Roku Remote Flashing Green: I Finally Fixed It After 4 Hours

Roku Remote Flashing Green: I Finally Fixed It After 4 Hours

A few days ago, I was watching Puss in Boots: The Last Wish with my family on our living room TV hooked up to a Roku streaming stick.

All was good until the Roku remote started blinking green.

I found it odd, but I carried on with the movie.

When I checked the remote after a couple of hours, I saw the light still flashing.

I was confused as I remember reading in the user manual that the Roku remote starts flashing green when it enters pairing mode.

After looking up the issue online, I learned that my memory served me right, and the remote is not supposed to keep flashing when paired.

While I was at it, I started searching for fixes and found a working solution only after going through scores of help guides and YouTube tutorials. 

A Roku remote flashing green can be fixed by power cycling. To power cycle a Roku remote, remove its batteries and unplug the Roku device from the power supply. After waiting 60 seconds, plug in the Roku and put the batteries back in the remote. 

Power Cycle Your Roku Remote

Most of the time, a Roku remote blinks green when it tries to pair with a Roku Streaming device.

However, these remotes can also keep flashing the light because of a glitch in their software.

You need to soft reset your Roku remote to fix this problem. 

  1. Remove your remote’s battery panel and take out the batteries.
  2. Unplug your Roku player from its power socket.
  3. Plug the Roku player back in after 60 seconds and turn it on.
  4. Reinstall the batteries of your remote control once you see the Home screen on your TV.
  5. Pair the remote with your Roku player by holding the pairing button near the batteries (if required), and put back the cover. 

Replace the Batteries of Your Roku Remote

Batteries near the end of their charge can make electronic gadgets like remote controllers act strangely.

Your Roku remote incessantly blinking green is one such act.

In such a case, you need to replace your remote’s batteries. 

  1. Open the battery cover of your Roku remote control and take out the batteries.
  2. Install a fresh pair of the appropriate battery type.
  3. Pair the remote with your Roku device via the pairing button near the batteries (if necessary) and close the cover. 

Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi router might be the one to blame for your Roku remote’s malfunctioning, as a Roku device communicates with accessories like the remote via your Wi-Fi connection.

An interruption between your network and Roku device can lead the remote to exhibit software glitches like the blinking green light.

You should soft reset your Wi-Fi router to resolve this problem.

  1. Unplug your router from its power socket.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug it back in and turn it on.
  4. Once your Roku device has reconnected to the Wi-Fi, pair your Roku remote. The pairing screen will pop up and give you a confirmation message. 

Pair Your Roku Remote Again

Many times, a Roku remote blinks green constantly due to a pairing issue with the Roku streaming device.

This problem can be easily solved by unpairing the remote and pairing it again to the Roku device.

To unpair your Roku remote and streaming device: 

  1. Open the battery compartment of the remote.
  2. Press the Home, Pairing, and Back buttons simultaneously and hold them down for at least 3 seconds. 

To pair back the Roku remote: 

  1. Disconnect your Roku streaming device from its power source.
  2. Remove the batteries from the remote.
  3. Wait for about 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the streaming device and switch it on.
  5. Re-insert the batteries of the remote.
  6. Press the Pairing button for about 5 seconds until you see a blinking light. You should now see a Pairing successful pop-up on your TV screen. 

If the pairing is unsuccessful, switch off your Wi-Fi router and try again. 

Factory Reset Your Roku Device

Sometimes, your Roku streaming device can have a stubborn software glitch that can trigger several problems, like a lack of communication between your TV and the Roku remote.

These communication problems can lead to further glitches, which include the remote flashing green.

Factory resetting your Roku device can help you resolve all such bugs and glitches.

Note: A factory reset will delete all preferences and settings from your Roku device.

  1. Remove your Roku device’s power cord.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button on the device’s bottom or back for about 10-15 seconds. Some models have a pinhole that needs a paperclip.
  3. Reconnect your device and turn it on for the setup and remote pairing process. 

Don’t Be Blinded By the Lights

A flashing light can be highly disturbing, especially when trying to watch a movie or show.

I came to this conclusion only after my streaming experience was spoiled by my Roku remote constantly blinking green.

After keeping the remote away from my sight for a couple of hours, I had to Google the reasons and solutions for this problem.

Thankfully, power cycling the remote put a stop to its blinking.

If that does not work for you, try swapping out the remote’s batteries and pairing it to your streaming device from scratch.

In case none of these work, contact Roku Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Roku remote flash green while pairing?

If your Roku remote is not flashing green to indicate the pairing process, you may be using old or exhausted batteries. Replace the batteries with fresh ones and try again. 

Why is my Roku remote not working?

Malfunctioning or leaking batteries can cause your Roku remote to heat up and stop working entirely. Make sure to remove the batteries from your remote if you know the remote won’t be used for a long time. 

Can I control my Roku device without a remote?

You can control your Roku device by downloading the Roku Remote app, which is available on both Play Store and App Store

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