How To Log Out Of Hulu TV

How To Log Out Of Hulu TV

Last month, I stayed with a colleague when my apartment was under renovation.

On the first weekend there, I logged into my Hulu account on their TV to watch House of the Dragon.

However, I forgot to log out before moving back to my place.

This worried me a little as I had payment information stored on my Hulu account.

So, I started looking for ways to remotely log out of Hulu from my colleague’s TV.

Surprisingly, it was much easier than I had thought.

Here’s how to log out of Hulu from any device, even if you are hundreds of miles away: 

To log out of Hulu on TV, click on Account in the Hulu app and select Log Out. To log out of your Hulu account remotely, sign into your Hulu account via a web browser, open the Account section, click on Manage Devices, and remove the device you want to log out of. 

Log Out of the Hulu App on a TV

If you are watching Hulu on a shared TV, it’s a good practice to log out of your user account after you are done to safeguard your information and watch history.

However, you may also need to log out due to personal reasons.

To log out of Hulu on a TV: 

  1. Launch the Hulu app on the TV.
  2. Click on the Profile icon.
  3. Select Log Out.
  4. Choose Log out of Hulu to confirm. 

Doing so will only log you out of your Hulu account on the current TV.

Once you have logged out, you will need to log back in with your email and password the next time you want to watch Hulu on that TV. 

How to Log Out of Hulu if the App isn’t Responding

Sometimes, you may be unable to log out of the Hulu app on a TV due to software glitches or technical reasons.

In such a case, you can use the workaround of clearing app data to log out of your user account.

Follow these steps to clear the Hulu app data on a TV: 

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings using the arrow keys.
  3. Scroll down to Apps.
  4. Select Hulu from the list of apps.
  5. Click on Clear Data.
  6. Choose OK to confirm the action. 

Note: These steps may vary depending on the TV brand and model. Please check your TV’s user manual. 

Log Out of Hulu Remotely

If you do not have access to the TV on which your Hulu account is logged in, you can even log out remotely.

For this, you need to launch your Hulu account via a web browser and follow these steps: 

  1. Visit Hulu.
  2. Click on Log In in the top-right corner.
  3. Type in your Login credentials to proceed.
  4. Open the Account section.
  5. Go to Watch Hulu on Your Devices.
  6. Select Manage Devices. All the devices that you currently use Hulu on will be listed here.
  7. Click Remove next to the TV you want to log out of. 

Log Out of Hulu From All Devices

Hulu also lets you log out of all devices running your user account with a single click.

This is useful if you see multiple TVs logged into your Hulu account and don’t know which one you need to log out of.

To log out of Hulu from all devices: 

  1. Open Hulu.
  2. Tap on Log In in the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter your Email address and password to log in.
  4. Click on the Account section.
  5. Open Privacy and Settings.
  6. Choose Protect Your Account
  7. Select Log Out of All Devices

This will log you out of Hulu from all the devices you are currently signed in on, including the one on which you carried out the above steps.

Once done, you can log back in only on the devices you want. 

Why Do I Need to Log Out of Hulu?

Apart from personal reasons, logging out of Hulu on your TV or other devices can help protect your account and ensure the viewing history stays unaltered.

This is particularly helpful if you log into your Hulu user account on someone’s TV and forget to log out.

Here are a few reasons why you may need to log out of Hulu: 

Security: In case you share your TV or streaming device with others, logging out of Hulu can help protect your account from unauthorized access. This becomes more important if you have saved your payment information on the account.

Privacy: If you are concerned about your viewing history or personal information being accessed by others, logging out of Hulu can help protect your privacy.

Multiple Users: In case multiple people use your Hulu account, logging out can help ensure that each person’s viewing history and recommendations are separate and accurate.

Troubleshooting: Logging out of Hulu can also help resolve streaming issues with the app or device, such as buffering and playback problems. 

Log Into Hulu on TV

After logging out of Hulu on your TV or all devices, you will need to log back in the next time you wish to catch your favorite Hulu content.

While logging into Hulu, you can log back in directly on the TV or use an activation code to log in from a new device.

To log into the Hulu app directly on your TV: 

  1. Open Hulu on the TV.
  2. Click on Log In from the home screen.
  3. Select Log in on this device.
  4. Enter your Login credentials using the virtual keyboard and proceed. 

To log into Hulu on a new TV using an activation code: 

  1. Launch the Hulu app on your TV.
  2. Tap on Log In from the home screen.
  3. Select Activate on a computer. You will see an activation code on the screen.
  4. Open Hulu activation on a browser via smartphone or computer. You may need to log into your account here.
  5. Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen. You will be logged into your Hulu account instantly. 

Once logged in, select your profile and start streaming your favorite content.

However, if you face difficulties with your account login, contact Hulu Support

Left Your Hulu Account Logged in Somewhere? I’ve Got You Covered

A week after returning to my apartment, a show I don’t remember streaming popped up on my Hulu watchlist.

That’s when it hit me that I had left my Hulu account logged in on the colleague’s TV.

While their streaming didn’t bother me, I was worried about any unauthorized purchases within the app.

So, I made it a mission to find a way to log out from my Hulu account remotely.

Once I was able to log out, I changed the password to my account just as an added security measure.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious, right? 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can be logged into Hulu?

You can download and activate the Hulu app on any number of devices. However, you can only watch Hulu on two devices simultaneously. If you want to stream Hulu on more than two screens at a time, you need to get the Hulu unlimited screens add-on. 

What happens when I remove a device from my Hulu account?

After you remove a device from your Hulu account, the device will not be able to stream Hulu content using your account. If the device is active at that particular time, Hulu will end the stream and display the login prompt. 

Why can’t I access Hulu on my Smart TV?

The Hulu app can only be accessed on certain supported devices. If you are not able to access it on your Smart TV, check if they are compatible with each other. If yes, update the Hulu app to the latest version and clear its cache. 

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