How to Find Vizio TV Power Button: I Did It In Seconds

I’ve owned a Vizio Smart TV for over 6 months and have been in awe of its impressive picture quality and amazing features.

Last week, I turned my TV on to stream a feel-good movie but the home screen wasn’t loading. 

Being a techie, I’ve fixed several issues like a black screen and app crashes on my Vizio TV by simply power cycling it.

This time too, I unplugged the TV and plugged it back in but it didn’t help fix the issue. 

I thought of power cycling the TV again by pressing and holding the power button.

I ran my fingers around both sides of the back of my TV but couldn’t locate the power button.

Confused, I switched to the TV manual and read solution articles online to find the exact location of the power button on my Vizio TV.

Spending over an hour on research, I came across discussion threads of people struggling to find the power button on their Vizio TVs. 

I finally got the power button on my Vizio TV and an alternative way to operate it if the power button isn’t working. Here’s how to find it: 

The power button is located on the lower right corner, back side of the TV, just below the HDMI ports on newer Vizio TV models. On older Vizio TVs, the power button is on the front, left, or right side of the bezel. 

Vizio TVs: List of Series 

Vizio Smart TVs have developed a lot over the years in terms of design, software, and features.

The power button position varies based on the model you own and its year of manufacturing. 

With technological advancements and evolving user demands, all Smart TVs undergo major design updates including the power button location. 

To cover all existing TV models, here’s a list of major series of Smart TVs from Vizio:

  • D-Series
  • V-Series
  • M-Series
  • P-Series
  • 4K OLED Series

Multiple Vizio TV models from the same series may have the exact power button location.

However, their design and internal specifications may vary. 

Power Button Location for Newer Vizio TVs (Made After 2015)

The era of slim and light Smart TVs has highly influenced the positioning of power buttons to maintain the TV design and avoid bulkiness.

This is one of the major reasons why people find it difficult to locate the power button on the newer Vizio TV models. 

Every Vizio TV model manufactured after 2015 has the same power button location. 

If you own a newer Vizio TV, here’s how to find the power button on it:

  • The power button on newer Vizio TVs is located on the lower right corner at the back side of the TV. 
  • In case your TV is mounted against the wall, run your fingers around the lower right corner of the back of the TV to find it
  • If your TV isn’t wall mounted, carefully turn it from the right side so the back of the TV is visible. Examine the area and you should be able to spot a power button and other buttons in the lower right corner
  • Note that these buttons are situated exactly below the HDMI ports 

Vizio TVs usually have three physical buttons.

Each one of these serves a specific purpose. If these buttons are visible, you may notice markings on each one of them.

In case your TV is mounted against the wall and you’re not able to have a look at them, each button performs the following function: 

  • The topmost button is the Vizio Power Button used to turn the TV On/Off
  • The middle button is the Volume Button used to control the volume of your TV
  • The bottom button is the Input Source Button that allows you to change the TV input 

The placement and design of these buttons don’t favor regular use, though they can be used as an emergency option.

I’d recommend not being totally dependent on them to control your TV.

In case you’ve lost your remote or if it’s not working, consider buying a new one. 

Power Button Location for Older Vizio TVs (Made Before 2015)

The older Vizio TVs used to be heavier and their designs weren’t intended to hide the power button for making them slimmer.

Thus, it’s easier to locate the power button on Vizio TVs manufactured before 2015. 

The power button on older Vizio TV models is usually located on the bottom left corner of the frame that runs around the screen called a bezel. 

On some older models, the power button can be found on the backside of the bezel on either side.

If possible, tilt your TV on the right or left side and examine the bezel to find a set of buttons.

You’ll notice that there are multiple buttons arranged vertically. The power button is usually on the top. 

If the buttons aren’t directly visible, another easy way to locate them on older Vizio TVs is to run your fingers around the bezel. 

Bonus Tip: Alternative Ways to Use Vizio TV If The Power Button is Not Found or Not Working 

It’s possible that you’ve still not found the power button on your Vizio TV or it’s not working. 

In that case, here are two effective ways to turn on and operate the TV:

  • Using Vizio Mobile App
  • Using Vizio Universal Remote

Using Vizio Mobile App

The Vizio Mobile app allows you to easily control the TV through your smartphone.

The app lets you turn the TV on/off, control the volume, change channels, and a lot more. 

To start using the Vizio Mobile app, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for your Android or iOS device. 

Once the app is installed, follow this simple process to pair it with your Vizio TV:

  • Log into your Vizio account or create one. You can also choose to continue as a guest user
  • Ensure that the Vizio TV and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Search for your TV from the available device list on the app 
  • Tap on the + button beside your TV name on the app 
  • A 4-digit PIN will appear on the top of your TV screen
  • Enter the code to complete the pairing process
  • Now, you can easily control your TV without using the physical buttons

Using Universal Remote for Vizio TV

Universal remotes work with multiple devices including TV, cable box, audio device, streaming device, and more. 

I’d recommend going for Universal Vizio TV Remote compatible with almost all Vizio Smart TVs

If you own a Vizio 4K Smart TV, go for XRT136 Vizio TV Remote.

To verify compatibility with your TV model, check out the product description on Amazon. 

XRT020 Vizio TV Remote works best with older TV models.

In case you’ve got one manufactured before 2015, you can opt for this remote without worrying about compatibility issues. 

Power On Your Vizio TV

Modern Smart TVs are designed to be slimmer, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing for users.

Almost all TVs these days don’t have any bezel running around the screen. 

Removing the bezel from the TV offers an immersive viewing experience and provides scope for a thinner design.

This has led TV manufacturers to adjust the physical buttons on the back side of the TV.

Vizio TVs have undergone the same fate of development in design and almost all newer models now have the power button installed at the backside. 

The exact location of the power button on newer Vizio TV models is in the lower right-hand corner just below the HDMI ports.

These physical buttons blend in so well with the TV color and hence most people tend to miss them completely. 

It’s much easier to locate the power button on Vizio TVs manufactured before 2015.

Usually, it’s on the front left corner at the bottom of the bezel. For other models, it’s located on either side of the bezel. 

The physical buttons on Vizio TVs aren’t much reliable for long-term or regular use.

If you’ve lost your TV remote or it’s not working, consider replacing it with a universal remote allowing you to control all your devices with a single remote control. 

You can also use the Vizio Mobile App to operate your Vizio Smart TV by pairing it with your smartphone.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the power button on my Vizio TV?

The power button on newer Vizio TVs (manufactured after 2015) is typically located on the back side of the TV in the bottom right corner.

While in older Vizio TVs, manufactured before 2015, the power button is located on the front or either side of the bezel.

It may also be labeled as the “Power” or “On/Off” button. You can also refer to the user manual for the specific location of the power button.

How do I turn on my Vizio TV without the TV remote?

You can turn on your Vizio TV without a remote by using the power button on the back of the TV or on the side, depending on the model.

Additionally, some older Vizio TV models have a power button on the bottom or side of the TV frame, which can be pressed to turn on the TV.

You can also use the universal remote control compatible with Vizio TV instead of the primary remote to turn it on. 

The best way to operate your Vizio TV without the remote is by using the Vizio Mobile App available for Android and iOS devices.

Ensure that both your smartphone and Vizio TV are connected to the same WiFi network and pair your phone with the TV by entering the 4-digit code at the top of your TV screen. 

My Vizio TV won’t turn on, what should I do?

If your Vizio TV won’t turn on, you should first check to make sure that the TV is properly plugged in and that the outlet it is connected to is working.

Try power cycling your Vizio TV by unplugging it from the power outlet and holding the power button for at least 30 seconds.

If the TV is still not turning on, you may need to check the power cord and make sure it’s securely plugged in, or try a different power outlet.

If the issue persists, you may need to contact Vizio customer support for further assistance.

How do I program my universal remote to work with my Vizio TV?

Programming your universal remote to work with your Vizio TV can vary depending on the brand and model of the universal remote.

The best way to program your universal remote is to refer to the user manual of the remote and the TV.

The manual should contain step-by-step instructions on how to program the remote to work with your specific TV.

For some universal remotes, you may need to enter a universal remote code compatible with Vizio TV to complete the pairing process. 

How do I reset my Vizio TV to factory settings?

Performing a factory reset on your Vizio TV would delete all installed applications, app data, and also remove saved accounts.

You may need to reinstall each application and log into your account again. 

Follow these instructions to factory reset your Vizio TV: 

  • Press the Menu Button on your Vizio TV Remote
  • Select the System option from the TV menu 
  • Navigate and select Reset & Admin option
  • Finally, find and click on Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • If asked for a PIN, enter 0000 as the default value
  • Now click OK to start the factory reset
  • Wait for the TV to reboot and complete the factory reset process

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