Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Safe? I Asked Around

Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Safe? I Asked Around

Last week, a few of my friends seemed pretty excited about watching The Last of Us on HBO Max. While one of them suggested that we can binge-watch the show together online via Teleparty, I was a bit skeptical about using it. Streaming content through a third-party platform and adding account details to it seemed a bit unsafe. 

To be absolutely sure before adding the extension to my browser, I did a quick Google search regarding the safety of the Teleparty platform. A few discussion threads suggested going through their privacy policy before making a decision. After reading their privacy policy and some relevant articles about the key safety features of the platform, I was ready to enjoy the show with my friends. 

I confirmed that Teleparty (Netflix Party) is safe and also got some tips to protect my privacy while using the platform. Here’s what I found: 

Teleparty (Netflix Party) is completely safe as it uses end-to-end encryption to allow multiple users to stream content in precise sync from any part of the world. The platform doesn’t share or store any personal information on its servers. 

What is Teleparty? 

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows over several OTT platforms along with your friends in perfect sync from anywhere around the world. Moreover, Teleparty offers a group chat feature to enable real-time conversations for all members during the playback. 

By installing the extension, you can easily create teleparties on popular streaming websites including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc. The extension is compatible with high-quality streaming and precise syncing on both desktop and mobile. 

Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Safe?  

Teleparty (Netflix Party) is completely safe for all users. The service uses end-to-end encryption while connecting all members through a unique link created by the host. There are several factors involved in making this platform safe and easy to use. 

Unique Link Generation 

The platform creates a unique link that can be shared by the host with only selected people who want to watch the show or movie together. This ensures that no other person can enter the teleparty unless they have access to the required link. Additionally, to avoid unknown people trying to join a party by using a single link every time, no teleparty link is reusable.

End-to-End Encryption for Data Protection 

To ensure that no personal data or sensitive information is leaked or stolen, Teleparty uses end-to-end encryption to connect all its users. 

Teleparty’s Privacy Policy 

Teleparty will never share any information including your streaming service login details or password while you’re watching a movie or TV show with your friends. Teleparty strictly follows its privacy policy that mentions how they collect, use, or disclose any information obtained through the service. 

Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Offered By Netflix?  

Though the former name of the service might create some confusion, Teleparty is not officially related to Netflix. This implies that Netflix is not the official creator of Teleparty and doesn’t sponsor it in any way. 

As mentioned earlier, this service can be added as an extension on any browser such as Google Chrome, Brave, etc. It can be considered as a third-party add-on that allows you to enjoy watching your favorite content with family or friends who may live abroad. Note that if you choose to install the Teleparty extension, you’re doing it entirely at your own risk. 

Tips to Stay Safe While Using Teleparty 

While the Teleparty privacy policy and user interface are specifically designed to protect your privacy, there are some precautions that you must take while using the service. 

Avoid sharing the Teleparty link with strangers  

Teleparty generates a unique link when you choose to watch a show or movie through the service. Ensure that you share the link within your trusted circle only. Always inform your friends or family members to not share this link publicly via social media platforms or any other means. The unique teleparty link is your first and critical level of protection and you must ensure that it stays far from the reach of potential scammers or cybercriminals. 

Follow parental guidelines if your child is watching  

Teleparty’s privacy policy claims that the service is suitable and safe for children above 13 years of age. However, you must be aware of the type of content your child is watching and no unknown person has joined the party. 

I’d highly recommend that you create the teleparty and act as the host to share the link with only selected and known friends of your kid. Note that there’s a potential risk of any known teleparty member sharing the link externally with any other person. 

Beware of mysterious links  

There have been user reports complaining about getting redirected to external links during their Teleparty sessions. One most common example is the replacement of some videos playing with random Wikileaks footage instead of the selected movie or TV show on Teleparty. 

Make sure that you don’t click any suspicious links except for the original Teleparty link. You may also need to be extra careful in case your child uses Teleparty as the content in these videos may not be appropriate for their age. 

Prefer using a VPN 

It’s natural to be a bit skeptical while connecting your streaming accounts to a third-party service like Teleparty. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your IP and protects your personal data from being stolen. For an extra level of protection, consider connecting to a VPN every time you create or join a Teleparty and get the best out of your virtual entertainment with your friends. 

Stream Together With Safety 

Teleparty (Netflix Party) allows you to stream movies or TV shows and watch them with your friends by creating a virtual room. The service is absolutely safe as every teleparty created is end-to-end encrypted and no information is stored or saved on the developer servers.  

The user interface of Teleparty is specially designed to keep the platform safe and easy to use for almost all age groups. You’ll need to enter a unique link shared by the host to enter a Teleparty and start watching the content in perfect sync with other members. You can also go through the Teleparty privacy policy to get more information about how they use your personal data. 

While Teleparty might be safe to use, you should always avoid sharing the unique link to prevent any scammers or cybercriminals from getting access to your personal details. Always verify if the link is genuine before clicking on it and enable VPN for extra security while using the Teleparty service. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is Teleparty safe to use?

Teleparty is safe to use. The extension does not require any personal information, and the content is not saved or recorded. It uses end-to-end encryption to connect all the users who want to watch a specific show or movie online in perfect sync. However, users should be cautious when downloading the extension and only download it from their official website or browser web store.

Can strangers join my Teleparty session?

No, strangers cannot join a Teleparty session unless they have the unique link to the session. While the unique link isn’t reusable, all members in a Teleparty must ensure that they don’t share this link with strangers or add it publically over social media platforms. This creates a risk of strangers including scammers and cybercriminals to join the Teleparty and stealing your personal information. 

Does Teleparty track my online activity?

No, Teleparty does not track user online activity. The only data collected by the extension is the number of users in a session and the location of the host user. However, if you want to add an extra level of protection and hide your IP address while using Teleparty, you can always enable a VPN. A VPN service will also reduce the risk of your personal details being tracked or stolen by any stranger.  

Are there any known security issues with Teleparty?

There have been reports of fake Teleparty extensions that contain malware or viruses, so it’s important to only download the extension from official sources. Additionally, users should be cautious when sharing the unique link to their Teleparty session and only share it with people they trust. 

Moreover, There have been instances where some users reported being redirected to some random videos while streaming content on Teleparty. Hence, it’s important to be careful and ensure that you don’t click on any suspicious links assuming it to be a Teleparty unique link. 

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