How to Reset TCL Android TV Without Remote: Install This App

How to Reset TCL Android TV Without Remote: Install This App

I’m used to binge-watching TV shows and movies by casting content from my smartphone to the TCL Android TV. 

However, since last week, the TV would randomly freeze while casting Netflix content to it. 

I couldn’t reset the TV using the remote since I had lost it a few months back, but I didn’t think it would turn out to be such an issue.

Thinking the TV might have a physical reset button on it, I unplugged the TV and looked all over to find nothing.

This also meant I might have to get a replacement remote.

Eventually, I resorted to looking for an app or workaround that might work and I actually found a really solid solution.

To reset your TCL Android TV without a remote, download and open the Google TV app on your Android or iOS device. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the TV remote and then go to More Settings > Reset > Factory Data Reset.  

Use The Google TV App To Reset Your TCL Android TV 

The best way to factory reset your TCL TV without a remote is by using your Android or iOS device as a TV remote. 

To do this, you need to add your TCL TV to the Google TV app and set up the TV Remote function. 

Follow these instructions to use your smartphone as a TCL Android TV Remote:

  • Download and install the Google TV app on your Android or iOS device 
  • Launch the Google TV app 
  • Make sure that your TCL Android TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Near the bottom right area, tap on the TV nearby button  
  • At the top of the screen, tap Scanning for devices
  • Choose your TCL Android TV from the list of devices 
  • A 4-digit pairing code will appear on your TV screen 
  • Enter the code on your smartphone and tap Pair 
  • Once the setup is complete, try changing the Channels or Volume to verify if the Remote is working perfectly. 

Now that you’re able to control the TCL Android TV through your phone, here’s how to factory reset it: 

  • From the home screen, open Settings 
  • Go to Device Preferences and navigate down to the Reset option
  • Select Factory data reset on the Factory data Reset warning screen 
  • Now, select Erase Everything 
  • A pop-message will appear on the TV screen and enter the specified PIN
    • The default PIN value is 1234 
  • Finally, press OK to confirm the factory reset  
  • The TV will restart automatically and the setup screen will appear after the factory reset is complete 

Contact TCL Support If You Can’t Access The Factory Reset Menu 

If you’ve set another PIN and you can’t remember it, or if you’re using a secondhand TCL TV, you’ll need to contact TCL support to help you out.

Unfortunately, TCL Android TV models do not have a physical RESET button as available on TCL Roku TVs that can be used in case the factory reset menu is unavailable. 

As long as it’s under warranty, you’ll be able to get it fixed for free.

If not, you’ll be charged a nominal fee for the technician to come over and reset the TV for you.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Will resetting my TCL Android TV fix software issues or performance problems?

Resetting your TCL Android TV can help resolve software issues or performance problems caused by system glitches or conflicts. However, if the issues persist after the reset, it may indicate a hardware problem or a more complex software issue.

Can I use a universal remote control to reset my TCL Android TV?

You can use a universal remote control to navigate through the TV’s menus and perform a factory reset. Make sure the universal remote is compatible with TCL Android TVs and follow the instructions available on the user manual of the remote to pair it with the TV.

How can I reset my TCL Roku TV if I can’t access the factory reset menu?  

If the factory reset menu is inaccessible on your TCL Roku TV, use the Reset button located at the back of your TV near the HDMI ports. Use a straightened paper clip or ball point pen to press and hold the button for about 12 seconds.

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