Paramount Plus Error Code 3304: Here’s How I Fixed It

I am a huge fan of Star Trek, and with my annual holidays around the corner, I was looking forward to streaming everything from the movies to the TV series.

Sadly, on the day I decided to start my holiday binge, I was met with the error code 3304 and that it was unable to playback video.

I let out a loud sigh and sat down to fix it.

After researching and reading through the manual for my streaming device, I eventually fixed my streaming issues by disabling the ad blocker.

But I’ve also taken the liberty to cover a few other fixes that can solve the problem.

Paramount Plus Error Code 3304 is fixed by disabling the ad blocker. If you are using Paramount Plus on the Chrome browser on your PC, then disable Hardware Acceleration. If that does not work, restart your device and relaunch the browser to fix the error 3304.

What Is Error Code 3304?

If you see error code 3304 during playback on Paramount Plus, it’s usually because it’s unable to access the servers.

This can happen for a few reasons, but following the fixes outlined below can help reconnect Paramount Plus with their servers.

Disable Ad Blocker 

If you are using Paramount Plus in the browser, an ad blocker can prevent certain cookies from being transmitted, which can cause issues with playback.

You can disable the ad blocker by following these steps:

  • In Chrome, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • A drop-down Menu will open. 
  • Tap on Settings. 
  • Visit the left Panel, and Tap on the option of Privacy and Security. 
  • Scroll to the bottom, and tap on Site Settings.
  • Now click on the Additional content setting. 
  • Choose ads. 
  • Under the default option, you can change the preference setting to All sites that can show any ads to you. 

Now visit the Paramount Plus page, and check whether the problem is solved. 

An ad-blocker can also cause an Error Code 124 on Paramount plus. Hence, disabling it can help you fix this as well.

Disable the Hardware Acceleration 

Some streaming devices use this feature for better streaming, but you have to check if it is working for you or not. 

So, if you are running Paramount Plus in the chrome browser, disable the Hardware Acceleration in the Chrome browser setting. 

  • In Chrome, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • A drop-down Menu will open. 
  • Tap on Settings, and in the left panel, select System. 
  • If you cannot see the system option, tap on Advanced Section and the System section. 
  • Now disable the hardware acceleration by turning it off – Use hardware acceleration when available. 
  • Come back to the Paramount plus page, and refresh it. 

If you are using Mac, then  

  • Go to the device settings. 
  • Select System 
  • Toggle off the option of – Use hardware acceleration when available.
  • Now visit the Paramount Plus page, and check whether the problem is solved. 

If the problem is not solved, then move to the next solution. 

Restart your device or Reinstall the App

The issue might also be caused by excess cache and temporary files.

You can clear this data by restarting your device.

If you’re using the app on Android, you can also clear the cache from the app settings or reinstall the app from the Play Store.

For iOS, you can reinstall the app to clear cache and temporary files.

Check the Paramount Plus Server  

Sometimes, it may not be your device that has the issue but Paramount’s servers that are down.

You can check this by visiting their website to check their server status.

If it shows Paramount+ is down, you’ll have to wait till it’s back up again.

If the server is working, then the other fixes I’ve mentioned will help you out.

Check your internet connection  

Check the network connectivity to ensure your device is connected to the internet. 

  • In the case of WiFi, restart the Router.
  • If you are using mobile data, turn it off and turn it on to check whether it is working correctly. Cross-check the connectivity by using other sites. 
  • If the internet speed is less than 4Mbps, Paramount plus may not be able to playback video as the requirement is at least 4Mbps.

Fixing your internet connection is recommended if you are facing the Paramount Plus error code 3205 as well.

Update your Browser 

Everything needs to be up to date, to work properly.

Browsers are not different, and they also need to update for the proper functioning of sites.

So on your PC, laptop, or device: 

  • Open Google Chrome, and tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. 
  • Tap on Update Google Chrome. 
  • Now Google will update your browser automatically. Wait until it is updated. Now restart Google chrome again. 

If you cannot see this option, your browser is already updated.

And the Paramount plus error code is not because of an outdated browser. So visit the next step for the solution.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the fixes worked for you, you might need to get in touch with Paramount’s customer support to figure out what the issue is.

They’ll be able to troubleshoot why your app isn’t connecting to the servers and provide a quick resolution.

Wrapping Up

While error codes can be annoying when trying to enjoy the content, it’s relatively simple to fix these issues.

Only in the event of an actual server outage would you need to wait to continue streaming content.

I’d suggest keeping your router close to your streaming devices so you won’t face network issues and restarting your system occasionally to clear any cache and temporary files. 

Once the issue is resolved, you can continue to watch your favorite shows on Paramount Plus.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, then you can stream all the TV shows and movies right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Paramount Plus keep showing an error? 

Paramount Plus keeps showing an error because of server outages, poor connection or slow internet speed, ad blockers, outdated browser versions, corrupted files, and other reasons.

How do I connect my Paramount Plus app to my TV?

To connect Paramount Plus to your TV: 

  • Sign in and choose on your TV. A new site with an activation code will open. 
  • Go to on your PC or mobile device. 
  • Enter your activation code & tap on the Activate option. 
  • Refresh the screen & your Paramount Plus app is connected to the TV. Enjoy the streaming.

How to reset Paramount Plus on my Smart TV? 

To reset Paramount Plus try. 

  • Hard reset your TV by Unplugging the TV & reconnecting it after 60 seconds. 
  • Unplug the router & reconnect it after 60 seconds. 
  • Delete the Paramount Plus app from your TV & reinstall it again. Log in to relaunch it.

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