How to Restart Vizio TV: The Best Way To Do It

How to Restart Vizio TV: The Best Way To Do It

After getting a new PlayStation 5, I tried connecting it to the HDMI 2.1 port of my Vizio M-Series Quantum X Smart TV. 

However, when I switched to the desired input, the TV was stuck on a black screen. 

A quick Google search revealed that restarting the Vizio TV may help fix the issue. 

I spent some more time reading the help guides on the Vizio website to learn about the ideal way to restart my TV.  

I found the best way to restart a Vizio TV and also found a built-in feature that force restarts the TV directly. 

To restart your Vizio TV, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Hold the physical power button for about 10 seconds. Wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging the power cord back in. 

Power Cycle Your Vizio TV to Restart It 

Power cycling the Vizio TV forces it to restart after closing all background applications and running processes. 

It also deletes corrupt cache files and drains any residual power left in the TV. 

A power cycle can help fix several issues on your Vizio TV including: 

  • Black screen issue
  • Vizio TV won’t turn on
  • Vizio TV running too slow
  • Apps not loading 
  • Apps crashing 
  • Apps not playing content and others 

Follow these steps to power cycle your Vizio TV and restart it:

  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or the back of your TV
  • Press and hold the power button of your TV for at least 10 seconds 
  • Wait for about 60 seconds before plugging the cord back in 

Use the Soft Power Cycle Feature In The System Menu 

Select Vizio Smart TVs come with a built-in soft power cycle feature that allows you to restart the TV without having to unplug it manually. 

To do this:

  • Press the Menu button on the TV remote control 
  • Scroll down the options menu and choose System 
  • Navigate to Reset & Admin option and open it 
  • Select the Soft Power Cycle feature and press OK
  • A popup message asking “Do you want to perform a Soft Power Cycle?” will appear on the TV screen 
  • After you select Yes, the TV should turn off completely and restart itself 

Note: On some recent Vizio TV models, the Soft Power Cycle feature might be available as Reboot TV which performs the same action to restart your TV. 

Factory Reset the Vizio TV If Required 

While a restart should help fix any issues on your Vizio TV, it’s possible that your problem persists even after restarting the TV. 

In that case, performing a factory reset on the TV can be your last option to resolve the issue before getting in touch with Vizio Customer Support. 

However, it’s important to note that a factory reset would remove all app data, account information, and saved preferences on your TV. 

It would also delete all installed applications and revert the settings to their factory default. 

If you still decide to go ahead with a factory reset, here’s how to do it: 

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote 
  • Navigate down to System and select it 
  • Now go to Reset & Admin 
  • Click on Reset to Factory Settings and press OK 
  • A popup message may appear on the TV screen 
  • Click on Reset to confirm 
  • Your TV may restart several times during the factory reset procedure 

Note: The “System” menu might be named as “Help” in some select Vizio TV models. 

Factory Reset the Vizio TV Without Remote 

If you’re not able to access the System menu due to a black screen or the TV remote is not working, you can still factory reset the TV using the physical buttons. 

The buttons might be located at the back or bottom side of your TV depending on the model. 

To factory reset the TV with the physical buttons: 

  • Ensure that your TV is turned on 
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Input button together for about 15 seconds 
  • A message will appear at the top of the screen asking you to hold the Input button for 10 seconds 
  • Release the Volume button and hold the input button as instructed 
  • The TV will start performing a factory reset 

Get In Touch With Vizio Support 

If restarting or factory resetting the TV doesn’t solve the problem you’re facing, you can try getting in touch with the Vizio Customer Support Team. 

Based on your issue, the support team may suggest some proven troubleshooting methods. 

If your TV is under warranty, you can also opt for a free repair service depending on the type of issue. 

Get Back To Watching Your Vizio TV 

Restarting your Vizio TV may also solve issues related to the external devices connected via HDMI ports to the TV. 

Some most common issues include a black screen while switching to an HDMI input, audio issues on game consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the common problems with Vizio TVs?

Some common problems that may arise with Vizio TVs include the device not turning on or off, audio issues such as no sound or distorted audio, flickering or distorted images on the screen, and connectivity problems with external devices or Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, some users may experience issues with apps crashing or not working properly on their Vizio TVs. These issues can often be resolved by performing a power cycle, factory reset, or firmware update.

How to check if my Vizio TV firmware version is up to date? 

To check the Vizio TV firmware version, press the Menu button on your TV remote. Go to System and search for System Information. The firmware version should be available on the screen. You can also update the firmware by going to the Check for Updates option available in the System menu. 

How do I troubleshoot my Vizio TV if it won’t turn on?

To troubleshoot your Vizio TV, start by checking the power source and cables for any physical damage and make sure they are firmly connected to their respective ports. Try turning the TV on again. If that doesn’t work, try power cycling your TV by unplugging the power cord and waiting for about 60 seconds before plugging it back in. You can also contact Vizio customer support for further assistance.

Can updating the firmware on Vizio TV help fix the no signal issue on HDMI-connected devices? 

Updating to the latest firmware version can help fix any user-reported bugs or glitches on Vizio TVs including the no signal issue on HDMI connected devices. A firmware update highly improves the performance and adds new features to your SmartCast OS for better functionality. It can also help fix general issues such as app crashes, buffering issues, external device compatibility, etc. 

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