Peacock Not Working On Samsung TV: How I Fixed It

With the weekend approaching, I plan to catch up on my favorite shows and some new releases.

Everything was fine until I started the Peacock app, which suddenly stopped working, leaving me a bit annoyed.

I tried restarting the app and the TV, but it didn’t work.

I eventually got on the internet and searched through forums to find quite a few people who had similar issues.

I managed to resolve the issue by updating my TV and restarting my router, but I’ve also included other fixes that have helped users with similar issues. 

If the Peacock App in your Samsung Smart TV isn’t working, make sure your Samsung TV and Peacock App are updated to the latest version. You can also clear the app cache and restart your router to clean any temporary data.

Check the compatibility of the Samsung TV Model with Peacock App.

If you’re trying to download Peacock on your Samsung TV for the first time, make sure you have a compatible TV model.

Samsung has confirmed that any TV model past 2017 will support the Peacock app.

This is assuming that your Samsung TV is a Smart TV, as you can’t download apps on non-smart TV models.

Unplugging the TV from the power socket and restarting it

A simple but effective step that can be used across devices for troubleshooting, this step can fix issues related to hardware and software glitches. 

This will also restart all the apps and the TV’s operating system.

You can do this in two ways – with a Samsung remote and without.

If you have a Samsung TV remote, do the following 

    • Ensure your TV is on.

    • Press and hold the power button in your remote until the TV switches off and boots back again.

    • Check by running the Peacock App.

If you don’t have a remote or are unable to find it. Don’t worry; follow the steps below:

    • Keep the TV turned on.

    • Now, unplug the TV from the power socket and wait for a minute. This step helps remove any residual power from the TV.

    • Turn on the TV again and try using the Peacock App.

Checking the speed of your internet connection

Another common issue for the Peacock App not working or stopping midway is a slow internet connection. 

To get a smooth and glitch-free viewing experience, an internet connection with a speed of 3 Mbps or more is recommended. 

You can check the speed of your internet connection through any of the internet speed-checking sites.

Disabling your VPN

A fundamental requirement to run the Peacock App is to connect via an internet provider from either the United States or from the regions where the Peacock services are available. 

If the Peacock servers cannot recognize your IP address from these locations, the app will not function. This is where a VPN comes into the picture.

Imagine you are on a vacation in a country where Peacock is not available, and you don’t want to miss out on that favorite show of yours.

Enable a VPN and choose a server from one of the countries where Peacock is available, and you are good to go.

However, there is a downside to using a VPN.

The majority of streaming services, including Peacock, block access to users who connect via a VPN. 

If your VPN is getting blocked by Peacock, you can try turning it off and then accessing Peacock again. 

Restarting your Wi-Fi router

If you have tried the previous steps and can still not use the Peacock App, you can try restarting your Wi-Fi router. 

This step can fix many problems, including a slow internet connection or intermittent network issues. 

Initiating this step clears the router’s cache, starts the processes afresh, and, importantly, allows the router to select a less crowded channel.

You can restart your router by performing the steps given below.

    •Turn off your Modem.

    •Remove all the cables (the power and the Ethernet cables) from the router’s sockets and wait for a few minutes.

    • Replug the cables and power up your router.

Clear the Peacock App’s Cache

Apps store cache to improve their performance, like shortening the boot time of the app. 

However, the cache can sometimes become too much, leading to abrupt bugs and issues within the app.

Clearing the App cache can fix this issue, but if the app doesn’t work after clearing the cache it might have something to do with your TV.

The steps for doing this vary with the year of manufacture of your Samsung TV. 

It is therefore recommended to follow the steps given by Samsung to access the Apps settings.

A generic guide is given below:

    • Navigate to the Settings Tab and select Apps

    • Choose the Peacock App

    • Clear the Cache

Update Your TV And Peacock App To The Latest Version

Ensure you update your Samsung TV and Peacock App to their latest versions.

You can check for app updates from the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV.

Navigate to the Smart Hub, and apps that can be updated will have a blue circle with a white arrow around them.

Hold down the enter button on the app and select update from the side menu that appears.

In addition to this, it’s important to make sure your TV is also updated to the latest firmware.

While you can update your firmware either through USB or the internet, I’d recommend updating over the internet as it’s much easier to do.

However, if you’re in a situation where you need to update the firmware via USB, Samsung support has provided a detailed method on how to go about it.

To update via the internet, click the ‘Menu’ button on your remote and navigate to ‘Settings.’

Open the ‘Cloud Icon’ and select the ‘Software Update’ option.

If there is a new version, you will see an option labeled ‘Update Now.’

Additionally, turn on ‘Auto Updates’ from the same screen to make sure your TV stays up-to-date.

Samsung Smart Hub reset

Resetting your Smart Hub can help clear up and reinstall any files that might be corrupted or acting up.

Follow these steps to reset Smart Hub:

    • Navigate to the Settings Tab and select Support

    • Choose Device Care (You would have to choose Support on certain TV models)

    • Select Self Diagnosis followed by Reset Smart Hub.

    • You would be required to enter the TV’s pin if you have set one, or it would be 0000 by default.

Check whether the Peacock App’s servers are down

You can check whether Peacock’s servers are down.

Even though the chance of this happening is remote, it is still possible. 

Try running Peacock from a PC or a mobile device to confirm this. 

You can also keep yourself updated about any important developments regarding Peacock through their social media handles on Twitter or Facebook

Another way to check the server status is to use Downdetector.

Factory reset your Samsung TV

If none of the above steps worked, this is your last resort.

Factory reset your Samsung TV.

This will remove all the apps, erase everything in the TV’s memory and restore your TV back to the condition in which you purchased it. 

    • Depending on the model, navigate to Settings and choose General

    • Press Reset (You have to enter your TV PIN to proceed with this step)

    • Once the PIN is entered, press OK, and the TV would reset and start back up automatically

    • Certain Samsung models would require you to follow Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. Please check your TV Manual for the correct sequence of steps to perform a Factory reset.

Wrapping Up

From my investigation, I understood that the Peacock App not working on Samsung Smart TVs can be due to several causes.

Make sure you have a compatible TV model and a stable network connection and if you’re using a VPN, make sure it’s compatible with the Peacock App.

Additionally, keep your TV and app updated to the latest versions to ensure smooth playback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I get the Peacock App on my Samsung Smart TV?

The Peacock App might not be compatible with your TV. Peacock App will run only on those models manufactured in 2017 or later.

Why does Peacock keep buffering?

The issue might be due to a slow internet connection. An internet connection with a minimum speed of 3 Mbps is recommended for a glitch-free experience.

How to install Peacock App on Samsung Smart TV?

You can install Peacock App by accessing Apps and searching for Peacock App in the search tab. Once done, click install and that’s it.

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