Paramount Plus Error Code 3205: Here’s How I Fixed It

As a child, I enjoyed watching movies produced by Paramount, which is why I was one of the first to spring for a Paramount Plus subscription when it was introduced. 

The other day, I wanted to watch something nostalgic while having dinner, so I launched the Paramount Plus app. 

However, when I tried playing a movie, I was met with an error screen with the code 3205 plastered on it. 

Naturally, a four-digit number didn’t tell me anything about the cause of the issue or how to solve it. 

So, I spent the next few hours trawling through forums and articles, looking for a fix.

The solution was surprisingly easy, and I got Paramount Plus working again within a few minutes. 

The Paramount Plus error code 3205 is caused by a communication problem between the streaming device and Paramount servers. The easiest way to fix the error code 3205 is to reinstall the Paramount Plus app. 

What Causes Error Code 3205 on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus can display the error code 3205 on your screen if your streaming device is having trouble connecting to the Paramount servers.

This error code is usually accompanied by the ‘Unfortunately, an error occurred during playback’ message.

Here are the most common reasons for the error code 3205: 

Corrupt data files

Your Paramount Plus app may have damaged files and directories that contribute to the appearance of the error.

These issues can also slow down the app and hinder your device’s performance in the near future. 

Firmware Issues

On TV, this error can be brought on by outdated or corrupt firmware.

On the other hand, a browser with compatibility issues can also be responsible for it. 

Check Your Internet Connection Before Trying Anything Else

The error code 3205 can show up on Paramount Plus if your Internet connection is slow and laggy. 

First things first, you need to check your Internet speed by using an online speed checker like Speedtest by Ookla

If the speed is unusually low, you can fix it by power cycling your Wi-Fi router. 

  1. Switch off the router.
  2. Unplug it from its power outlet.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds and plug the router back in. 

Reinstall the Paramount Plus App

Sometimes, Paramount Plus fails to play a video due to corrupt system memory or an inherent flaw in that particular app version. 

This can manifest in the form of the 3205 error code.

You can minimize the hassle and simply reinstall the app to resolve the error.

This solution is also known to fix Paramount Plus not working on Samsung TV.

Fire TV

Open ‘Settings’ from your TV’s Home screen and then go to ‘Applications.

Go to ‘Manage Installed Applications’ under the ‘Applications’ menu.

Select the Paramount Plus app and choose ‘Uninstall’.

Restart your TV after removing the app.

To reinstall the app, use the ‘Search’ bar or ‘Alexa’ to look for Paramount Plus and ‘Download’ it. 


Press the ‘Home’ button on the remote and open ‘Streaming Channels’.

Once there, click on the ‘Channel Store’, select Paramount Plus, and choose ‘Remove’ from the options on the right.

Reboot your TV once the uninstallation is complete.

Next, search for Paramount Plus using the ‘Search’ field and install it back.

Afterward, click on the app and choose ‘Add Channel’. 

Android Devices

Open the ‘Play Store on your device, look for the Paramount Plus app, and select ‘Uninstall’.

Restart your device when the installation is complete.

Now, go to the ‘Play Store’ again, search for Paramount Plus, and ‘Install’ it back. 

iOS Devices

Press and hold the Paramount Plus app icon on your device until it begins to jiggle.

When prompted, tap on the ‘X’ that appears to ‘Uninstall’ it.

Once done, reboot your device.

Next, go to the ‘App Store’, look for Paramount Plus, and select ‘Install’ to get it back. 


For Windows 10 or later, go to ‘Control Panel’, click on ‘Programs and Features’, choose Paramount Plus, and select the ‘Uninstall’ option.

Restart your computer afterward.

To reinstall the Paramount Plus app, head to the Microsoft Store and download it. 

Power Cycle Your Streaming Device

Since the error code 3205 on Paramount Plus is a software glitch, power cycling your device can resolve it.

Power cycling a device purges its memory and drains any residual power, eliminating any bugs causing the error.

To power cycle a device:

  1. Turn off the device and unplug it from its power supply outlet.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the device to the outlet and turn it on. 

Switch Your Browser

If you are accessing Paramount Plus on a web browser, it can throw the error code 3205 if it’s facing compatibility issues. 

You can make this diagnosis and fix it via the following steps: 

  1. Launch another browser. If you don’t have an additional browser, download one.
  2. Visit Paramount Plus.
  3. Log in using your credentials and check if the error is resolved. 

Reset Your Device to Factory Settings

If none of the solutions covered in this article resolve the error code 3205 on Paramount Plus, it’s highly possible that there is a problem with your streaming device’s software. 

In such a case, you should consider resetting your device to factory settings. 

However, keep in mind that doing so will delete all apps, settings, and data from the device. 

Fire TV

  1. Hold down the Back and Right buttons on the navigation circle of your TV’s remote for 10 seconds.
  2. You will see options to reset the TV on your screen. Choose Continue to confirm. 


  • Go to Home.
  • Scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Open Advanced System Settings.
  • Choose Factory Reset and confirm. 

Android TV

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Choose Settings from the menu.
  3. Open the Device Preferences tab.
  4. At the bottom of the page, pick Reset and select OK

Dive Into Nostalgia Without Any Cryptic Errors

While growing up, I always wished for a way to watch my favorite cartoons and movies without having to purchase DVD box sets.

When streaming services came to the scene, my hopes went up, but none of them hit the mark until Paramount Plus stepped up.

But sometimes, because of cryptic error codes like the 3205, I can’t help but wonder if we were better off with DVDs.

Thankfully, I was able to resolve this error code on Paramount Plus by reinstalling the app.

If you face this error while using a web browser, try streaming on another browser.

In case the fixes covered in this article prove no help, contact Paramount Plus Help

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Paramount Plus subscription cost?

Paramount Plus offers two main subscription plans.

The Essential plan is available for $4.99 per month with limited ads, and the Premium ad-free one costs $9.99. 

Can I watch Paramount Plus if I am outside the US?

Paramount Plus is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Germany, and Italy. However, you can stream it anywhere using a VPN. 

Does Paramount Plus have Disney shows?

No, Paramount Plus does not have Disney shows. However, it has an impressive collection of Nickelodeon cartoons and other shows. 

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