Who Makes Hisense TVs? It Matters

Who Makes Hisense TVs? It Matters

To unwind after hectic days at work, I usually watch late-night movies or TV shows via screen mirroring on my old Samsung HDTV. As I couldn’t stream directly on my TV, I had been planning on getting a new Smart TV to enjoy solo movie nights and binge-watching my favorite TV shows. 

I was searching for some affordable options for streaming-friendly Smart TVs online when I came across a few impressive TV models from Hisense. I decided to do some more research on the brand before making a decision. 

The one thing that instantly caught my attention was the fact that Hisense is the second biggest TV manufacturer in the world based on sales volume. To know more about their reliability and lifespan, I started going through customer reviews and discussion threads related to Hisense TVs. 

Here’s what I found about who manufactures Hisense TVs and their best TV models to consider in 2023:

Hisense TVs are manufactured by Hisense Group under their parent organization, Qingdao Huatong State-Owned Capital Operation Co. Ltd. Most Hisense TVs are specifically manufactured in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. 

Hisense TV Manufacturers

The Hisense Group manufactures all Hisense Televisions available in the market. Hisense’s parent company is known as Qingdao Huatong State-Owned Capital Operation Co. Ltd. 

Hisense Group is a Chinese Multinational appliance and electronics manufacturer founded in 1969. It ranks as the largest TV manufacturer in China by market share since 2004. 

The Hisense Group owns about 54 overseas companies, and 14 high-end international production facilities including 12 research and development centers spread across Europe, South Africa, and Central America.  

Most of Hisense TV production is concentrated in the world’s largest TV manufacturing region (Qingdao, Shandong Province, China). As a vertically integrated company, Hisense manufactures the majority of its own TV components. 

Where are Hisense TVs Made? 

Though Hisense TVs are made and manufactured in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, they’re still designed at their US Headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois. Hisense TVs are all set for manufacturing only after the creative and design processes are carried out in the US. 

Additionally, the fact that China is one of the largest manufacturers of TVs in the world adds to the reliability of Hisense TVs. In fact, Samsung and LG are the only two TV brands that don’t manufacture their TVs in China. 

Does LG Owns Hisense? 

A popular myth in the electronics industry exists that Korean manufacturer LG and Chinese manufacturer Hisense are the same company or belong to the same parent organization. This isn’t true at all, as LG and Hisense are the biggest competitors of each other. 

These misconceptions are mostly created by store owners who sell both Hisense and LG TVs. Telling customers that LG has acquired Hisense as a budget-friendly alternative works in their favor as it creates a sense of trust. 

Component Manufacturers for Hisense TVs 

Hisense is a vertically integrated company, meaning that it manufactures most of its TV components. However, Hisense sources some TV parts such as LED backlight films, chipsets, color films, and a few other electrical components via third-party manufacturers. 

Hisense hasn’t officially revealed the names of their third-party manufacturers. Hisense’s Android TVs are mostly equipped with several third-party components including its CPU. 

Major third-party manufacturers based on different components of Hisense TV include

  • Intel: Produces flash memory chips installed in Hisense TVs 
  • LG: Builds OLED panels for Hisense TVs (Hisense produces their own LCD panels) 

Companies Owned By Hisense Group 

Hisense majorly manufactures TVs but it is also involved in the production of other electronics and home appliances. There are several companies owned by Hisense or licensed under other brand names. 

Some major companies include:

  • Hitachi: Founded in 2003, Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air Conditioning System Co. Ltd.  was jointly invested by Hisense Group and Johnson Control Hitachi Air Conditioning in Qingdao
  • Toshiba (TVs): Founded in 1875, Hisense acquired Toshiba’s 95% stakes in 2017 
  • Kelon: Kelon Air Conditioning is a popular brand for inverter air conditioners in China
  • Asko: Asko produces a range of kitchen appliances, refrigerators, and care products. It was founded back in 1918
  • Sanden: The company manufactures automotive compressors, air conditioning systems, and other equipment. 

Interesting Fact: Hisense also had an agreement with Sharp to build TV under its name in North America, including the acquisition of a factory in Mexico. However, after lawsuits filed by Sharp against Hisense regarding poor quality production of TVs under their brand name, Hisense ceased production of Sharp TVs in 2019. 

Are Hisense TVs Worth in Terms of Price & Quality? 

When it comes to budget-friendly TVs equipped with the latest specs, Hisense’s quality and pricing are unmatched. 

Except for pricing, a lot of other factors make Hisense TV a worthy choice:

  • Picture Quality: Hisense TVs offer excellent picture quality based on their overall price range. Though it doesn’t match up to the quality of high-end TV brands such as Samsung or LG, you can still witness an immersive visual experience without having to spend much. 
  • Latest Specs and Features: Hisense TVs are mostly based on Android OS, facilitating the latest features and Android app support with several streaming platforms for seamless entertainment. 
  • Best for Gaming: The latest Hisense TVs have also been optimized to provide the best gaming experience as the company has made adjustments to the H9F series for a better refresh rate 
  • Long-Term Warranty: Most Hisense Smart TVs provide long-term warranties even on their budget models. The warranty can range up to 3 years for most Hisense TVs
  • Easy Repair Services: As a vertically integrated company, Hisense manufactures almost all its TV components. This makes hardware repairs fast and easy. Even the other components sourced from third-party manufacturers are readily available

Best Hisense TVs in 2023 

If you’re planning to buy a Hisense TV, here are my top 4 recommendations. You can choose the most favorable model based on your priority: 

FeaturesHisense Class H4 Series Smart TVHisense 50A6G 4K Ultra HD TV Hisense 65U6H 4K Smart TV Hisense 65-inch Class H9 4K Smart TV
Display40-inch LED50-inch LED  65-inch QLED65-inch ULED
Resolution1080p Full HD4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
    Operating SystemRokuAndroidGoogle TVAndroid
Voice RemoteStandardStandardYesHand-Free
Quantum Dot TechnologyNoNoYesYes
      Dolby AtmosNoNoYesYes
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz60Hz120Hz
PriceCheck HereCheck HereCheck HereCheck Here

Hisense Class H4 Series Smart TV: Best For Streaming Shows & Movies 

Based on the Roku software, the Hisense Class H4 Smart TV is a one-stop solution for all your streaming needs. With access to thousands of hours of content with immersive picture quality and crystal clear sound, this TV definitely offers value for money. 

Except for streaming, the TV comes with gaming mode for optimal gaming experience and built-in Wi-Fi with dual-band support for seamless connectivity. 

Hisense 50A6G 4K Ultra HD TV: Best For Gaming

The Hisense 50A6G comes with a 50-inch stunning 4K display for an immersive Ultra HD viewing experience. The TV comes with Vision Dolby HDR and HDR10 to deliver a cinematic watching experience right at your home. 

The low latency Game Mode is a treat for avid gamers and with Chromecast Built-in, casting content from your smartphone or tablet is easier than ever. With wide viewing angles, the Hisense 59A6G takes entertainment to the next level. 

Hisense 65U6H 4K Smart TV: Best Picture Quality 

The 65-inch Hisense ULED offers a wide color gamut and is capable of displaying over 1 billion colors. It’s the best choice for users looking for cinema-level entertainment at home. 

With a 60Hz refresh rate, its 48 local dimming zones open the way for an impressive contrast. However, its narrow viewing angle may not be suitable for a section of viewers. 

Hisense 65-inch Class H9 4K Smart TV: Crystal Clear Sound & High Picture Quality 

The Hisense H9 Smart TV comes with true-to-life color with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The TV is also equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for a cinematic home-theatre-level experience.  

Based on Android OS, the Hisense H9 Smart TV provides access to over 500,000 TV shows and movies for never-ending entertainment. The Automated Scene Selection smartly adjusts the picture quality based on the content you choose to play for a vivid viewing experience. 

Less Talk, More TV  

Hisense TVs are made by Hisense Group owned by their parent organization, Qingdao Huatong State-Owned Capital Operation Co. Ltd. These TVs are designed at the US headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois. After the designing process is complete, these TVs are manufactured in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. 

Hisense is a vertically integrated company and manufactures most of its TV components. Though some TV components including LED backlight films, chipsets, etc. are sourced from third-party manufacturers. 

If you’re looking for an affordable TV with Full HD resolution, with the best support for streaming across multiple over-the-top platforms, the Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series LED Smart TV is a good option. The Hisense Hisense 50A6G 4K Ultra HD TV offers Auto Low Latency Game Mode for a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers. 

If you’re willing to spend more for high-end specs and features, the Hisense 65U6H 4K Smart TV and Class H9 4K Smart TV are both excellent options for cinema-level entertainment with Ultra HD display resolution and crystal clear sound power by Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hisense a good TV brand? 

Hisense TV is well-known for its budget-friendly televisions equipped with the latest specs. In fact, Hisense is the second largest TV manufacturer in the world based on sales volume. Besides offering great value for their price, the latest Hisense TVs are highly optimized for the best streaming and gaming experience. 

Hisense TVs are available in a range of Full HD to Ultra HD resolutions with impressive features such as Dolby HDR, Dolby Atmos, and low latency Game Mode perfect for avid gamers. Hisense TVs offer a wide range of choices for different types of users. From avid gamers to those who love streaming shows or movies, Hisense TVs have got something for everyone. 

Who manufactures Hisense TVs? 

Hisense TVs are manufactured by Hisense Group which is owned by the parent organization Qingdao Huatong State-Owned Capital Operation Co. Ltd. Hisense TVs are manufactured in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. 

Though the manufacturing takes place in the largest TV manufacturing region located in China, Hisense TVs are designed in the US headquarters at St. Charles, Illinois. Except for Hisense TVs, the Hisense Group also manufactures Toshiba TVs after acquiring the company in 2017. Hisense also signed an agreement to build Sharp TVs under their name but ceased production of Sharp TVs in 2019. 

Is LG and Hisense the same company?  

South Korean electronic manufacturer LG and Chinese manufacturer Hisense TV are assumed to be the same company in the electronics industry. However, this is a misconception as both these companies are different and potential competitors of each other. 

This misconception is mostly created by store owners who sell both LG and Hisense TVs. The most common rumor created amongst customers is that LG owns Hisense as their budget-friendly alternative. This works in favor of store owners as it creates a sense of trust and helps boost sales for both Hisense and LG TVs. 

What are the features available in the latest Hisense TVs?

Hisense has recently launched their new Premium ULED and LASER TV series at CES 2023. The latest lineup features new Laser TV and Laser Cinema options. To keep up with the growing demands of modern consumers, Hisense has launched 14 Mini LED options suiting every budget. 

The latest Hisense TVs come with a 144Hz VRR for a smoother streaming and gaming experience like never before. Equipped with WiFi 6E for seamless streaming, bigger screen sizes, high-end OS, and a wide range of content options like Google TVTM, Hisense TVs offer the best entertainment options at an affordable price. 

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