LG TV Screen Black: Why It Happens And How I Fixed It

This holiday, I wanted to feel relaxed from the work and the frustration of regular tech glitches.

So, I decided to take a break and refresh my mind and body by watching my favorite entertainment show. 

As soon as I turned it on, the screen was all black without a sign of any video or error. 

After continuous failed attempts to restart it, I decided to research it.

After reading the user manual and researching the internet and the help center page of LG, I eventually managed to fix my TV’s black screen by checking the loose power cables.

And I’ve learned about a few other fixes that can fix the black screen problem.

So, here is the compilation. 

LG TV’s black screen is fixed by hard setting your LG TV device.  If that does not work, then fix the loose power cables for a complete power cycle to fix the error.

Restart and Reset Your LG TV 

Restart the device by shutting off the TV and turning it ON again.

If the problem is still not fixed, then hard reset the device. 

Unplug the power cable, wait for a minute, insert it back, turn on the power button to Turn it on, and see if the problem is fixed.

Resetting the Power Cables

You cannot enjoy streaming if there is an issue with the power circulation.

So, cross-check the cable connections and reset them if needed. 

Ensure the power supply’s working from the power socket.

If it is working in another, then there might be an issue with your power socket itself.

If not, then the problem is not with the primary source.

Either the power cables are lost from the setup box or HDMI port, or there might be cuts and tearing issues with the wires. 

Firstly, check the cables to see whether they are in good condition.

If everything seems alright, fix and reset the connection of cables directly connected to the TV and not disconnected from the port. 

Ensure the Green, Blue, and Red cables are connected with their components by cross-checking the color code of the components socket or by matching the number written on the cable at both ends in the TV and the Set up box. 

Restart your TV to see if the black screen problem is fixed. 

Reset Picture mode and Backlight Setting 

This is applicable only when your TV is on, but the pictures appear black in death mode.

So, in this case, press the Home button from the remote, tap on settings, and select Picture Settings. 

Tap on Standard Picture mode and reduce the backlight up to 30% and increase the brightness of the TV screen.

Now, ensure that you are able to get rid of the issue. 

Factory reset Your TV

Though the screen is black, you might be able to give commands to your TV if the power supply is alright.

Also, you will lose the saved data and apps, if any, but you can reinstall the apps after the issue is resolved.

So, Go to settings and tap on General Setting on your TV with the help of the remote (or from the TV movement buttons). 

Tap on Reset to the initial settings and confirm by clicking on the OK button.

Wait until the process is done.

Then connect your TV to wifi or a wired network, and download the apps if required.

Sign in to use them, and ensure that your problem is resolved. 

Contact LG Customer Support 

You can reach out to LG customer support via email or through their support page if none of the fixes worked for you.

If needed, they might send a technician to troubleshoot the issues for you.

Wrapping Up

It feels horrible when streaming devices suddenly start showing black screens, but the problem can be fixed by following the right and suitable method. 

You can change a few settings to avoid this problem in the future, like, Customizing the Power saving setting, to avoid facing the issue again, especially if you are using it for long hours. 

Ensure the power supply and connection, and replace the cables if necessary, especially when they have cuts or the wires are bulging out from anywhere. And update the firmware if your TV is very old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG TV screen not turning on? 

The TV screen is not turning on because there is an issue with the remote button, or Your TV is not getting the Power supply. It can be fixed by the steps explained above. 

Why is my LG TV screen showing Horizontal lines? 

Horizontal lines appear when your TV is on for a long time or the power cables are loose.

Reset and Fix the Power cables to fix the Horizontal flickering lines.

Why are there Vertical lines on my TV screen? 

Vertical lines appear when your TV Screen or LCD’s pixels are damaged.

The LCD panel or TV screen needs to be replaced for proper functioning, and take the help of a technician for the same.

Why does my LG TV screen flicker? 

LG TV screen flickers because of a loose HDMI connection. So, fix the loose power cables or replace them with new ones.

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