Samsung TV Stand Screw Sizes: Explained

Samsung TV Stand Screw Sizes: Explained

I have mounted my Samsung Smart TV on the living room wall, but I recently decided to move it to my bedroom so that I can enjoy watching late-night shows and movies. Since my bedroom has a pre-installed media cabinet, I only needed to attach the TV to the stand. However, I was unable to find the screws required to secure the stand to the bottom of my TV. 

As the TV manual wasn’t available, I hit Google to search for the correct screw size required for my TV stand. I started reading through the first few websites and online forums.  Even the discussion threads had mixed opinions on the screw size, so I switched to the official Samsung website. 

I referred to their solution article on how to attach the TV to a stand and also watched some relevant videos. 

I got the exact screw sizes required for different Samsung TV models and also figured out why wall mounting the TV is better than attaching it to a stand. Here’s what I found: 

Samsung TVs between 19-22 inches use screws sized M4 in their stands, TVs between 30-40 inches use screw size M6, and TVs sized 49-88 inches use M8 screws.

Samsung TV Stand Screw Sizes 

Most Samsung TVs come with a stand designed for a specific model including the screws required for installation. However, it’s possible to misplace or lose the screws while disassembling the TV before moving it to a new location. 

While reinstalling the TV, it’s difficult to determine the exact screw size needed for your Samsung TV model. In case you end up using the wrong sized screws, the stand may not install properly or remain loose. This may lead to the TV falling and getting damaged or even cause a serious injury. 

Follow this guide to easily figure out the compatible screw size for your Samsung TV stand:

The screw sizes required for Samsung TVs differ according to the screen size of your TV.

  • Screw size M4 is required for 19-22 inches TVs 
  • Screw size M6 is required for 30-40 inches TVs 
  • Screw size M8 is required for 49-88 inches TVs

Note that there are different types of stands available for Samsung TVs. The two most common stand styles include:

  • Stand legs assembly including 2 legs to be inserted on the left and right side of the TV
  • Pedestal stand assembly with two parts to be assembled together and inserted into the bottom of the TV

Attaching Your Samsung TV to a Stand

Once you’ve chosen the compatible screw size for your Samsung TV, the next step is to ensure that you attach it properly to the stand. Based on your stand type, the assembly method to attach your TV to the stand will differ. I’d recommend reading the TV manual for precise instructions on how to attach your Samsung TV to the stand. 

If the TV manual is not available, here’s how to attach your Samsung TV to a stand based on the stand type:

Attach the legs stand to your Samsung TV

  • Check for the L and R markings on the legs as well as the TV. These indicate whether the legs should be placed on the left or right side of the TV.
  • Carefully lay the TV face down. To prevent any damage or scratches on the TV screen, prefer placing it on a soft blanket or cloth.  
  • Now take the R leg and insert it in the corresponding R side of the TV. 
  • Ensure that the R marking on the leg is facing you while inserting 
  • Repeat the same process while inserting the L leg as well 
  • Screw in both legs using a Phillips screwdriver. You can also use a power screwdriver but ensure that you don’t over tighten the screws. 

Note: Some Samsung TV models may have adjustable legs that just need to be pushed inside the bottom of the TV without using any screws. You can also use the stand buckle to adjust its height for an ideal line of sight. 

Attach pedestal stand assembly to Samsung TV 

  • Your TV might have an alternate stand type which consists of two parts as the foot of the stand.
  • Put one part into the slot of the other and securely screw in the four holes 
  • Now insert the assembled stand into the bottom of the TV and adjust it correctly 
  • Tighten the other 4 screws into the holes to securely attach the assembled stand to your TV 

Choose the Correct Location For Your Samsung TV  

To choose an ideal place for installing your Samsung TV, the best practice is to refer to the TV  manual. Additionally, consider the following factors before installing the TV:

  • Never place your TV in an unstable location as there’s a risk it can fall over and lead to damage or injury. 
  • Prefer placing the TV on furniture that can safely support the TV.
  • Ensure that the TV and TV stand are not overhanging the edge of the furniture they are placed on.
  • Don’t place the TV on tall furniture without anchoring both the furniture and TV to a suitable support. 
  • Do not place the TV on cloth or any other material between the TV and supporting furniture.
  • Always make sure that your TV is placed in a way that the top and sides are at least 10 cm away from other objects. This ensures sufficient ventilation and avoids any chances of overheating. 

Prefer Wall Mounting Your Samsung TV 

Though wall mounts are complicated to set up as compared to TV stands, they’re highly preferred by Smart TV users due to several advantages. 

Save Extra Space

Mounting your TV to the wall saves a lot of excess space that would’ve been taken up by a TV stand and furniture. This keeps your TV installation area cleaner and less cluttered. Wall mounting is highly beneficial for small apartments or compact home spaces as it prevents the TV installation area from looking highly congested. 

Improved Safety

As Smart TVs are getting slimmer and lighter, they’re more likely to fall over and get damaged when attached to the stand in an unstable area. There’s also a chance of your pets or kids getting injured. Kids might usually try to swipe or grab the TV assuming it’s a touchscreen device. Having your TV wall mounted and out of the reach of kids and pets eliminates any potential risk of the TV falling over. 

Multiple Viewing Angles 

Having your TV attached to a stand highly limits the viewing angles. To get the most out of your TV and be able to view it from multiple angles, prefer using a full-motion wall mount for your Samsung TV. Equipped with extension, swivel, and tilt capabilities, a full-motion wall mount provides an improved line of sight and even reduces any possible glare for the best viewing experience.  

Use The Right Screw Size  

For 19-22 inches Samsung TVs, the recommended screw size is M4. Screw size M6 is used for TVs between 30-40 inches. For TVs with a screen size ranging from 49-88 inches, screw size M8 is required. 

After selecting the correct screw size for your TV stand, make sure that you attach it properly to the Samsung TV. There are specific assembly methods to be followed based on the stand type for your TV. 

Inserting the stand legs at the bottom of your TV based on the L and R markings ensures that there’s no chance of the TV falling over due to an unstable stand. Make sure to assemble both parts of the pedestal stand and tighten them with correct-sized screws before inserting them into the back of your TV. 

 There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing the location of installation for your Samsung TV. Some major factors include not installing a TV in an unstable location and ensuring that all sides of the TV are at least 10 cm away from other objects for sufficient ventilation. 

Wall mounting your Samsung TV has several advantages over attaching it to a stand. This is because wall mounting saves a lot of space that is otherwise required for a stand and supporting furniture. 

A wall mounted TV is usually out of the reach of kids or pets, eliminating any risk of damage to the TV and other possible injuries. Using a full-motion wall mount for the Samsung TV not only allows you to view it from multiple angles but also improves the line of sight for the best viewing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What size screws do I need for my Samsung TV stand?

The size of the screws you need for your Samsung TV stand depends on the model of your TV. You can find the screw size in the user manual that came with your TV or by checking the manufacturer’s website. For 19-22 inches Samsung TVs, the recommended screw size is M4. Screw size M6 is used for TVs between 30-40 inches. For TVs with a screen size ranging from 49-88 inches, screw size M8 is required. Make sure that you select the correct screw size to properly attach your TV with a stand. 

Can I use any type of screw for my Samsung TV stand?

You should only use the screws recommended by Samsung for your specific TV model. Using the wrong size or type of screw can damage your TV or cause it to fall over as the screws might not fit in properly. This can even lead to injuries if the TV is attached to an unstable stand or location. If you’re not aware of what screw size is compatible with your TV model, refer to the TV manual or consider getting in touch with the Samsung Support Team. 

Can I mount my Samsung TV on the wall without the stand?

Yes, you can mount your Samsung TV on the wall without the stand using a VESA-compatible wall mount. Make sure to follow the instructions provided in the TV manual before installing the wall mount and attaching the TV.  Generally, installing a standard wall mount requires a stud finder, Phillip’s head screwdriver, a power drill, and TV mounting screws. 

Though wall mounting can seem like a simple DIY project, you can still opt for a TV Wall Mounting Service while purchasing your new Samsung TV. I’d highly recommend going for a full-motion wall mount for the best viewing experience from multiple angles. 

How do I know if my Samsung TV is VESA-compatible?

VESA is a standardized mounting format that allows users to easily buy a compatible wall mount for their TVs. Most manufacturers including Samsung are VESA compliant allowing you to get the ideal wall mount designed for your TV model.  

To know if your Samsung TV is VESA-compatible, check the user manual or visit Samsung’s official website for your TV model’s specifications. If your TV is VESA-compatible, it will have a pattern of four screw holes on the back that match the VESA standard.

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