Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes: The Ones That Work

Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes: The Ones That Work

Last week, after my Westinghouse Roku TV remote stopped working, I got a One For All universal remote to control both the TV and soundbar. 

While the soundbar worked perfectly with the remote, I tried some random universal codes to set up my Westinghouse TV with it. 

As none of the codes seemed to work, I browsed through several websites to get the available universal remote codes for a Westinghouse TV. 

I learned that there are several 3, 4, and 5 digit universal remote codes available for a Westinghouse TV. 

I spent some more time finding the specific codes for different remote control manufacturers. 

I found all the Westinghouse TV universal remote codes and also learned how to program a remote to the TV without using the codes. 

The Westinghouse TV universal remote codes are 22643, 33222 for “All For One” Remotes and 1001, 1191, 1000, 1190 for “RCA” Universal Remotes. The remote codes for television providers DirectTV and Dish are 11100, 10000, 10834 and 500, 578, 622, 690 respectively. 

Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes For Different Remote Manufacturers 

If your Westinghouse TV remote is not working or you want to use a single remote for most electronic devices, getting a universal remote is the best option.  

However, to program any remote control with the Westinghouse TV, you need a valid universal remote code.

The universal remote codes for Westinghouse TV vary depending on the remote control manufacturer. 

You can easily program the remote with the TV if you know the brand of the universal remote control you’re using.  

Here’s a list of universal remote codes based on popular remote manufacturers compatible with Westinghouse TV: 

Phillips Universal Remote Codes

  • 0915
  • 0013
  • 0115
  • 1718

GE Universal Remote Codes  

  • 0002 
  • 0143 
  • 0114 
  • 0081 
  • 0135 
  • 0020 
  • 1146

RCA Universal Remote Codes 

  • 1001
  • 1191
  • 1000
  • 1190

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes 

  • 0046
  • 0112
  • 0127
  • 0049

One For All Universal Remote Codes 

  • 22643
  • 33222

Westinghouse TV Universal Remote Codes For Television Service Providers 

Most television service providers offer universal remotes with cable boxes that can be used to control your Westinghouse TV. 

To program these universal remotes with the Westinghouse TV, you’ll need to enter a valid code for that specific television service provider. 

Refer to the following Westinghouse TV universal remote codes for some popular television providers: 

Dish Universal Remote Codes 

Dish offers 6 different models of remote controls with a set of codes for Westinghouse TVs as follows: 

Dish Remote ModelUniversal Remote Codes For Westinghouse TV
DISH 811, DISH Player-DVR-522, and DISH Player-DVR 921500, 578, 640, 670, 690
DISH 322500, 578, 640, 670, 690
EZ Remote500, 578, 629, 619, 622, 690
Platinum Remote500, 578, 609, 619, 622, 690
Platinum Plus500, 578, 609, 619, 622, 690
Blue Button Remote622, 685, 686, 687, 688, 69

AT&T Universal Remote Codes 

  • 000 
  • 109 
  • 119 
  • 112

DirectTV Universal Remote Codes 

  • 11100 
  • 10000 
  • 10834

Comcast Universal Remote Codes 

These codes are compatible with the newer Xfinity remotes: 

  • 10000 
  • 11756 
  • 11712 
  • 10451 
  • 10885 
  • 13579 
  • 12434 
  • 10706 

All In One Universal Remote Codes For Westinghouse TV 

The All In One universal remote codes for Westinghouse TV are:

  • 0912 
  • 0916 
  • 0027 
  • 0478 
  • 0002
  • 3241

Westinghouse’s List of Known Remote Codes For Westinghouse TV  

If you’re not sure about the brand or model of the universal remote, you can just randomly try out the codes till they work.

Your Westinghouse TV might manually sort through the popular codes. Alternatively, it can also allow you to enter the code manually.  

Westinghouse along with several other remote manufacturers provides a list of universal remote codes for Westinghouse TVs.  

Here’s a combined list of all known 3, 4, and 5 digit Westinghouse TV universal remote codes:

3 Digit Remote Codes 


4 Digit Remote Codes


5 Digit Remote Codes 


Program A Universal Remote to Westinghouse TV Using A Remote Code 

Follow these steps to program the Westinghouse TV by entering the compatible remote code: 

  • Turn on your Westinghouse TV through the physical power button 
  • Point the universal remote at your TV and press the TV button on the remote 
  • Now press the Setup button on the remote to enable the programming mode on it 
  • Enter the selected code on the remote and wait for the indicator light to start blinking (usually up to 4 times) 
  • If the code you entered is valid, the indicator light on the remote should turn off 
  • Press the Power button again to verify if the TV has turned off 
  • If the TV turns off, the remote is successfully programmed with your TV
  • Prefer testing the Volume, Channel, and Input buttons to verify if the remote is working properly

Note: You can also go through the Universal TV Remote manual to find the valid codes for Westinghouse TV. 

Program A Universal Remote To Westinghouse TV Without Codes  

If you’re unable to find a valid code required to program the universal remote to your Westinghouse TV, there’s an alternate way to do it. 

Here’s how to program the remote to your TV without a universal remote code: 

  • Turn on your Westinghouse TV using the physical power button 
  • Press the TV button on the universal remote and hold it for about three seconds 
  • The LED indicator will start flashing when the remote is ready for programming 
  • Now, while aiming the remote at the TV, press the CH+ and CH- buttons simultaneously
  • The remote should start indicating an On/Off signal 
  • Press the Up and Down button constantly till your TV turns off 
  • Press the Power button again to turn on the TV 
  • Finally, press the Device button to save the identified code
  • The device LED should blink twice if the code is saved 

Use Code Search Method to Program The Remote to Your Westinghouse TV

A code search method helps search for a valid code based on the Universal TV Remote brand. 

  • Turn on your Westinghouse TV 
  • Press the Setup button on the remote and hold it for a few seconds 
  • Using the remote keys, enter 9-9-1 in sequence 
  • Now, press and hold the Power and Channel Up buttons together till the TV is turned off 
  • Your TV should turn off if the correct code is identified 

Note: The code search method may take a longer time depending on the universal remote brand. 

Control Your Westinghouse Smart TVs Through a Universal Remote 

The latest Westinghouse Smart TVs are based on the Roku Operating System while some select older models run on the Amazon’s Fire TV platform.  

On a Westinghouse Roku TV, you can only control specific buttons through a universal remote. These controls are defined as basic and expanded levels. 

At the basic level, you can only control the power, volume, and input select feature using a universal remote. 

The expanded level adds several buttons such as home, up, down, left, right, replay, options, play/pause, etc. 

Additionally, if you want to program a Westinghouse Fire TV to a universal remote, try using 00683 as the code and follow the above method to program it with your Smart TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What types of devices can be controlled using a universal remote?  

You can control multiple devices through a universal remote such as CD/DVD players, Smart TVs, soundbars, home theatre systems, cable and satellite boxes, game consoles, and streaming devices such as Roku and Fire TV Stick. Make sure that you go through the remote specifications to check the maximum number of devices that can be controlled through it. 

Do all Westinghouse TV models require the same universal remote code? 

While universal remote codes highly vary depending on the remote manufacturer or television service provider, most Westinghouse HDTVs would require similar codes as provided. However, the Westinghouse Smart TVs may require different remote codes based on their operating system (Roku or Fire TV). You can get in touch with Roku or Amazon Support Team for further assistance regarding the compatible remote codes. 

What are the best universal remotes available currently? 

The best universal remotes will depend on your requirements. If you need the best overall performance and compatibility with most devices, go for Logitech Harmony Elite. For easy setup and control, prefer One For All Smart Control 8. GE Universal Remotes are the best budget universal remotes available. Additionally, if you want to control your TV along with the streaming device, go for the Roku Voice Remote Pro or Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote Pro based on your streaming device or TV OS. 

What to do if the power and volume buttons of a universal remote aren’t working on a Westinghouse TV?  

If the power and volume buttons of a universal remote are not working on a Westinghouse TV, there are several troubleshooting steps that you can try. If the remote has multiple modes, make sure it is set to TV mode, If the remote is in the correct mode but the power and volume buttons still aren’t working, try reprogramming the remote. If none of these solutions help fix the issue, the remote may not be compatible with the TV. Try replacing it with a compatible universal remote. 

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