Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: Wait Before Doing This

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: Wait Before Doing This

My new Xfinity gateway has worked flawlessly for the last 2 months with stable internet connectivity. 

However, yesterday it started blinking orange all of a sudden and won’t connect to the internet. 

I waited for over 30 minutes and tried restarting the router which led to a solid white light but it went back to blinking orange again.  

To find the best troubleshooting methods, I visited the Xfinity Community Forum and also read some solution articles related to the issue. 

I figured out the most effective way to fix the Xfinity router blinking orange and also learned about the most common reason behind the issue. behind the issue. 

If your Xfinity router keeps blinking orange, wait for at least 15 minutes for the firmware update to complete. If the blinking persists, shut down the router and unplug all the cables connected to it. Wait for at least one minute before plugging the cables back in.

Wait For The Firmware Update To Complete 

Xfinity routers have several lights such as white, red, blue, and orange indicating different activities. 

If your Xfinity router keeps blinking orange, it usually means that the router is taking longer or is unable to connect to the ISP-provided server. 

Additionally, if the router is blinking orange with a tint of yellow, it indicates that the firmware is updating. 

Always prefer waiting for about 15-20 minutes for the process to complete without any interruption. 

After about 15 minutes, a white light followed by a green light will show up and the router should start working again.  

Power Cycle Your Xfinity Router To Restart It 

Most common WiFi issues including the router stuck at blinking orange can be solved by restarting the Xfinity router. 

If your Xfinity router keeps blinking orange even after waiting for 15 minutes, perform a power cycle on it. 

A power cycle process force restarts the router and allows it to reconnect to the host servers. This can help stop it from blinking orange. 

Here’s how: 

  • Shut down the router and unplug all the cables connected to it
  • Wait for at least 1 minute to pass 
  • Plug the cables back into their respective ports 
  • Turn the router on and check if the blinking has stopped

Check If the Network Is Out Of Service or Under Maintenance 

The Xfinity router may blink orange if it’s unable to fetch an active internet connection from the service provider. 

This may be due to a scheduled maintenance or service outage limited to your area. 

To verify if the internet service is down or under maintenance:

Go to the Xfinity Status Centre Page 

Connect your smartphone or laptop to a public WiFi hotspot or use your cellular data to use the internet.  

Visit the official Xfinity Status Centre to view the connection status and check for local outages. 

You can also opt for real-time text alerts to stay up to date with the information related to service outages including the expected time of service restoration. 

Get in Touch With Your Local Provider 

You can also contact the local service provider regarding internet issues and learn more about the service outage or other network related problems. 

If there is scheduled maintenance going on or the network is out of service in your area, all you can do is wait till the connection resumes. 

Inspect All Cables For Damage or Loose Connections  

One of the most common reasons why the Xfinity router keeps blinking orange is that it’s not getting any signal from the coax. 

This issue might be due to a loose connection or faulty coaxial cable that disrupts the connection between the gateway/router and the internet service provider. 

Remove all the cables connected to the router and inspect them for any physical damage. 

While the cables are removed, clean all the router ports using a micro-fiber cloth before plugging them back in. 

Ensure that each cable is tightly inserted back in its respective ports. 

If you suspect any damage to a specific cable, try replacing it with a new one and check if it helps resolve the blinking issue. 

Avoid Your Xfinity Router From Overheating 

An overheating router can also lead to malfunction and interrupt connectivity. 

If your router is still blinking orange, try placing your hand on the router to check if it feels hotter than normal. 

Always place the router away from direct sunlight and maintain proper ventilation in the room where it is installed. 

Ensure that the router isn’t too close to your TV or any other device that may cause overheating. 

Test The Internet Through A Wired Connection 

To test if the router is able to connect with your ISP, try using a wired connection. 

Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the Xfinity router and the other end to your laptop or smartphone. 

Launch any browser or a streaming app and test if the internet is working properly.

If you’re able to access the internet through a wired connection, there’s no issue with the router. 

Factory Reset Your Xfinity Router If It’s Still Blinking 

If the internet isn’t working even through a wired connection, you may finally opt for a factory reset. 

A factory reset reverts the router back to its default settings. 

I’d recommend going for a factory reset only if none of the above solutions helped solve the blinking orange issue. 

To factory reset your Xfinity router: 

  • Find a WPS button at the back of your router 
  • It can be used as a reset button as well 
  • Press and hold the button for at least 30 seconds 
  • Wait till the router starts to reboot 

Note: You should notice a series of color changes on the router blinking from green to orange. Once the process is complete, it stabilizes to white. 

Get In Touch With Xfinity Support 

If your router keeps blinking orange even after the factory reset is complete, it’s likely that your unit may be faulty. 

Reach out to Xfinity Support Team for further assistance via live chat or email. 

The authorized Xfinity agent should guide you with some proven troubleshooting methods that may help solve the blinking orange issue.  

In case of a suspected hardware issue based on the diagnosis, you can get a low/no-cost repair service or even opt for replacement if your router is under warranty. 

Stay Connected Through Your Xfinity Router 

Except for orange, Xfinity routers have several lights that behave differently based on the status of the device. 

A white steady light/with a purple tint indicates that the device is turned on and in the operational state. 

If there’s no internet connection available, the router will show a steady red light. 

A blue blinking light generally means that the router is in WPS mode and is trying to make a connection with another wireless device. 

All other color combinations represent that the router is trying to connect to the Xfinity systems. 

This includes a blinking orange light that may go away after leaving the process uninterrupted for 15-20 minutes. 

If you’ve got a splitter to connect multiple devices via Xfinity router, any damage or fault in it can also lead to the blinking orange issue. 

You can try replacing the splitter or connecting the internet or coaxial cable directly to the router to fix the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How long does it take for my Xfinity router to stop blinking orange?

It depends if the cause of the blinking is due to a connectivity issue or a firmware update. If it is a minor issue like a loose cable, it may take just a few minutes after reconnecting the cable. However, if there is a widespread service outage or a major hardware issue, it may take hours or even days to resolve. 

How do I know if my Xfinity router needs to be replaced?

If your Xfinity router is experiencing persistent issues like a blinking orange light, slow internet speeds, or frequent connectivity dropouts, it may be time to consider replacing it. Additionally, if your router is outdated or no longer supported by Xfinity, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model that can better handle your internet needs. Contact Xfinity customer support to check if your router is eligible for replacement or upgrade.

What does it mean when my Xfinity router keeps blinking blue?    

Usually, a blue light indicates that the router is in WPS mode and trying to connect to another wireless device. However, if it keeps blinking blue for a longer time, check if the other wireless device is turned on and is capable of a wireless connection. You may also want to check if the other device is unable to establish a connection with the Xfinity router.  If the problem persists, try restarting the device and your router before trying to connect it again. 

What are the benefits of WiFi6E technology available in the latest Xfinity Gateway?  

The WiFi 6E technology offers 3x more bandwidth than older-generation routers.  It has three WiFi bands including the 2.4 GHz, 5  GHz, and the latest 6 GHz band. Additionally, it delivers ultra-low lag times with stable connectivity for a highly improved gaming experience. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated 6E spectrum adding up to 7 extra 160Mhz  channels for faster network speeds ideal for UltraHD gaming and streaming at the same time. 


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