Hulu Error Code p-dev320: Here’s How I Fixed It

I was recently streaming ESPN using Hulu on my Shield TV.

After a long and loud commercial, the channel suddenly stopped working. 

All I could see was a blue screen with an error code p-dev320 which said “We’re having trouble playing this”.

I quickly looked for help online, waiting to resume the football match.

I read a couple of guides that claimed to fix the error.

I almost gave up until I found a Reddit thread where other Hulu users reported the same error. 

Luckily, I found a way to fix the error on the Hulu app.

To fix the error code p-dev320 on Hulu, disable Wi-Fi roaming on your TV. If Wi-Fi Roaming is already turned off, enable it before disabling again and then reboot your TV.

Disable Wi-Fi Roaming on Your Nvidia Shield TV

This is the first thing I tried, and it worked for me.

When Wi-Fi roaming is turned on, your device will switch to the nearest access points based on the network strength.

It often interrupts the network connectivity on your Shield TV.

To turn off this feature,

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network and Internet Settings
  • Disable Wi-Fi Roaming

Additionally, you can connect an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to fix connectivity problems.

Disable Developer Options On Shield TV

This might sound weird, but it works.

Developer Options when turned on give you access to advanced controls like USB debugging, changing graphic drivers, and more.

Turning off Developer Options on your Nvidia Shield TV resets any changes that you might have accidentally made on your device.

To do this,

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Click on Device Preferences.
  • Scroll down and disable Developer Options.

The error p-dev320 is closely associated with Nvidia Shield TV. Most Hulu users are facing the issue while using the app on Shield TV.

If you’re not on Shield TV and still face the error, here’s what you can do.

Install the Older Version of Hulu on Your TV

The error p-dev 320 was reported frequently after users updated their Hulu app.

Installing an older version of Hulu has fixed the error for some people.

To do this,

  • Use your mobile to access the Chrome browser.
  • Visit Aptoide.
  • Now, search for Hulu.
  • Here you’ll find all the versions of Hulu. Download an older version of the Hulu app.
  • Now download the “Send Files to TV” app on your mobile and TV using the Play Store.
  • Use the “Send Files to TV” app to send the older version of Hulu to your TV.
  • Install the Hulu app on your TV.

Note that using an outdated version of Hulu might have some downsides like a bad UI, slower performance, and risk of virus.

Cast Hulu App To TV Using Mobile

If the Hulu app runs smoothly on your phone, you can cast the screen onto your TV to continue streaming.

Fortunately, most Smart TVs come with an inbuilt Chromecast, making the process easier.

Even if your TV doesn’t have it, you should be able to cast from your Android phone to the TV.

To do this,

  • Make sure both mobile and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Now launch the Hulu app on your mobile.
  • Click on the Cast icon located on top of the player.
  • Now select your TV from the list of devices.

Although it’s an easy workaround, screencasting can downgrade the video quality.

Final Thoughts On Hulu Error Code p-320

Hulu recommends steps like checking internet speed, clearing the cache, and restarting the app for playback errors.

Although the error p-dev320 has mostly affected Shield TV users. So it has nothing to do with your internet speed and cache data.

Until Hulu developers push an update to fix the error on Shield TV, the only thing that works is toggling the Wi-Fi roaming feature and installing an older version of the app.

However, sideloading an app on Shield TV is a long process.

If nothing works, try unplugging the Shield TV from the outlet, wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error p-dev320 on Hulu?

You can fix the error p-dev320 by switching off Wi-Fi roaming on your TV.

Additionally, you can try installing an older version of Hulu.

Why does Hulu keep losing internet connection?

Hulu might lose internet connection if your router is connected to many devices or does not have enough signal strength. Use an Ethernet cable on your TV to fix this issue.

How do I update Hulu on my smart TV?

To update the Hulu app on your Android smart TV, go to the Google Play Store.

Search for the Hulu app on the top bar. Select Hulu from the list of apps and click on the Update button.

How to fix Hulu app not loading?

If the Hulu app is not loading, restart the application. Also, force stop the Hulu app to fix the issue. Go to the settings menu, navigate to apps, select the Hulu app, and click on Force Stop.

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