What Does EXP Mean On Hulu? I Was Confused Too!

I have been a Hulu subscriber for years now.

I usually use the platform to watch live TV and some of my favorite shows.

A few days ago, I turned the TV on to watch Shanghai Knights, an all-time favorite.

However, when I opened the movie page on Hulu, it had an “EXP Today” tag.

I was a little confused since I had never seen this tag before and was unsure what it meant.

Naturally, I was curious to find out more about it. 

However, after some research, I found out what it was and was actually pretty saddened by what it meant. 

The EXP tag on a Hulu show means that the show will be removed from the Hulu repository within some time. This is because Hulu’s licensing agreement for the particular show will expire soon. 

What Do Different EXP Badges Mean on Hulu?

Hulu displays different EXP badges on the thumbnails of shows that are due to expire based on the time of expiry. 

Here are some of the common EXP tags that you can find on Hulu shows: 

EXP Today/Tomorrow/Monday/Tuesday

Hulu displays these EXP badges on shows when they are due to expire on a particular day.

For example, if a show has an “Exp Today” badge, it will expire at the end of the day and will not be available for streaming or downloading anymore.

Similarly, if you see an “Exp Monday” badge next to a show, it means that the show will be taken off air the following Wednesday. 

EXP 10/12/13 Days

Hulu displays the “EXP X days” badge next to a show’s thumbnail that’s due to expire in a certain number of days.

Note that X refers to the number of days remaining to expire.

For instance, if you see an “Exp 10 days” badge next to a show, it means that the show will be removed from Hulu after ten days. 

Why Do Shows Expire on Hulu?

Hulu has two types of content, the Hulu originals, and the licensed content.

While Hulu originals never expire, the non-original content from other production studios is licensed for a particular time frame.

Hulu has to purchase rights from the production houses to add their shows to its repository, and these rights or licenses are valid for a limited time. 

If Hulu does not renew the license for the shows in its repository, they expire and are taken off air. 

At What Time Do Hulu Shows Expire?

Shows that are scheduled to be taken off air from Hulu expire precisely at the stroke of midnight.

For instance, if you see an “EXP Today” badge next to a show, it will be taken off air at exactly 12 am.

After the content is removed from Hulu, you won’t be able to watch or download it anymore. 

Can I Download Shows From Hulu Before they Expire and Continue Watching Them?

Hulu does provide you with an option to download shows that you can watch at a later date offline. 

But unfortunately, if a show is due to expire, downloading it makes no difference as the show will get deleted after the time runs out.

Once a show expires, it is deleted from everywhere on Hulu, and you will not be able to watch it anymore. 

Can Expired Shows Become Available on Hulu Again?

The availability of licensed content in the Hulu library from various distributors depends on Hulu and the distributors.

Hulu can extend the license to a particular show if there is demand for that content and it’s profitable.

However, it’s at the sole discretion of Hulu to renew or terminate the license of content from their distributors.

In October 2019, the show Rick and Morty was scheduled to be removed due to the expiry of the license.

However, due to high demand from the audience, Hulu extended the agreement with Warner Media, the original distributor of the show, and hence the show was not removed. 

Is There A Way To Watch Expired Shows On Hulu?

Once the shows on Hulu expire and are not renewed, there is no way you can watch them on Hulu again.

However, you can always look for the show on other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Hulu rolls out a list of all the shows and movies that will be expiring each month.

To stay on top of it, you can review the list every now and then. 

Most of these movies and shows consist of content that are not very high in demand. 

License for frequently accessed content is usually renewed by Hulu. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription plans does Hulu offer?

Hulu has four different subscription plans to choose from based on the features they provide, namely Hulu Basic, Hulu Premium, Hulu + Live TV, and Hulu Premium + Live TV. 

How much does Hulu cost?

Hulu Basic will cost you $6.99 a month or $69.99 yearly, Hulu Premium costs $12.99 a month and gives you an ad-free experience.

Hulu + Live TV costs $69.99 per month and Hulu Premium + Live TV will cost you $75.99 per month. 

Does Hulu offer discounts?

Hulu offers its basic plan to eligible students at just $2 a month.

However, with the discounted plan, you will not be able to watch live TV and download shows and have to sit through ads. 

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