Samsung Smart TV Keeps Losing Internet Connection: How I Fixed It 

Last evening, I decided to watch a light-hearted TV show while having dinner via the Roku channel on my Samsung TV.

About ten minutes in, I got an error message saying I was disconnected from my network, and sure enough, when I checked, my TV was disconnected from my Wi-Fi.

I reconnected it, only to get the same error message another ten minutes in.

Slightly frustrated, I went about checking how to get it fixed. 

There were quite a few fixes I found through youtube and a few tech forums, but I’ve listed out the fixes that worked for me.

If your Samsung TV keeps losing internet connection, you’ll need to reset your internet connection to clear unnecessary cache or change your IP address and DNS settings.

Reset Your Internet Connection 

To reset your Internet connection, unplug the Wi-Fi router from the power source.

Before plugging it back, wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Now turn on your modem again.

If you are using an ethernet cable connection, unplug the cable, reset your modem, and plug it back in.

Once connected, play any content for about 30 mins or so to confirm that the network is functioning properly.

Reset the IP address and DNS server settings

Another fix is to change the IP address settings on your TV.

Navigate to ‘General Settings’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Network Status’ > ‘Samsung Smart TV Network Status’ > ‘IP Settings.’

Change the setting to ‘Get Automatically.’

This allows your TV to work on a dynamic IP which is what most consumer routers use today.

Additionally, select DNS settings and choose to enter details manually.

Now enter in the primary box and in the secondary DNS address box, and save it.

Restart your Samsung TV, and it should be able to connect to your network.

Reset Your Samsung TV Network Settings 

If the problem is still not fixed, reset your Samsung TV’s network configurations.

Setting > General > Network > Reset Network Settings > Confirm and wait until it is done.

Now, restart the TV to ensure the problem is fixed. 

Update Your Samsung TV’s Firmware

Often, Samsung TV automatically updates the software according to availability and the internet connection.

But if the TV loses an internet connection, the firmware is not updated automatically.

So to download the latest firmware version:

  • Visit the Samsung Download Center and select your TV model. 
  • Download the latest firmware on the USB drive. Unzip it and Insert the USB into your Samsung TV USB port 
  • Now go to Settings in the Menu, select Support Software Update > Update > Confirm > By USB.

Once the update is installed, your TV will restart automatically.

Try playing content now to see if your TV remains connected to your network.

Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

If nothing works, you’re only option might be to factory reset your TV.

It will clear your saved data and settings and restore the original version with the default settings. 

Setting > General > Reset Settings > Confirm by entering the PIN – 0000.

Wait until the process is complete, set your TV preferences, and download the needed apps.

Connect to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet and ensure that the problem is fixed. 

Wrapping Up 

It is frustrating when the Samsung TV keeps losing Internet connection, but the problem can be fixed by following the simple procedures discussed above. 

If the error occurs because the internet is down in your area, you’ll need to wait until it’s back up. 

To ensure that such issues do not occur in the future, here are some tips: 

Keep your Samsung TV and modem in the range of 1.5 to 2 meters in the case of Wi-Fi. 

Keep the cables correctly connected to the LAN and replace them as soon as they get power loss issues, in case of Ethernet. 

Restart your Modem regularly (once a month) and remove any unnecessary devices from your connected list.

Ensuring these will make sure you don’t have network disconnection issues on your Samsung TV as frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I reset my Samsung network? 

To reset the Samsung Network, go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset network settings.

Reset the settings, confirm & save. 

How to check the signal on Samsung TV? 

To check the signal on your Samsung TV, go to settings > Support > Self-diagnosis > Signal Information.

Why is Samsung TV not detecting Wi-Fi networks?

Samsung TVs may not detect Wi-Fi when several devices are connected to it, or if there is a limit on device connection usage.

It can also be due to the range between the router and your TV.

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