How to Look Up LG TV Serial Number: It’s In This Menu

How to Look Up LG TV Serial Number: It’s In This Menu

While trying to register for a repair service to solve a black screen issue on my LG OLED TV, the LG support team asked for its serial number. 

Clueless about the location of the serial number and how to identify it, I visited the official LG website for relevant solution articles. 

Additionally, I referred to some community forums to understand the TV information available in the serial numbers. 

Not only did I find my LG TV serial number but also learned the way to extract model information from it. 

The LG TV serial number tag is located on the box packaging and at the back of your TV. You can also find the serial number by accessing the TV information available in the on-screen system menu. 

Check the Box Packaging For the Serial Number 

The box packaging of all LG TVs has a label tag containing the serial number, model number, and barcode. 

Check the box packaging and look for a combination of letters and numbers to identify the serial number of your TV. 

Locate the Label at the Back of Your TV 

It’s most likely that the box packaging might not be available if you’ve been using the TV for a long time. 

In that case, you can check the back of your TV and find the model/ serial number label. 

The physical location of the model/serial number label at the rear of the TV may vary based on the TV model. 

For older LG TVs, the label is usually located at the right side while it’s on the left side at the back of the TV for newer LG TV models. 

View TV Information In The System Menu 

In case the box packaging isn’t available and your LG TV is wall mounted, it’s difficult to check the rear side of the TV for the model/serial number label. 

The best way to get the serial number of your TV is by accessing the on-screen system menu to view the TV information. 

The on-screen system menu location leading to the TV information differs based on the TV launch year and Web OS version. 

LG TVs With Web OS Version 6.0 (2021 and Later Models) 

  • Press the Settings button on your TV remote 
  • Navigate to All Settings 
  • Go to General > Devices 
  • Select TV to view the complete TV Information page 

LG TVs With Web OS Version 5.0 (2020 Models) 

  • Press the Settings button on the TV remote 
  • Navigate down to All Settings 
  • Go to Support 
  • Finally, select TV Information

Vintage LG Models (Before 2020) 

  • Open TV Settings 
  • Select General Menu and go to About TV
  • Now open TV Information > Serial Number 
  • The serial number will be displayed on your TV screen 

How to Identify LG TV Serial Number? 

Most LG TV serial numbers usually start with three numbers followed by a series of letters and numbers. 

These numbers indicate vital information related to the TV including manufacturing year, factory ID, and other technical information. 

LG TV Serial Numbers 

A significant example of an LG TV serial number is: 804RMMD8U378 

The meaning of these letters and numbers are as follows: 

  • 8 represents the manufacturing year i.e. 2018 
  • 04 represents the month of manufacturing i.e. April 
  • RM represents the factory ID which is Mexico in this case 
  • MD8U378 consists of important technical information that helps the manufacturer determine the time of assembly, assembly line, etc. 

To help you find some information related to your TV based on the serial number, here’s a general list of manufacturing years and factory IDs for all LG TVs. 

Manufacturing year:

  • 1 – 2021
  • 0 – 2020
  • 9 – 2019 
  • 8 – 2018 
  • 7 – 2017
  • 6 – 2016 and so on 

Factory IDs

  • RM – Mexico 
  • MX – Mexico
  • MA – Poland 
  • WR – Poland 
  • IN – Indonesia 
  • RN – South Korea 
  • KC – South Korea 
  • ND – China 

LG OLED TV Serial Numbers 

The serial numbers for LG OLED TVs are different from other models. 

An example of an OLED TV serial number is: OLED65G2PUA 

Here’s the model information available in this serial number: 

  • OLED – Represents the screen matrix type 
  • 65 – Provides the diagonal screen size 
  • G – TV Series
  • 2 – Manufacturing year
  • P – Technical features (global in this case) 
  • U – Digital tuner type (ATSC/ Clear QAM in this case)
  • A – Design information 

Follow this general list for manufacturing year, technical features, and digital tuner type to understand your LG OLED TV serial number: 

Manufacturing Year 

  • 2022 – 2 or Q 
  • 2021 – 1 or P 
  • 2020 – X or N
  • 2019 – 9 or N 
  • 2018 – 8 or K 
  • 2017 – 7 or J 
  • 2016 – 6 or H 
  • 2015 – E, F, G 

Technical Features 

  • P – Global 
  • W – Korea 
  • S – Singapore and UK
  • A – North America 

Digital tuner type

Digital tuners allow your LG TVs to receive digital television signals broadcast over air. 

  • U – ATSC/Clear QAM 
  • L – DVB-T (Europe) 
  • N – ATSC 3.0 ~ 1.0 (South Korea) 
  • S – SBTVD (South America) 
  • N – BS 110 (Japan) 
  • V – DVBT2 (Saudi Arabia) 
  • T – DVBT2 (India) 
  • C – DTMB (China, Hong Kong)

Get Your LG TV’s Correct Serial Number  

On LG TVs with Web OS version 6.0, you can use a remote shortcut to access the TV information. 

While the TV is turned on, simply press the MUTE button on the TV remote 3 times in a row. The complete model information should appear on the TV screen.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to know the LG TV serial number?

Knowing the LG TV serial number is important for various reasons, including checking the warranty status, identifying the exact model, and obtaining support or repair services from LG or authorized service centers. You may not be able to get the warranty benefits or register for a repair service without providing the serial number. 

What is the difference between the LG TV model number and serial number? 

LG TV model number carries information including the TV series, screen size, model, year, specification, and design. While the serial number contains info about the plant where the TV was made, manufacturing year and month, TV series, technical features, etc. Note that both model and serial numbers vary depending on the TV model and lineup such as LED, OLED, etc. While the model number can be similar for the same type or model, the serial number is unique to each TV. 

How to read the information available on my LG TV model number?      

Consider the sample model number 55UP7700PUB. 55 represents the diagonal screen size of the TV. U signifies the screen matrix type which is Ultra High Definition in this case. P means the manufacturing year is 2021. 77 explains the series and level of the TV. While 00 means the modification number, P tells that it is a basic TV as it contains the technical features of this model. U contains the digital tuner type and B helps the manufacturer understand the design of the TV. 

How to claim an LG TV warranty using the serial number?  

Get in touch with LG support and describe the issue related to your TV in detail. Based on your problem description, the support team may suggest some DIY troubleshooting methods. If they suspect it to be a hardware issue, you can claim the warranty by providing them details including the proof of purchase, serial number, date of purchase, etc. You can also use your serial number to determine if your TV model is under warranty or not. 

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