How to Find Your Stolen Samsung Smart TV

How to Find Your Stolen Samsung Smart TV

After returning home from a week-long vacation, I realized that someone broke into my house in my absence. 

Noticing that my Samsung Smart TV was missing, I immediately filed a complaint with the police. They planned on checking the local pawn shops to find the TV. 

Still skeptical about the chances of getting my TV back, I searched online for any way to track my Smart TV location. 

It was disappointing to learn through some relevant discussion threads that there was no tracking feature available on Samsung Smart TVs. 

However, I didn’t want to give up and spent another few hours online to confirm if there was any possible way to locate a stolen Samsung Smart TV. 

I learned about some effective ways to find a stolen Samsung Smart TV and also found a way to track the TV even when it’s not connected to the internet. 

Here’s how: 

To find your stolen Samsung TV, track its online activity on apps and websites such as Google, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Go to the account information or security page on your phone or laptop to get the approximate location of your TV. 

Track Your TV’s Location Through The IP Address 

If your Samsung Smart TV has been stolen, you need to file a complaint with the police or any other law authority. 

Submit the serial number, original invoice, and other required documents to the police. This will help you obtain the IP address of your TV. 

Each TV’s IP address is usually hidden or protected due to security reasons. However, with legal assistance, you can track down the IP address of your stolen TV. 

Once you’ve received the IP address, you can use it with the TV’s serial number to track down its location. There are different ways to do this. 

The simplest and most effective way is to track your TV’s online activity on apps or websites including Google, Netflix, and Amazon. 

For this method to work, your TV must be connected to the internet. You can get an approximate location if someone tries to access your accounts on the TV. 

Track Your Samsung TV Via Google Account 

If your Google account is logged in on your Samsung TV, you can use the tracking feature to get its approximate location. 

The Google account tracking feature allows you to track, log out, or get the list of logged in devices. You can get the city or region of your Smart TV if it’s being accessed online.  

Follow these steps:

  • Open any browser on your smartphone or laptop 
  • Log into your Google account 
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Find your Smart TV in the Your Devices list and select it
  • Check for the location information of your Smart TV 
  • You can also click on Find a lost device for additional information about securing your account  

Once you’ve got the approximate location of the TV, you can inform the police and seek their assistance on tracking it further. 

View Netflix Account Information to Track the TV 

The Netflix account information consists of the date & time when the account was last accessed, device location, etc. You’ve likely got the Netflix account logged into your TV. 

The thief may try to access your Netflix account and browse its content. To track the activity on your Netflix account, log into your account via laptop/PC. 

Here’s how:

  • Open any browser on your laptop or PC and visit the official Netflix website 
  • Log into the Netflix account that was used on your stolen Samsung TV
  • Select any profile and go to the Profile menu on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select Account from the available options and go to Menu 
  • Finally, click on Recent device streaming activity or Viewing activity

A list of all logged-in devices should appear on the screen with their approximate locations and IP addresses. 

Risks Related to Media Accounts on Your Stolen TV 

Media accounts such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video may consist of your personal information including credit card details. This creates a risk of credit card fraud. 

However, if the thief makes any purchases through your credit card, the transaction be used to track your TV’s location. 

You may file a formal complaint related to credit card fraud and block it. It is also possible that the bank may refund your lost amount in certain cases. 

Track Your TV Without Internet Access Via GPS Tracker 

Tracking your TV through streaming apps or a Google account is possible only if your TV is connected to the internet. 

It’s less likely that the thief will always connect your TV to the internet and try to access your accounts after stealing it.

The best way to track your TV even if it’s not connected to the internet is by installing a GPS tracking device. This device must be installed in a hidden area of the TV frame. 

The installation area must be selected while ensuring that the thief won’t notice and remove it from the frame to avoid being tracked. 

Get Your Stolen Samsung Smart TV Location 

The best possible way to get the approximate location of your stolen Samsung Smart TV is by tracking its online activity on streaming apps or accounts. 

In a similar incident, the thief purchased a TV show from the Amazon account of the Smart TV owner after stealing it. 

Based on the purchase information, the police were able to track the IP address of the fraudulent transaction and recover the stolen TV.  

Recently, Samsung also revealed that their TVs have a “TV Block Function” that can remotely disable Smart TVs in case of theft. 

The feature was used to block all the TVs that were stolen from a Samsung warehouse in South Africa based on their serial codes. 

It may seem like this function can help individual Smart TV customers to block their stolen TVs. However, Samsung suggested that it can only be used in case of large-scale thefts. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What should I do if I find my stolen Samsung Smart TV online?

If you find your stolen Samsung Smart TV being sold online, you should contact the police and provide them with the details of the seller. You can also report the seller to the online marketplace where the TV is being sold. Make sure that you file an official complaint immediately after the TV is stolen and request the law authority to track the TV using its IP Address if possible. 

Will Samsung replace a stolen TV?

No, Samsung does not replace stolen TVs. However, if you’ve got homeowners’ insurance, the insurance company may cover TV theft. You can get in touch with the insurance company and go through their policies related to TV theft. Usually, insurance companies provide the best value for a TV which is calculated based on how old the TV is and if it was under warranty or not. 

What are the required documents while filing a report with the police for a stolen Smart TV? 

You need to have the following documents ready in case of filing a report for a stolen TV: serial number, model name, cost of purchase, bill/invoice of the TV as proof of purchase, etc. These documents need to be submitted with the report before the police can take any further action.  

Can I remotely delete the data from my stolen Samsung Smart TV?

You cannot remotely delete any data from your stolen Samsung TV. However, all Samsung TVs have a feature called “TV Block Function” that is capable of remotely blocking the TV if its serial number is registered with the company. This feature can only be used by Samsung in case of large-scale theft. As an example, it was used to block all the TVs that were stolen from the warehouse in South Africa. 

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