Hulu Error Your Login Has Been Blocked: Here’s How I Fixed It

I bought the Hulu+ Live TV subscription a few months ago.

I use it to watch CNN on my Samsung TV.

However, I couldn’t log in to Hulu last night.

It displayed an error that said, “Your login has been blocked”.

I tried logging in to Hulu using my phone, only to find the same error.

I went onto the Hulu support forum and found other users who faced the same error.

I spent countless hours finding a solution that finally worked.

You can fix the Hulu error “Your login has been blocked” by turning off the VPN before you log in. Go to network settings on your device, search for the VPN and disable it. Turn on the VPN once you’re logged in to Hulu again.

Turn Off VPN On Your Device

I’m always connected to a VPN to protect my privacy.

However, using a VPN interferes with the Hulu app and gives the error “Your login has been blocked”.

I turned off the VPN and could log in to Hulu again.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can still use a VPN while enjoying Hulu.

To do this, turn off your VPN before logging in to your Hulu account.

Turn it on once you’re logged in.

Although I would recommend keeping it disabled to avoid the issue.

Disable IPv6 From The Network Settings

Hulu uses IPv4 to geolocate you.

However, the network preference on some devices is set to IPv6 by default.

This leads to login errors.

I came across several users who fixed this problem by disabling IPv6.

To disable IPv6 on Android,

  • Go to the Home screen and select Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Select IPv6 and disable it.

To disable IPv6 on your PC,

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Network & Internet.
  • Click Network and Sharing Center.
  • On the left, click Change Adapter Settings.
  • Go to “Properties” of your connection.
  • Find Internet Protocol Version 6 and disable it.

Apple doesn’t allow disabling IPv6 on iOS devices.  

If you’re on Mac do this to disable IPv6,

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click on Network.
  • Click on your current network and select Advanced.
  • Find the Configure IPv6 option and turn it off.

To disable IPv6 on your router,

  • Open your browser and type your router’s IP address.
  • Enter the credentials on the login page.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Click on LAN settings or IPv6.
  • Look for IPv6 and turn it off.

If you don’t know the router’s IP address try this,

On Windows,

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Insert “Ipconfig” and press enter.
  • Look for the router IP address below.

On Mac,

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Select Network.
  • Click on the connected network.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Press the IP tab to know the IP address.

Incorrect network settings also give rise to Hulu error 94.

Enable Location Services On Your Device

Hulu requires permission to access the location of your device. 

You might face login errors if location services are disabled on your device.

To fix the error, you need to enable the location services.

On Chrome, 

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Navigate to Advanced settings.
  • Select Site Settings inside the Privacy and Security section.
  • Select Location
  • Turn on the “Sites can ask for your location” toggle.

On Android,

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Search for Security and Location from the list.
  • Turn on Location.

On iOS,

  • Go to Privacy under Settings.
  • Turn on Location Services.
  • Scroll down to find the Hulu app.
  • Tap the app and select “While using the app”.

Clear Your Browser Cache Data

Your browser stores data every time you visit Hulu.

This cache data is used to improve your browsing experience.

Although you might need to clear cache data to view newer versions of a webpage without any errors.

Hulu recommends clearing browser cache data to resolve login errors.

To clear the cache on Chrome,

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “More tools”.
  • Select “Clear browsing data”.
  • While selecting a time range, click on “All time”.
  • Select “Clear Data”.

On Safari,

  • Select Safari from the menu bar.
  • Click on Preferences.
  • Click on Privacy Tab.
  • Select the “Manage Website Data” option.
  • Click Remove All and then Remove Now.

Clearing the cache is also helpful in case Hulu subtitles are not working.

Fix Hulu Login Blocked On Your Tesla

I found several Tesla owners who reported being locked out of their Hulu accounts on Tesla.

This was due to the same error “Your login has been blocked”.

If you drive a Tesla and cannot access Hulu on it try this fix,

  • Go to the Hulu app in your car.
  • Select “Create Account”.
  • Enter your email, name, and birthdate.
  • It will prompt, “You have an account, click here to log in”
  • Click on the link.
  • Enter your Hulu login credentials.

Login Blocked After Buying Disney+ Hulu Bundle

If you’ve recently bought the Disney+ Hulu bundle and cannot log in to Hulu, you’re not the only one.

Hulu needs activation from the Disney+ account before you access it.

You might face a login error unless you activate Hulu.

To fix this,

  • Open the Disney+ app.
  • Click on the Account page.
  • Click on billing details.
  • Select the Watch Now option next to Hulu and activate.

Get A Reliable VPN for Hulu

I’ve been using Hulu with a VPN for the past few months.

However, when I faced the login error on Hulu, I had to turn off my VPN to make it work.

I’ve tried multiple VPN networks, and I can say not all of them bypass Hulu’s VPN restriction.

Hence, I would recommend getting a premium VPN like Nord or Express VPN.

Along with reliable internet speeds, they also support ad blocking.

It’s a great add-on for Hulu users who travel frequently and cannot access the Live channels of their local home network.

Note that you might still need to turn off the VPN before logging in to Hulu.

Once you’re logged in, turn on your VPN again to secure your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Hulu account let me log in?

If might face log-in issues on Hulu due to an active VPN, outdated version of the app, multiple devices, or incompatible network settings.

Additionally, your Hulu login might get blocked if haven’t used your Home network in the past 30 days.

Does Hulu have a device limit?

Hulu does not have a device as of now. This means you can use multiple devices for the same account.

However, only two devices can be used to watch simultaneously from the same account.

Can you see where your Hulu is being used?

You can view the list of devices where your Hulu account is being used.

Select the Account menu. Now go “Watch Hulu On Your Devices” section. Click on Manage devices. Here you can see the list of devices.

Why can’t I watch Hulu live away from home?

Hulu Live TV may not be accessible if you haven’t used it in the past 30 days. If you access Hulu Live from a new location, the local channels on your home network will not be available.

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