How to Find the Serial Number of a SHARP TV

How to Find the Serial Number of a SHARP TV

I had recently purchased a Sharp TV which started to develop problems after a couple of weeks. At first, I noticed distortions in the picture and then the sound started to lag. 

I immediately called the store from where I bought the TV. I was hoping they would send a technician to have the TV checked. However, since the TV was new, they suggested I should file a warranty claim with Sharp. 

Taking their advice, I started to fill out the details on Sharp’s support page. Along with other details, it also asked for my TV’s serial number to complete the warranty claim. 

While I didn’t have the serial number readily available, I remembered seeing an ‘About TV’ section in the TV menu. I had a hunch that I might be able to find my Sharp TV’s serial number there. 

And I was correct. My Sharp TV’s serial number was just some clicks away.

To find the serial number of your Sharp TV, open the Settings on your smart TV, navigate to Device Preferences, click on About, and select Status. Your Sharp TV’s serial number will be displayed on the screen. If your TV is not turning on, you can also find the serial number on a label on the back of your Sharp TV.

Find Sharp TV Serial Number in TV’s Menu

A serial number is a combination of letters and numbers that provide valuable information about your Sharp TV such as your TV’s manufacturing location, year of manufacture, and the model of your TV. 

To find the serial number of your Sharp TV:

  1. Turn on your Sharp TV.
  2. Go to the Home screen.
  3. Open the Settings menu.
  4. Navigate to the Device Preferences.
  5. Click on About.
  6. Select Status.

Your TV’s serial number will now be displayed on the screen. 

Here, you can also find other key information about your Sharp TV like the IP address, MAC address, and Bluetooth address. 

In case your Sharp TV is not turning on or you are not able to find the serial number in your TV’s menu, you can also find it on the label attached to the back of your TV. 

This label is usually located in the lower half of the back of your TV. It can be either on the right or the left side depending on the model of your TV. 

Is a Model Number Different from a Serial Number?

A model number is a unique number assigned to a specific type or a series of TVs. It represents the specific design, features, and specifications of the TV. 

All the Sharp TVs of one series will have the same model number.

A serial number, on the other hand, is a unique number given to a particular TV set. Apart from giving information about the TV, a serial number can also be used to track the warranty of the TV. In many cases, a serial number also helps in identifying a lost or stolen TV set.

From your point of view, it is more important to know your Sharp TV’s model number than its serial number. 

Knowing your Sharp TV’s model number allows you to access information such as:

  • Product information: You can use the model number to look up detailed specifications and features of your TV, including its screen size, resolution, audio capabilities, and connectivity options.
  • Troubleshooting: Whenever there are any issues with your TV, knowing the model number allows you to find troubleshooting guides, videos, and user manuals specific to your TV.
  • Replacement parts: If you need to replace any part or accessories of your TV such as the power cord, remote control, or wall mounts, the model number helps ensure you get the correct part for your TV.
  • Software updates: Knowing your TV’s model number is necessary to download and install the correct software update for your TV. 

Just like the serial number, you can also find the model number of your Sharp TV on the label on the back of your TV. 

You can also find the model number on your TV’s box, in the user manual, or in the quick start guides that came with the TV. 

How to Read the Model Number of Sharp TV

The model number of Sharp TV contains information about the TV’s screen size, features, and manufacturing information. 

Sharp uses different types of model numbers for their TVs depending on the country of production and the TV series. 

Some of the common model number formats of Sharp TV are shown in the table below.

Model Number FormatSharp TV TypeElement Details
LC-xxLEyyzzUSharp Aquos LED-LCD TVLC – LCD TVxx – Screen size in inchesLE – LED backlightyy – TV serieszz – Specific modelU – Built-in digital tuner
LC-xxNyyySharp HD LED TVLC – LCD TVxx – Screen size in inchesN – TV seriesyyy – Specific model
LC-xxUEyyyyySharp 4K Ultra HD TVLC – LCD TVxx – Screen size in inchesUE – TV seriesyyyyy – Specific model
LC-xxLEyyzzSharp Aquos Quattron LED-LCD TVLC – LCD TVxx – Screen size in inchesLE – LED backlightyy – TV serieszz – Specific model

Once you identify which model of Sharp TV you have, you can easily search for more information about your TV, download updates, and get accessories made specifically for your TV model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I troubleshoot issues with my Sharp TV?

If you are facing issues with your Sharp TV, you can try resetting the TV, checking the cable connections, or updating the firmware. If none of that works, you can contact Sharp Support for further assistance.

What is the warranty period for my Sharp TV?

The warranty period for a Sharp TV may vary depending on the model and region. Typically, Sharp offers a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor for its TVs. You can check the warranty details on the Sharp website by entering your TV’s model number.

How do I program the remote control for my Sharp TV?

You can program the remote control for your Sharp TV by following the instructions provided in the user manual or on the Sharp website. You may need to enter a code or follow a sequence of steps to program the remote control.

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