LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi: Here’s How I Fixed It

Last Wednesday, I received an LG G1 Smart TV as a birthday gift, and it got me really excited. 

I unboxed the TV, propped it up, and began setting it up.

My excitement dissipated rather quickly as I discovered it was not connecting to my Wi-Fi. 

I tried using the Wi-Fi on my phone, but it was working fine, which meant the problem was with the TV.

I was a bit disappointed, as it meant I would have to wait for even more to enjoy my new addition.

But I was determined to fix the issue as soon as possible, so I started going through the TV user manual and LG community forums. 

After several hours of research, I was able to find a working solution for this lapse in connection.

Here’s how you can fix LG TV’s Wi-Fi connection problem: 

If your LG TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi, power cycle your TV and Wi-Fi router. To do so, unplug them from their power sources and wait 60 seconds before plugging them back in. 

Power Cycle Your LG TV and Wi-Fi Router

Power cycle your TV and the router that you are attempting to connect to at the same time, as either device may be acting as a network obstacle. 

Doing so will help eliminate the issue of your LG TV not connecting to the Wi-Fi, as it eliminates firmware bugs and clears the cached memory of a device. 

To power cycle your LG TV and router:

  1. Switch off both devices.
  2. Unplug them from their respective power sockets.
  3. Wait for about 60 seconds.
  4. Now, Plug the devices back in and Switch them on. 

Once up and running, try connecting the LG TV to your Wi-Fi. 

Turn off Quick Start on Your LG TV

The ‘Quick Start’ mode enables LG TVs to start up quickly. 

This mode is able to achieve such an effect by keeping the TV in a low-power standby mode. 

Quick start is a convenient feature, and I was quite tempted not to switch it off, but I changed my tune when I discovered how it prevented my TV from connecting to the Wi-Fi. 

The problem with this feature is that it does not let your TV shut down entirely.

This can be a hurdle in resetting the Wi-Fi module, which can be pretty helpful in purging the network glitch. 

To turn off Quick Start: 

  1. Launch Settings of your LG TV.
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Look for Quick Start (labeled Quick Start+ in some models) and disable it. 

Disable the Simplink Feature of Your LG TV

The ‘Simplink’ feature of your LG TV allows you to control some basic functions of HDMI devices connected to the TV using its remote.

It’s quite a useful feature, as it allows you to control your TV and a BluRay or streaming player without switching remotes.

However, this feature can interrupt your TV from establishing a connection with the Wi-Fi.

To disable Simplink: 

  1. Go to Settings of your LG TV.
  2. Click on All Settings.
  3. Open General.
  4. Select Simplink (HDMI-CEC) and turn it off. 

Update Your LG TV’s Location

If the location settings on your LG TV do not match the location set on your router, it can prevent a connection from being established. 

You can resolve this problem by checking the location settings of your LG TV via these steps: 

  1. Open Settings on your TV.
  2. Select the All Settings tab.
  3. Choose General.
  4. Click on the Locations tab.
  5. Change the Broadcast Country and LG Services Country to USA if set incorrectly. 

The TV will restart once to implement the change.

Note: While updating the location settings on your TV, you should also make sure that Time and Date under the ‘General’ tab are set according to your location. 

Beware of Devices that Cause Cross-Talk

There are a lot of devices in our homes that operate on the same wavelength as our home Wi-Fi network.

If one such gadget is placed near your LG TV, it can disturb or interfere with the Wi-Fi coverage around the TV, also known as Cross-talk.

This cross-talk can lead to your TV not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Some of the most common devices which cause this interference are: 

  • Cordless phone
  • Microwave oven
  • Baby monitor 

If such a gadget is near your TV, move it to another room.

You should also unplug any idle USB devices from your TV, as they are known to create interference for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

Factory Reset Your LG TV

Resetting the LG TV will revert all the settings to default and resolve any issue that may have arisen due to a conflict in settings or cached memory. 

Either scenario can interfere with your TV’s ability to connect to your home network. 

Tip: You should note down all the important changes to the settings you have made so far to quickly set up the TV after it is reset.

To factory reset your LG TV:

  1. Click the Gear icon near the top of the remote to launch the Settings menu.
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Click on Reset to Initial Settings

Your TV will restart once and then display the setup screen.

You can also reset your LG TV without using a remote: 

  1. Locate the Power button, which may be on the left, right, or bottom of the TV.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. 

Connecting It All

LG is renowned for making the best-looking TVs with spectacular sound output and features such as High Refresh Rate and Variable Refresh Rate (HRR & VRR).

However, it can be incredibly annoying when a machine capable of putting on such a spectacle falls short of providing it because it cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

Thankfully, power cycling the router and TV solved the issue in an instant for me.

If that does not work for you, disable the ‘Quick Start’ and ‘Simplink’ features and try again.

In case none of these solutions work for you, you should contact LG Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset a Wi-Fi connection on my LG Smart TV?

You can reset the Wi-Fi connection on your LG Smart TV by disabling the ‘Quick Start’ mode and rebooting the TV. 

What causes an LG Smart TV to lose Internet connection?

An LG Smart TV can lose Internet connection due to a weak signal or interference by other devices operating on the same wavelength, such as a microwave oven, baby monitor, etc. 

How do I connect my LG TV to Wi-Fi?

You can connect your LG TV to the Wi-Fi by following these steps: 

Open the Settings menu by pressing the Gear icon on the remote > Select the Network tab > Choose Wi-Fi connection > Click on your Wi-Fi network > Enter your network password.

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