Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off: It’s Likely This

Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off: It’s Likely This

I purchased a 32-inch Samsung smart TV about 3 months ago.

Everything seemed to work fine until around a week back when the TV switched off on its own in the middle of a game.

A few seconds later, the Samsung logo appeared and the TV switched back on. The problem has since become a recurring one.

I would be watching something on the internet, and despite not even touching the remote, the TV would switch off for a few seconds, on its own.

This rather annoying issue was adversely affecting the whole viewing experience. Every time the TV turned off, I would have to start setting up the media stream or the game from scratch.

After hours of attempting to troubleshoot the issues, I finally found a solution that worked. 

If your Samsung TV keeps turning off, there is most likely an issue with the sleep timer or eco settings. However, if fixing the settings does not work, it is most likely a bad TV capacitor. You will need to get the capacitor replaced.

Why Is My Samsung Tv Switching Off Automatically?

There are several different reasons for your Samsung TV switching off automatically. 

This includes issues related to various TV settings, connection problems, outdated firmware, or problems related to the power supply.

In this article, I have explained several fixes that can help you fix the issue. 

Connection/ Power Source issues

The TV might also be switching off on its own due to an issue with the power source.

You can check whether the power source is working correctly by plugging in another device.

Furthermore, the issue might also be related to the connection cable, or the HDMI cables being used for external devices.

In this case, the best bet would be to contact a specialist, or Samsung Customer Care in order to solve the problem.

In order to check whether the Samsung TV is switching off due to problems with the remote, you can remove its batteries.

You can move on to the next fix if the TV switches off even after the batteries have been removed.

Change The TV Settings

A range of TV settings can cause the issue at hand.

Eco Solution Settings

The Eco Solution settings optimize the TV performance to reduce the consumption of energy. It also automatically turns the TV off when there is no input for a considerable period of time.

To turn it off, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote
  • Go to TV Settings
  • Select General
  • Scroll to Eco Solution
  • Select the Power Saving Mode and then click on the toggle to disable it

Sleep Timer Settings 

Similarly, if you have enabled the Sleep Timer on your Samsung TV, it will automatically turn your TV off after a preset time. 

To disable the sleep timer, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote
  • Go to TV Settings
  • Select General
  • Scroll to System Manager 
  • Select Time and click on Sleep Timer
  • Click on the toggle to disable it

Outdated System Software

If the fixes mentioned above do not do the trick, the problem might be related to the software, and the TV might need to be updated.

Here’s how you can update the system:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote
  • Go to TV Settings and then open the Support tab
  • Select the “Software Update” option 

Power Cycle The TV

In case the issue is caused by a simple glitch, a simple power cycle can fix the issue.

For this, all you need to do is unplug the TV and all the connected devices from the power source for two mins. 

This is known as a “soft reset” aimed at recalibrating the TV.

Faulty Capacitors

Lastly, if you have not been able to fix the issue after performing the troubleshooting steps mentioned, the issue is most likely being caused by a faulty capacitor in the TV motherboard.

In this case, you will either have to get the capacitor replaced or get a new motherboard. 

Still Facing An Issue, Here’s What You Can Do?

If you have tried all of the above-mentioned fixes, chances are that the TV has developed a hardware issue. 

However, before calling customer service and claiming the warranty, perform a system scan by going to the system manager under the General settings option. 

If you don’t find an issue contact Samsung customer service for further assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Samsung TV keep turning off on its own?

The issue could be due to a range of problems, including issues with TV settings, connection or power source, outdated firmware, or a faulty capacitor.

How can I fix my Samsung TV if it keeps turning off?

There are several potential fixes, including power cycling, checking connection and power source, updating firmware, and adjusting TV settings. If none of these fixes work, it may be necessary to replace a faulty capacitor.

What should I do if I suspect my Samsung TV has a faulty capacitor?

If you suspect that a faulty capacitor is causing the issue, you will need to contact a specialist or Samsung Customer Care to get it replaced.

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