tested on my Vizio TV to get it to connect to the internet when my remote stopped working.

Before we get into it, please ensure that your Vizio TV is turning ON and WiFi is working correctly.

If it isn’t even turning on to begin with, you can always try turning your TV on without a remote.

Let’s dive into the methods to connect your Vizio TV to Wifi one by one.

Use a USB Keyboard or USB Mouse

Most smart TVs are equipped with USB ports that enable you to connect peripheral devices like a USB keyboard or USB mouse.

Primarily, Vizio smart TVs are programmed to configure a USB keyboard or mouse on their own; you simply have to plug the device into the right port. 

Based on the Vizio TV model, you can locate the USB port on the sides of your TV or the back panel.

However, not all Vizio smart TVs are compatible with peripheral devices.

To verify if your Vizio TV does support these devices, follow the steps below. 

  1. First, connect a USB keyboard or USB mouse to the Vizio TV.
  2. Check if the keyboard or mouse is working on your TV.
  3. Navigate to the Wi-fi settings
  4. Set up a connection for your desired Wi-fi network. 

Use a Universal Remote Control

Universal remotes allow you to control and manage multiple electronic devices at once. Today, it makes more sense to use a universal remote, given the number of remote-equipped devices we have in our homes. 

If you have a universal remote at your home, you should look for a code list that comes with it. Depending on the universal remote’s brand, you can also find the code for your Vizio TV online.

Here’s how you configure a universal remote to fix the problem. 

  1. First, turn on your TV using its Power button. Here’s how to find a Vizio TV’s power button.
  2. Press the TV button on the remote and hold it until the power light is lit.
  3. Enter the code for your Vizio TV from the list.
  4. Navigate to Menu on your Vizio TV and then to Network. 
  5. Select your home Wi-fi network and enter the Wi-fi password.
  6. Click on ‘Connect.’

Use an IR-enabled Remote App 

One of the most convenient ways to troubleshoot this problem is to download an IR (Infrared) remote app on your phone or tablet.

Since these remote apps work on IR technology, you must ensure your phone has a built-in IR sensor.

Look into your phone’s specs to check if it has a built-in IR blaster (sensor).

Most Android phones come with an IR Blaster. Unfortunately, iPhones don’t have this capability. 

Follow the steps below to establish a Wifi connection using an IR remote app.

  1. Open Play Store on your phone.
  2. Download and install the TV Remote Control for Vizio TV app.
  3. Open the app; select the infrared (IR) interface.
  4. Point your phone towards the TV.
  5. Press the power button in the app to turn on your TV 
  6. Navigate to Menu on your Vizio TV and then to Network. 
  7. Select your home Wi-fi network and enter the Wi-fi password.
  8. Click on ‘Connect.’

Connect an Ethernet Cable to Vizio TV and Router

Vizio smart TVs are equipped with ethernet ports to facilitate wired internet connection. 

If you don’t have an ethernet cable, check your router accessories. A router usually comes with an ethernet cable.

Most Vizio smart TVs come with ethernet ports. You can find this port on your Vizio TV’s sides or back panel. Likewise, you will find a similar port on your router. 

The below steps will help you connect your TV to the internet via an ethernet cable.

  1. Connect the ethernet cable at both ends, i.e., TV and Router
  2. Turn on your Vizio TV with the power button at the back or bottom of the TV
  3. Check if your Vizio TV has recognized the wired connection.
  4. Now, the TV should have a working internet connection via the router.

Once you have successfully connected your TV to the router using an ethernet cable, you can proceed with the methods below. 

Note: Smart TV remote apps only work when your phone and TV are connected to the same wireless network or router. These apps are similar to IR remote apps, except that they work on wireless networking (WLAN) technology. For this reason, we have recommended you use an ethernet cable.

Use VIZIO Mobile App (formerly Vizio SmartCast Mobile)

First, you need to grab your phone or tablet. Download and install VIZIO Mobile App on your phone. 

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices (Android 8.0 or higher and iOS 13.0 or higher versions). 

Here’s how you pair your VIZIO Mobile App with your Vizio TV.

  1. Open the VIZIO Mobile app on your phone.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Create a new ‘Vizio account’ or select ‘Continue as a Guest.’
  4. Click on the ‘Get started’ prompt.
  5. Select your Vizio TV from the listed devices.
  6. Enter the four-digit code displayed on the top of your Vizio TV.
  7. Using the app, navigate to Menu and then to Network. 
  8. Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-fi password.
  9. Click on ‘Connect.’


Having a Vizio smart TV that doesn’t connect to Wifi is as good as having a dumb old TV.

In this article, we have worked around this problem with practical troubleshooting methods. 

If you have tried all these steps, however, your TV still has not connected to Wifi.

You should request a replacement remote if your Vizio TV is under warranty.

If the product warranty has expired, you may want to order a new Vizio remote

If none of these solutions worked for you, email me and I will be happy to take a look.

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