How to Control Insignia TV Without Remote: Install This App

How to Control Insignia TV Without Remote: Install This App

I recently bought a 55″ Insignia Smart Fire TV online. However, while checking the delivery package, I realized that the TV didn’t come with a remote control. 

I ordered a new remote but the delivery was scheduled after a week. I wondered if there was a way to set up my TV without a remote. 

While I did try to use the physical buttons to navigate through the available options, they only allowed me to turn the TV on/off. 

I did a quick Google search to figure out if there was a way to control an Insignia TV without a remote. 

Several community forums and solution articles suggested getting a universal remote and pairing it with the TV. 

I found the best way to control my Insignia TV without a remote and also learned the location of physical buttons on different Insignia TV models. 

To control your Insignia Fire TV without a remote, install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone. Connect your TV to the same WiFi network as the smartphone. Set up your TV on the app and start using your mobile device as a Fire TV remote. 

Install Fire TV App To Use Your Smartphone As Insignia Fire TV Remote  

The easiest way to control an Insignia Smart Fire TV is by using your smartphone as a Fire TV remote through the Amazon Fire TV app. 

To do this: 

  • Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on your Android or Apple device
  • Make sure that your smartphone and Insignia Fire TV are connected to the same WiFi network  
  • Launch the Fire TV app on your smartphone
  • Your Insignia Fire TV name should automatically appear on the device list
    • If the TV name doesn’t appear automatically, tap on New device and sign in to your Amazon account and wait for the app to search for your TV 
  • A 4-digit code will appear on your Insignia Fire TV screen 
  • Enter the code on the app to pair your TV
  • Use the on-screen navigation and other remote options to start controlling your Insignia Fire TV

Control Your Insignia Roku TV Through The Roku Mobile App 

If you’ve got an Insignia Roku TV model, you can control it without the remote using the Roku mobile app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Follow these instructions: 

  • Firstly, download and install the Roku app on your mobile device 
  • Make sure that your Insignia Roku TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network 
  • Launch the Roku app and go to the Devices tab
  • Wait for your Insignia Roku TV to appear on the screen and tap on it
  • A Connected tag will appear above your TV name 
  • Tap on the Remote option 
  • Start using the various functions of the Roku remote through the app to control your Insignia Roku TV

Use the Insignia TV Remote App For Other Insignia TV Models  

If you’ve got a standard or older Insignia TV model that is not based on either Fire TV or Roku platform, you need to control it via the Insignia TV Remote app. 

Similar to the Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps, this app is also available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Here’s how to pair your Insignia TV with the app and use it as a remote control: 

  • Download and install the Insignia TV Remote app on your smartphone
  • Connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network as your Insignia TV 
  • Launch the app and click on Select Insignia TV model 
  • Select your Insignia TV model from the available list 
  • The TV remote for your Insignia TV will appear on the screen 
  • Test if the remote is working properly by tapping on the Volume or Power button 

Control Your Insignia TV Through Physical Buttons  

Most Insignia TV models may have physical buttons that allow you to control several functions on your TV without using a remote control. 

The buttons usually allow you to change the volume, turn the TV on or off, switch input, etc. 

These buttons can be difficult to locate and aren’t suitable for long-term use. However, you can use them as an emergency option if you’ve lost the remote or it isn’t working. 

The locations of physical buttons on Insignia TV vary depending on the TV model. Some possible locations include: 

  • At the bottom of the TV panel either on the left or right side 
  • At the back of the TV on either side of the panel

Note that some Insignia TV models may have physical buttons protected by a cover. 

You may need to inspect your TV carefully from all sides to find the cover and remove it. 

Make sure that you carefully remove this cover to access the buttons as the plastic handles can easily get damaged. 

If you’re unable to check the button title as the TV is wall mounted, you may click a photo of the buttons through your smartphone camera and use them accordingly. 

Connect a USB Keyboard To Control Your Insignia TV 

You can also connect a USB or wireless keyboard to your Insignia TV. 

While this method may not enable all functions of your TV, it can still be used to navigate around apps and open them. 

Use the Arrow Keys to navigate through the apps and press Enter to open it. 

Get A Universal Remote For Your Insignia TV 

A universal remote allows you to control multiple devices including TVs, game consoles, soundbars, cable boxes, etc. 

To get complete control of your Insignia TV and all the media devices connected to it through a single remote, you can buy a universal remote

You need to program it with your Insignia TV to start controlling it. Refer to the user manual of the remote to learn more about how to program it with multiple devices. 

Depending on the brand, the universal remote may also require a universal remote code compatible with your Insignia TV. 

Control All Functions On Your Insignia TV Without Remote 

If you’re unable to connect your Insignia TV to a WiFi network without a remote, use an ethernet cable from your router to connect it to the internet. 

A wired network connection can be helpful in case you’re trying to set up a new Insignia TV without a remote. 

Besides allowing you to control your Insignia Fire TV, the Amazon Fire TV app also enables keyboard inputs from your smartphone to easily search for shows, apps, or movies on your TV. 

Moreover, the Fire TV app allows voice-enabled searching to search for movies or TV shows, check the weather, launch apps, etc. via voice commands. 

The Roku mobile app has a private listening feature that can be used to connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your Insignia Roku TV. 

You can also control the playback of videos while streaming and use voice commands through the Roku app on the Insignia Roku TV. 

If your Insignia TV model isn’t available on the Insignia TV Remote app, you can use the Universal TV Remote Control app as an alternative. 

Download and install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and pair it with your TV.      

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to program a replacement Fire TV remote to an Insignia Fire TV?  

You can use the Fire TV app to pair a new replacement remote with your Insignia Fire TV. Launch the Fire TV app on your phone and use the remote to navigate to the Settings icon on your TV. Go to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices and select Amazon Fire TV Remotes. Open Add New Remote and select your new remote to pair it once it appears on the TV screen. 

Do all Insignia TVs have physical buttons?  

Some recent Insignia TVs may not have physical buttons that allow you to control the TV. Insignia Roku TV models have physical buttons located on the bottom edge of the screen. The Fire TV models usually have a power button located below the edge of the TV on the left or right side. Other Insignia TVs may have the physical buttons covered and located at the back or side edges of the TV. 

What are some universal remote control options for Insignia TV?  

Some of the best universal remote control options for standard Insignia TVs include Logitech Harmony Elite, SofaBaton U1, and GE Universal Remote. For the best voice command support with Alexa on your Insignia Fire TV, go for Amazon Fire TV Cube. You can get a Roku Voice Remote pro with voice commands and shortcut buttons for Roku TVs and players. 

How to fix my Insignia TV remote if it’s not working?  

If your Insignia TV remote is not working, perform a soft reset on it. Remove the batteries from the back of the remote. Press and hold the power button on the remote for at least 30 seconds. Insert the batteries back in firmly and check if the remote starts working. You can also try replacing the batteries and inspect the remote for any physical damage. 

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