Screen Mirroring Not Working on my Samsung TV: One Fix That Worked For Me

Screen Mirroring Not Working on my Samsung TV: One Fix That Worked For Me

I had recently bought a Samsung QLED TV and wanted to watch some 4K videos on YouTube. I was yet to log in with my YouTube premium account on the brand new TV, so just decided to use the screen mirroring feature instead. All set and excited for an UltraHD streaming experience, I turned on the Smart View on my phone and waited for the TV name to appear on the available device list. 

To my surprise, the TV name didn’t appear on the screen. This was odd as I’d usually cast the phone screen to my previous Samsung TV by using the same feature. I tried relaunching the Smart View feature but it still wasn’t able to discover my TV. 

I switched to the internet hoping to find a solution and started reading through the official Samsung website, and community forums. After over an hour of research, I came across some relevant discussion threads of people facing a similar issue. 

Here’s how I mirrored my phone screen to the Samsung TV and also found the best alternative to start mirroring right away if nothing works: 

If screen mirroring is not working on your TV, restart your Samsung TV and smartphone. Once both devices are turned on, open the screen mirroring feature and select your Samsung TV from the available device list. 

Restart Your Samsung TV and Smartphone      

If your Samsung TV is not appearing on the screen mirroring feature’s available device list of your phone, it may be due to a minor bug or temporary glitch that prevents your TV from successfully being discovered by the phone. The best way to fix this connection issue is by restarting the Samsung TV and your smartphone. This is also the best way to fix your Samsung TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Soft Reset Your Samsung Smart TV   

Instead of a normal restart, performing a soft reset is more likely to help fix any glitches on your TV. This is because a soft reset would stop all the background running processes and delete the build-up cache including the corrupt cache files that may be responsible for issues during screen mirroring. 

Follow these steps to soft reset your Samsung TV:

  • Unplug your Samsung TV from the power outlet 
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds
  • Meanwhile, press and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds (if you don’t find a power button on your TV, skip this step)
  • Plug the TV back in and power it on

Restart Your Smartphone

Based on your smartphone the process of restart may differ. Here’s a general guide to restart your smartphone:

  • Press and hold the Power button on your smartphone 
  • Tap the Power off or Restart option on your screen
  • Once the device is completely off, press and hold the Power button till it turns on again

Once both devices are turned on, launch the screen mirroring feature of your smartphone. Ensure that both your TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. Wait for your phone to search for the Samsung TV. The TV name should appear in the available device list. Tap on the TV name to start screen mirroring. 

Select the Correct Frequency Band 

If your WiFi router supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. Assuming that your Samsung TV is connected to the 5Ghz band, make sure that your phone is also connected to the 5Ghz band. 

The difference in bandwidths can lead to connection issues and you may not be able to mirror the phone screen properly on the Samsung TV. 

Check the Internet Connection 

An essential requirement to start screen mirroring on your Samsung TV is that the phone and TV must be connected to the same WiFi network. If they’re on a different network connection, your Samsung TV may not appear in the device list. 

Once you’ve verified that both devices are connected to the same network connection, check if the internet is working properly. In case you’re trying to stream movies or shows on apps such as Netflix, or YouTube, you’ll need a stable and high-speed internet connection. 

The following manual checks can help verify if your internet is working properly:

  • Check your network or connection speed via other devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.)
  • Use any app that requires a high-speed internet connection such as YouTube, and check if it is working properly (no buffering or streaming issues) 
  • Perform a speed test on Google or

If the above tests reveal some issues with your network, try soft resetting your WiFi router:

  • Unplug your router from the power outlet
  • Wait for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in 
  • Connect both your TV and phone to the WiFi network again
  • Now check if the Smart View is working perfectly

Turn On Apple AirPlay on Samsung TV 

Samsung Smart TVs manufactured after 2018 come with Built-in AirPlay 2 support. This allows your iPhone to easily start screen mirroring on the Samsung TV. The only requirement is that the Apple AirPlay feature must be turned on before you try to search for your TV via AirPlay. 

Here’s how to enable Apple AirPlay on Samsung TVs:

  • Go to the Samsung Home screen and open Settings
  • Select General and you’ll find the Apple AirPlay Settings option 
  • If the AirPlay option is turned off, click on it to turn it on
  • Now, try mirroring your iPhone’s screen on the Samsung TV 

Bring Both Devices Closer To Each Other  

You may come across screen lagging, delays, or black screen issues while screen mirroring on Samsung TV if your phone is too far from the TV. Ensure that while the screen mirroring is on, your phone must be within 10 meters (33 feet) from your TV for a strong connection. 

Additionally, if there are any physical objects between your TV and phone, they may cause barriers and block the signals while screen mirroring is enabled. Prefer removing any such objects to avoid connection issues. 

Update Samsung TV & Phone Software 

Outdated software versions are most likely to cause compatibility issues and may also lead to technical glitches. Ensure that the phone you’re trying to mirror on your Samsung Smart TV is up to date. Additionally, check if the Samsung TV software updates are available. 

Check for Samsung TV Software Update

  • Go to the Home screen of your Samsung TV using the remote’s button
  • Navigate to Settings and select Support 
  • In the Support section, look for Software Update
  • If the latest software is available, click on Update Now 
  • Wait for the TV to install the latest updates and reboot 
  • To ensure that your TV software stays up-to-date, you can also turn on the Auto Update feature in the Software Update menu

Update Your Smartphone 

Depending on your smartphone brand, the device update option’s location might differ. To confirm the correct location to update your smartphone, visit your manufacturer’s official website or refer to the phone’s manual.

Update guide for Android users 

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers and tap on the Settings icon
  • Scroll down to find Software Update or System Updates based on your model and open it
  • Tap Download and Install, check for System/Software Updates
  • If the update is available, your device should automatically start downloading it, if it doesn’t, tap on Download now
  • Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions for installation

Update guide for iPhone users: 

  • Backup your device using iCloud or your computer
  • Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi
  • Go to the iPhone Settings and navigate to General
  • Now, tap on Software Update
  • If you see more than one software update option available, choose the one that you prefer to install 

Once your Samsung TV and smartphone are up to date, try using the screen mirroring feature again and check if it’s connecting properly now. 

Get in Touch With Samsung Support

If none of the above solutions have helped fix issues while screen mirroring on your Samsung TV,  I’d recommend reaching out to the Samsung Support Team via live chat, text, or call. Provide the Samsung experts with a detailed problem description along with your smartphone and Smart TV model number and manufacturer. 

After diagnosing the issue based on your description, Samsung experts will try to provide the best available troubleshooting method to help solve the issues you’re encountering while screen mirroring on your TV. 

Bonus Tip: Alternative Ways To Use Screen Mirroring On your Samsung TV 

In case none of the above-mentioned solutions have solved your issues while screen mirroring on your Samsung TV, here are the two best alternatives to get screen mirroring to work perfectly on your Samsung TV:

  • Use third-party apps
  • Use a Chromecast device

Use third-party apps 

It’s possible that you might not be able to connect your phone to the Samsung TV by using the default screen mirroring feature on your smartphone. As the best alternatives, there are several third-party apps available on the app store that allow you to easily mirror your smartphone to the Samsung TV. I’d recommend using AirDroid Cast app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Follow this guide to mirror your phone screen to Samsung TV via AirDroid Cast app:

  • Download and install the AirDroid Cast app on your smartphone and launch it
  • Now, launch a web browser on your Samsung TV Scan the Cast Code or enter the 9-digit cast code on the webcast browser
  • When the connection is successful, the content of your mobile device should be displayed on your Samsung TV screen  

Though this is a free alternative and works just fine, there may be screen delays or lags in case of compatibility issues with your smartphone. 

Use a Chromecast Device  

If you’ve got a Chromecast device available, you can use it to easily start screen mirroring by using the Google Home app on your smartphone. 

I’d highly recommend getting a Chromecast device if you don’t have one. Except for a smooth and quick screen mirroring connection, Chromecast device allows the best possible streaming experience with multiple over-the-top platforms to choose from.  

Here’s how to start mirroring your phone screen to Samsung TV:

  • Plug in the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your Samsung TV
  • Connect your Chromecast and phone to the same WiFi network
  • Now download and install the Google Home app on your smartphone
  • Launch the app, select Chromecast, and tap on “Cast my screen”
  • Once the connection is successful, your phone screen content should appear on the TV

Start Screen Mirroring on Your Samsung TV 

Screen mirroring allows you to watch your favorite shows, movies, or saved videos or photos on your smartphone directly on the big screen of your Samsung TV. However, sometimes there may be technical glitches or bugs that can prevent your smartphone from discovering the Samsung TV or not allowing it to connect properly. 

The best way to solve such screen mirroring issues on your Samsung TV is to restart both devices. Prefer soft resetting your Samsung TV as it helps remove any existing glitches or corrupt cache files. 

Make sure that both your phone and Samsung TV are connected to the same WiFi network. If your router supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidths, verify if both devices are connected to the same network band. If you’re trying to stream any content on YouTube or other apps, ensure that you’ve got a stable internet connection. 

While connecting your iPhone to the Samsung TV, check if the AirPlay feature is turned on by going to the Apple AirPlay Settings on the TV. 

Additionally, in case you’re noticing lags or delays during screen mirroring, bring your phone closer to the TV and remove any physical objects between them. Check if both your TV and smartphone are running on their latest software versions. 

Using a Chromecast device is the best alternative to mirror your phone screen to the Samsung TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a feature that allows you to share the screen of your mobile device or computer on a TV screen. It is also referred to as “casting” or “mirroring.” Through the screen mirroring feature, you can easily cast videos, photos, and stream content on the TV screen. The screen mirroring feature has different names based on the device manufacturers. For example, the screen mirroring feature is called Smart View on Samsung smartphones and tablets. On iOS devices, this feature is known as Apple AirPlay. 

Why is my screen mirroring not working on my Samsung TV?

There could be several reasons why screen mirroring is not working on your Samsung TV. The most common issue is related to technical glitches and minor bugs. Other related issues include outdated firmware, unstable WiFi connection, physical barriers, etc. Ensure that your smartphone meets the minimum requirements for successful screen mirroring. If you’re using an iPhone, make sure that the Apple AirPlay setting is turned on. Note that Samsung TVs manufactured after 2018 have built-in AirPlay 2 support. However, older TVs may not support AirPlay and you may need to go for third-party apps. 

How do I fix the screen mirroring not working on my Samsung TV?

To fix the screen mirroring not working on your Samsung TV, try the following troubleshooting methods: 

  • Restart both the TV and the device you’re trying to mirror
  • Update your TV firmware
  • Check the settings of your TV in the case of an iPhone and verify if the Apple AirPlay feature is turned on
  • Check if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (this is necessary when trying to cast your screen to the TV) 
  • Check for compatibility issues between the TV and the device you are trying to mirror 

Is there any alternative to mirror my phone screen to the Samsung TV? 

There are two effective alternatives that you can use to mirror the phone screen to your Samsung TV. As a free alternative, you can download third-party apps that easily allow screen mirroring on Android as well as iOS devices. However, these apps may sometimes cause lagging issues or delay in screen sharing. The best alternative for screen sharing is to use the Google Home app in case you have a Chromecast device available. Simply plug the device into the HDMI port of the TV and set up the Google Home app. 

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