Sony Bravia TV Remote 2022: RMF-TX800U Vs RMF-TX900U

Sony Bravia TV Remote 2022: RMF-TX800U Vs RMF-TX900U

Recently, one of my friends got the latest Bravia XR A80L OLED TV and wanted some help setting it up.

I went over to help him out, but I was also interested to see how the new remote would function since I wanted to upgrade the remote for my Sony OLED as well.

While setting up his TV, I couldn’t help but notice how good the brushed aluminium surface on the remote felt. It also had a couple of nifty features my remote didn’t.

After everything was done, I went home and immediately went online to get myself a new remote for my TV.

I was aware there were two variants of the remote, but I knew which one I wanted.

The standard Sony Bravia TV remote comes with a brushed hairline finish while the premium remote has a silver brushed aluminium finish. The premium remote comes with additional features including backlit keys and remote finder.  

Sony Bravia Standard TV Remote: RMF-TX800U

The latest Sony Bravia TV remotes have 2 variants- the standard and premium models. 

Most Sony Bravia Smart TVs come with the new standard remote. This variant features an attractive brushed hairline finish and a sleek design. 

This remote has a  Google Assistant button to make voice commands easily accessible. 

Additionally, it has some dedicated Quick Access buttons to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube. 

Sony Bravia Premium TV Remote: RMF-TX900U

The Sony Bravia Master Series TVs include the premium remote featuring a silver brushed aluminium finish.

And this was the one I wanted as a replacement.

While the keys on the premium remote are almost the same as the standard one, it has a Quick Access key for the Bravia Core service instead of YouTube. 

The premium remote has some unique features that make controlling the TV easier and more comfortable. 

Featured with backlit keys, the premium remote makes it very easy to spot the key you want to press while watching a movie or TV show with lights down or in a dark environment. 

The premium remote also has a finder function that allows you to find the remote through voice assistance or the Find Remote feature on the TV. 

In case you lose your premium remote, there are two ways to find it- using the TV’s power button or using the built-In MIC on the TV. 

Using the TV’s power button  

  • With the TV turned on, press the power button to open the menu on the screen 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select the Find Remote option on it 

A buzzer plays from your remote control indicating its location. 

Using the built-in MIC on the TV 

  • With your TV’s built-in MIC enabled, say “Hey Google, where is my remote?” 

A buzzer will start playing on your remote control to inform you about its location. 


  • The Find Remote option on the TV’s menu is only available when a premium remote with a built-in buzzer is paired with your TV 
  • The feature to find remote control via built-in MIC on the TV is available only for specific TV models/locations/languages 
  • Your TV must be turned on to use the built-in MIC to find the remote
    • In some languages, you can still find the remote using the TV’s built-in MIC even if the 
  • The built-in MIC on your TV will be enabled only if your TV is connected to the internet and a Google Account is added to it
  • The Find Remote feature will only work up to a certain distance only
  • The buzzer cannot be played if the remote is located where the signal will not reach 

You Can Use The New Remotes On Older Sony TVs As Well

The latest Sony Bravia TV (2022 and later) models come with the RMF-TX800U and RMF-TX900U remotes. 

But, if you’re upgrading your remote like me, or you need a replacement because of damage, you don’t need to worry about it working on older models.

You may not have access to certain features such as Remote Finder, but you’ll still get all the basic functionality you need out of it.

Alternatively, if you want to use the number keys to change channels on your latest Sony Bravia TV, go for the 2021 Bravia TV remote. 

Note: The 2022 Bravia TV remotes may or may not work perfectly with the 2019 or older TV models. Prefer getting the remote from your friend or relative to test if it works before you buy a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the additional buttons on my Sony Bravia TV remote used for?

Common additional buttons include input selection, menu navigation, playback controls for media content, and dedicated buttons for accessing specific features like Smart TV functions or streaming services. 

Can I use a universal remote with my Sony Bravia TV?

You can use a universal remote control with your Sony Bravia TV. Follow the instructions provided with the universal remote to program it for use with your Sony Bravia TV. 

How to use my smartphone as a remote control for my Sony Bravia TV?

Install the TV SideView app on your smartphone, ensure that your TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and follow the instructions to pair the devices.

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