Sharp TV Black Screen: Perform This First

Sharp TV Black Screen: Perform This First

I’ve owned a Sharp Class LED Smart Roku TV for over a year and it has worked perfectly. 

Last night, while I was watching a movie on Netflix, the TV screen went black suddenly. 

When trying to turn the TV back on, I noticed that the standby light kept flashing but there was no picture coming up on the screen.  

As a techie, I’m aware that the black screen issues are usually related to backlight damage but a flashlight test revealed that it was perfectly fine.  

To find some other causes of the black screen issue and their possible fixes, I clicked on the first few websites and community forums on Google. 

I got the most effective solution to fix the black screen issue on Sharp TV and also learned about some possible hardware issues that may lead to a black screen. 

To fix the black screen on Sharp TV, perform a power cycle on it. Unplug the TV from the power outlet. Press and hold the physical power button for about 30 seconds. Wait for at least 1 minute before plugging it back in. 

Power Cycle Your Sharp TV To Drain Excess Power 

A simple power cycle is the most effective solution for the black screen issue on your Sharp TV. 

This is because a power cycle drains all the excess power left in the TV which may cause the black screen issue. 

Moreover, a power cycle clears all background processes and deletes corrupt cache files before force restarting the TV. 

Follow these instructions to power cycle your Sharp TV: 

  • Unplug the Sharp TV from the wall outlet or power socket 
  • Locate the physical power button on the TV (usually located at the back or under the front panel of the TV) 
  • Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds (skip this step if you don’t find the power button) 
  • Now, wait for at least 1 minute before plugging the TV back in 
  • Press the power button on the remote or TV to turn it on and check if the black screen issue is resolved 

Soft Reset the TV Remote and Replace The Batteries 

If the power cycle didn’t fix the black screen issue, try soft resetting your TV remote. 

Similar to the power cycling process on the TV, a soft reset drains any excess charge left in the TV remote. 

This might help fix the black screen issue if it’s caused due to an issue with the TV remote. 

Here’s how: 

  • Gently remove both batteries from the back of the TV remote 
  • Now press and hold the power button on the remote for about 30 seconds 
  • Insert the batteries back into their respective slots 
  • Ensure that the +ve end of the battery is inserted in the +ve slot of the TV remote 
  • I’d recommend using a fresh set of batteries to rule out the possibility of using discharged ones 
  • With the batteries firmly inserted in the remote, try pressing the power button to turn on the TV 
  • Your TV should start working normally now 

Inspect All Cables For Damage or Loose Connection  

Another common reason why your TV might be showing a black screen is due to a faulty cable or loose connection. 

If power cycling the TV or soft resetting the remote didn’t help, check all the cables connected to the TV. 

Unplug the cables and inspect them for any physical damage or visible defects. If you notice any damage on the HDMI cables or the power cord, prefer to replace it with a new one. 

Always ensure that you’re using a certified and high-quality HDMI cable to connect external devices to your TV such as game consoles, streaming devices, etc. 

If you’re unable to notice any damage on the cables, plug them back into their respective ports. Make sure that each cable is firmly inserted and that there are no loose connections. 

Try turning on the TV after you’re done plugging all the cables and check if the black screen goes away. 

Try A Different Wall Outlet To Ensure Sufficient Power 

In case your Sharp TV isn’t turning on at all or showing a black screen, it may be because it’s not receiving the sufficient power required to work properly due to a faulty wall outlet. 

Try connecting your TV’s power cord to a different wall outlet and check if the TV turns on. 

Alternatively, you can also try using a different device in the TV Wall outlet to test if it is working properly or not. 

Select The Correct Input Source 

You may notice a black screen on your Sharp TV if it is turned on with a different input source.

This usually occurs when an external device connected to the TV is turned off but the TV starts on that specific input source. 

There are two ways to fix this issue- by turning on the connected device or switching to a different input source. 

Turn on the connected device 

If you want to use an external device such as a streaming stick or game console connected to the TV, make sure that it is turned on. 

You can also try turning the device off and back on to check if something comes up on the TV screen. 

Switch to a different input source 

Another way is to change the input source using the TV or remote buttons. For example, if the TV starts on HDMI 1, try switching to HDMI 2 and check if some picture comes on the TV screen. 

Via TV remote:

  • Press the Input button on your TV remote and select a different input if the list of sources is visible on the TV screen 

Via TV buttons: 

  • Based on your Sharp TV model, find the input button on the TV and press it
  • Check if the list of input sources appears on the TV screen 
  • Select a different source by using the channel buttons on the TV
  • Press the Input or OK button to switch to your desired input source 

Check If the Surge Protector Is Faulty 

If your Sharp TV is connected through a faulty surge protector, it may lead to a black screen or the TV won’t turn on at all. 

Try removing the surge protector and plugging the power cord directly into a wall outlet to check if that fixes the issue. 

If your TV turns on when connected directly to the wall outlet, the surge protector might be faulty and you need to replace it. 

Note that if the standby light on your TV is solid when you turn it on, it indicates that the TV is receiving sufficient voltage to work properly. 

Verify Backlight Damage Through A Flashlight Test 

Your Sharp TV can be turned on but you won’t be able to notice any picture on the screen if the backlight is faulty or damaged. 

In this case, you may likely be able to hear some sound from the TV but it would still show a black screen. 

The best way to confirm if there’s some issue with the backlight of your TV is by performing a flashlight test on it. 

Here’s how: 

  • Make sure that your TV is plugged into the wall outlet and turned on 
  • Switch off all the lights available in the room 
  • Now, closely point a flashlight at your Sharp TV screen and inspect it carefully 
  • Check if you can see any dull images appearing on the TV screen as an indication of a faulty backlight 

Note that if you’re unable to notice any dull images on the screen, the backlight is working properly. 

However, if the dull images are visible and the TV backlight is broken, you’ll need to opt for a backlight strip replacement. 

This replacement procedure is risky as it involves the disassembling of the bezel. 

If the replacement is not performed properly, the glass panel of your TV may get damaged leading to a high-cost replacement service. 

It’s highly recommended to go for an authorized repair service for the LED backlight replacement to ensure that there is no risk of any damage to your TV. 

However, irrespective of the risks involved, if you still want to replace the TV backlight strip yourself, follow these steps: 

  • Unplug your Sharp TV from the wall outlet
  • Unplug all cables connected to the TV including ethernet and HDMI cables 
  • Carefully unscrew the back cover and remove it
  • Disconnect the ribbon cables from the scan drive boards
  • Unscrew the bottom area of the TV that holds the bezel in its proper position 
  • Before flipping the TV, remove the speakers so that they do not fall off
  • Flip the TV over and remove the bezel with caution
  • Release the scan drive boards from the tabs 
  • Carefully flip up and tape the scan drive boards to the panel  
  • Use suction cups to remove the TV panel
  • Gently release and remove the four pieces of the panel frame
  • Tape all of the layers of diffusion on the corners to keep them intact and together
  • Remove the layers of diffusion and the clear plastic clips on top of the reflector sheet
  • Now slowly remove the reflector sheet
  • Using small pliers, remove the small rivets that hold the strips to the chassis
  • Remove the LED strips from the chassis
  • Prefer using double-sided tape on the back of the strips when you are replacing them, instead of tape on the top of them
  • Unplug the strips from the power cord of the Sharp TV to allow them to be disconnected from each other. Gently push down on the tabs to release them
  • The new backlight strips usually come with adhesive on the back to secure them to the chassis properly
  • If the adhesive is not available, can use double-sided tape and properly attach it to each strip 
  • Align the replacement strips like the previous ones and connect them with each other and to the power cable as well 
  • Finally, fix and reassemble all the parts of the TV carefully and plug in all the cable connections
  • After all the connections are secured firmly, turn on your Sharp TV 
  • The black screen issue on your Sharp TV should be fixed now 

Get In Touch With Sharp Support For Professional Assistance

If none of the above mentioned solutions have resolved the black screen issue on your Sharp TV, consider reaching out to Sharp Customer Support.  

You can contact the authorized Sharp agents via call or text. Provide the model number of your TV along with the problem description to get the best possible solution. 

If your TV is under warranty, you can also request a repair service for a possible hardware issue with minimal extra charges.   

Get The Best Picture Back On Your Sharp TV 

If your Sharp TV keeps going black after a certain period of time while using an external device like a cable box or game console, it’s most likely due to a faulty HDMI cable. 

Replace the older cable with a certified HDMI 2.1 Cable for the best performance during streaming or gaming on the Sharp TV. 

When the TV is turned on if the standby light keeps blinking after every few seconds but the TV shows a black screen, a faulty power supply board may be the culprit. 

Prefer getting the power supply board replaced by a professional to get rid of the black screen issue on your TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I prevent my Sharp TV’s screen from going black? 

The hardware issues like a faulty backlight can occur over time depending on the age of your Sharp TV. However, you can prevent any damage due to unstable voltage to the TV by using a surge protector. Ensure that the TV is turned off when not in use. Moreover, make sure that the TV is installed at a place with proper ventilation and is not in direct contact with the sunlight to avoid overheating. Replace damaged or old cables connected to the TV to avoid any black screen issues. 

How to factory reset my Sharp TV if it keeps going black?  

If you’re able to access the On-Screen menu on your Sharp TV, you can easily factory reset it by going to the TV Settings. For Sharp TVs running on the Roku OS, press the Home button on your Roku remote. Go to Settings and select System. Navigate to Advanced Settings and select the Factory Reset option. For older Sharp TVs, go to Menu and select Setup. Navigate to the Reset option and click on it. Enter the default Sharp code as 1234 if required and confirm. 

How long do Sharp TVs typically last?  

Sharp TVs can generally last up to seven years with frequent use, after which they may start to show signs of degradation or hardware issues. However, if you want to extend your TV’s lifespan, ensure reducing the brightness from settings and turn it off when not in use. With proper care and maintenance, it’s possible for a Sharp TV to remain functional for up to 10 years or more.

What is the cost of backlight LED strips for Sharp TVs? 

The backlight LED strips for Sharp TVs may cost around $40 to $70 depending on your TV model. You can get the backlight strips online on Amazon or eBay. Make sure to check the specifications of the LED strips to ensure that it is compatible with your TV model. 


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